25 Years Slumbering! 1963 International C1000 Pickup


Poking its nose out of the garage for the first time in 25 years, we have a much later International pickup than the last two we featured. Since this picture was taken, it’s been cleaned up, evaluated and even started! It’s listed for sale here on eBay and is now found in Littleton, Colorado. The opening bid is $1,000.


The seller doesn’t tell us much about this truck apart from that it starts and runs. It’s showing 45,000 miles, which I’m guessing is 145,000 considering the general worn, honest work truck appearance. The trailer hitch looks like it’s been used a lot as well.


I see what looks to be some rust on the front fender, but little else apart from the usual dings and dents. Of course, the photos are craigslist quality, so we’re not going to see any details.


International called their full width bed the “Bonus Load” versus the standard separate fender traditional bed. It would be nice to see down into the bed to evaluate it for rust as well. I think my first step if I were interested in bidding on this one would be to ask for some more detail pictures.


Actually, I’d love more pictures in general, since the seller has decided to not share anything from either under the hood or the interior. Sigh. You have to wonder if they really want to sell the truck. Maybe this is one of those cases where “honey, I listed the truck for sale but no one bid on it…I guess we’ll have to keep it after all” is the desired goal. It will be interesting to see how the auction progresses! As both the value guides I looked at have this truck somewhere between $4,400 and $7,300, I wonder where it will end? Personally, I’d like to see something on the low side of that range–what about you? At what price would you be interested?


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  1. Dave Wright

    These are great trucks, I have a 68 now but had the 63 my grandfather bought new for a couple of decades. Actually converted it to a 4X4 with power steering. Mine had the incredible 304 V8, 3.73 gears with a dirrect 4 speed transmission and Positraction. It would get 16 MPG on the highway with a 9 foot cabover camper. These engines have forged crankshaft, pistons, rods, sodium cooled valves, high rise manifold with holly carb and efficient headers. It would run easily at 65-70 mph with the camper pulling a 2 horse trailer. Again, these trucks are all custom built so they can be very different from one another. Some were very low geared for farm work and some were set up for highway driving like mine.

  2. Rustytech Member

    I did mechanical work for a plumbing contractor in the 70’s. He had a few of these mixed in with Fords and Chevy’s, we would see the Fords and Chevy’s in the shop every month or so needing something fixed. These things only came in for oil changes and typical maintenance work. These were tanks, wish they still made them.

  3. Jeff

    That’s pretty cool ,I got one better though. I just found a 74 international harvester travelall with 66,000 miles on it and a 392 4×4 wirh factory winch and fith wheel and 3 other ways to tow a vehicle. Runs and drives exellent mint condition interior. An original barn find .

    • Dave Wright

      Great trucks, some were fancy and many were plain. They didn’t sell as well as the Suburban because they were so expensive new. My 75 scout is on the way for an engine transplant next week. It was one of the unfortunate IHC’s that came with an AMC 258, we are installing a late model fuel injected Jeep 4.0 6 cyl. I drove a 73 Travelall like yours for many years. They are as big as a house, the 392 is a real truck engine with the highest torque of any comperable vehicle at the time. Good luck with it. Where would you put a 5th wheel on a Travelall ?

      • Jeff

        The person that had it before myself manufacturered it over the wheel wells. Pretty slick. Got her all tuned up today , pretty strong semi fast motor for a big heavy truck. I was quite impressed.

      • Dave Wright

        So, he cut the back off like a Travelett? IHC built those at the factory in the 60’s, a 4 door pickup with a short (usually) bed.

    • Jrmedsel

      Is it a Travelette pickup that you have with a fifth wheel, rather than a TravelALL?

      • Jeff

        Yes it is a 4 door travelett

      • Dave Wright

        Very nice……….

    • David Wilk Member

      Jeff, don’t keep us hanging, post some pictures. This truck sounds fantastic and would be a great story on BF. Tell it!

  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    Binder used some good cast iron in its motors. I’ve seen lots of them go 125K miles and only need a set of rings. Like .004″ taper in the cylinders. Uses gears not a timing chain. If you have to rebore them, that’s when it’s going to cost you. Well built; no nonsense, take you anywhere you want to go and bring you back. Too bad my brother no longer lives in Littleton; I’d have him check it out.

  5. Mark S Member

    I remember working on these IHC’s when I worked ot Cardinal coach lines in Calgary AB. I worked in the school bus division. What I remember most was you could screen the hell out of them and they just wouldn’t die. Very tough engines and when your talking 66 passenger bus/tank those engines worked hard the only down side was they were fairly thirsty.

  6. Mark S Member

    Foot note the drivers would screen them so hard that they’d melt holes in the exhaust manifolds.

  7. John vreeland

    My father had a Travelall in the late 70’s that my sister passed her driving test in the first try. Given the size, I loaded the beast up with high school friends, my Irish Twin sister as well, for a day at Point Pleasent Beach. Well, I caught the eye of a NJ State Trooper as I was driving like a teenager, switching lanes too often given the traffic, maybe too fast….He came to the window and asked, “Where did you get your license?” I responded innocently(really)” New York” , which caused an uproar,of laughter from my friends……and I was brought to the back of the very, very, long Travelall.

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