24K Mile Limited Edition: 1983 Mazda RX-7

This FB-series RX7 is one of a very few “Limited Edition” models made, which came with a host of cosmetic upgrades to make the raucous, rotary-powered sports coupe more appealing to the senses. The LE models came with special colors, unique 14-inch BBS alloy wheels, special upholstery, and an upgraded stereo system with equalizer. While it is only limited by virtue of the equipment Mazda made standard, there were still only 5,000 made and a clean vintage RX7 of any equipment level is a desirable find. This Limited Edition example is listed here on eBay with under 24,000 original miles. Bidding is at $10,300 with the reserve unmet.

My go-to upholstery guy has had one of these BBS wheels in his shop for eons, acting as a storage bin or hose reel depending on the season. He always talked about his time spent with one of these LE models and how hard it was to find a matching BBS wheel in case you bent one of them; to this day, he won’t let it go in case he owns another one someday. While I’ve grown accustomed to seeing BBS wheels offered as standard-equipment on the European makes and models, the Japanese brands didn’t typically offer such luxury. I’ve always been amazed at how much a set of wheels transformed a car like the RX-7 – the Limited Edition model is a looker.

The LEs came with some special color options, including Chateau Silver paint with and a maroon velour interior. The seller’s car is a seriously low mileage example, which is evident the second you peek inside. Silver paint can hide flaws rather well, so while the exterior looks good, it’s also a cloudy day in the photos. Still, this isn’t just a straight silver, either, as the paint does have a gold tinge to it. The interior is fairly spotless with no evidence of rips or tears, and the original stereo with equalizer remains in place. The seller doesn’t explain why or how this RX-7 escaped with such a low mileage, but it’s clear a previous owner was saving it for sunny day drives only.

The engine bay is perhaps the most attractive area of the car, as every detail – from the hoses to the classic robin’s egg blue air cleaner – are in excellent condition. The alternator looks brand new, as does the fan and shroud. While you expect a car with less than 30,000 miles on the clock to look this good, not all of them do. Either the previous owner wiped this car down with a diaper every weekend, or the seller knows a heck of a detailer. The Limited Edition model of an FB RX-7 may not be limited in the most significant way, but a vintage Mazda in this nice of condition is always worth a look, and definitely worth more than the current bid amount.

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  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    It’s located in Medina,Ohio.

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  2. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    True on the rarity of the wheels.
    Here’s a set of 4 beat up ones on EBay for $600.

  3. charlie Member

    Memories. Midnight call when you have 3 teenagers. My now 40 something daughter has only a scar on her wrist to show for her then ,16 year old boyfriend taking his father’s RX 7, set up for racing at Lime Rock but street legal, out on a rainy night, too fast, despite ABS, skidded off the road ran up a rotten apple tree, launched over a creek, did a barrel roll in the air, landed on all four wheels (all of which splayed out) bounced over 30 feet of brush and again landed on its wheels. Back window shattered, they crawled out, a few cuts and bruises. Underwear hanging on the trees the next morning – all innocent they had been swimming in the guy’s pool. No drugs, no alcohol, he lost license for 2 years. She learned to tell driver to “slow down” or whatever driver needed to hear to drive more safely. But it was a fantastic car, and this one probably still is.

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    • Eric_13cars Eric_13cars Member

      Everyone with teenage children has at least one story to tell. I had 3 (a boy and 2 girls) so I have plenty of them. Yours is a good one, especially since both escaped relatively intact. Boyfriend should have tried out with Joey Chitwood.

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  4. Kurt

    My problem with the rotary engines is finding a knowledgeable mechanic to work on them. They aren’t very economical gas wise, either. Otherwise they are amazing for their size and power.

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    • Eric_13cars Eric_13cars Member

      Finding a knowledgeable mechanic may be an issue, but I can tell you as one who has owned an 84 GSL with 185K on it and in almost pristine condition, they’re amazingly easy to work on. The engine has few parts and when cared for properly (regular oil changes) they only have the usual maintenance issues over time (brakes, alternator, water pump, fuel pump, etc.). Most of what seems confusing is just a nit (the intake flapper valve under the carb, the bird’s nest of relays, the oil injection pump). Those items rarely have an issue. Sure, I do all my own work having been a wrench for a number years in between professional careers, but they’re damn simple cars at the heart.


        does the car have auto-matic trans. & air conditioner?

  5. t-bone BOB

    Item location:
    Medina, Ohio

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