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25K Miles! 1982 Ford LTD Crown Victoria

This 1982 Ford LTD Crown Victoria two-door sedan appears to be a time capsule, and with only 25,000 miles on it over the last forty years, it basically is one. I don’t know a lot of people who would like to go back to 1982. I liked the 1980s, at least compared to the last two years. The seller has this LTD posted here on craigslist in Morse Bluff, Nebraska and they’re asking $7,500.

I’m glad that they mentioned that this was a light blue car in the listing, I thought it was a white car with blue tones in the shadows. The photos are a little darker here than in the craigslist ad so you can see the color a little better. The Crown Victoria was Ford’s top trim level for the LTD in this era, beginning in 1980. These top models came with a padded top on the rear portion of the roof for two-door cars and the entire roof for four-door Crown Vics, although those had a band of trim from the bottom of the b-pillars and across the roof. Remember, there were still people wearing white shoes and belts in the early-1980s.

I like the look of this car, especially in this light blue color with a white vinyl half-top. Ford offered two different wheel cover options and a third option was for cast aluminum wheels which would be great here. The LTD was based on the Ford Panther platform at this time and this model was available until 1991 when Ford removed the LTD portion of the name. The 1988 models were restyled and modernized a bit, easing the edges on the early blocky design. Give me blocky every time.

Even though this is a top trim-level Crown Victoria, you can see that options are minimal. The aforementioned aluminum wheels weren’t chosen and I don’t see any power options such as seats, locks, or windows. This was a practical person from Nebraska, not some soft and lazy city slicker who can’t even roll up their own windows. They did include a list of standard features and options here, just for the record. The photos are sparse but they did include one showing the trunk and it looks as clean as the rest of the car does.

The engine is a Ford Windsor 302 cubic-inch V8 which would have had 132 horsepower and 236 ft-lb of torque. They don’t mention the operating condition of this car at all but I would have to assume that it works as well as it looks. Have any of you owned an LTD Crown Victoria of this era?


  1. Chris

    Yuppers here another beauty waiting to be driven . Also much more reasonably priced.

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  2. TouringFordor

    I’ve had four of this era Crown Vics. Three were Country Squires, and one S model fleet car. All were great highway cruisers. The last wagon went just shy of 300k miles. One towed a 14′ popup camper from southern Ohio to Nova Scotia and back.

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  3. B302

    This is a relatively rare car, a large body two door, in the eighties large body two doors were already going away. 1987 was the last year for the two door, with only about 5,000 sold. These will easily last 300-400k in a non rust belt area.

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  4. Joe

    Hope it doesn’t have the venturi carb. They were troublesome.

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  5. Stan

    Perfect ride for the entry level gangster back in 82. Don’t want to bring the heat that a high level Lincoln or Caddy would. Or try and be too showy with the more senior members. 3.08 rear gear and 3.42 optional means it was a more than acceptable hwy performer, as designed.
    Lovely car.

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  6. robert gressard

    Have a 1985 crown vic wagon. Bought from elderly couple who got it new one mile from their home, Never left town never driven over 35 mph. Wonderful smooth ride. Has 24,000 miles on the odometer. Yes they are still out there as is the one in the post. Good buy. Cheers.

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  7. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    The pics are indeed few, as is the description. But from what we can see, the car looks good. Assuming the mileage is correct, it makes some sense given the photographs along the fence beside the corn field. Perhaps the car was owned by a farm family who used it once or twice a month to go to Fremont or Omaha to shop or eat out. Otherwise the farm pickup truck got the use.

    I got a chuckle out of the hand-written duplication of the window sticker. “Vent Windows-Pivoting Front, $63.00”.

    The Panthers have been out of production for a decade, but their whole history hasn’t been written yet. But I suspect that history is going to be very, very kind to them.

    Good job Scotty.

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  8. Sam Shive

    Now this is a BIG GIRL I’d love to park in the driveway. Not many 2 doors were made and even less are left. No matter what body the 302 (5.0) was in it could always be warmed up and a little more ponies added. This would be sweet and NOT Many At The Local Shows.

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  9. Bob S

    Like I said in the post about the 90 4 door from last week, I’ve had 2 of these, my 79 being the 2 door, and it was pretty much junk when I bought it. I’m not sure about this 81, but my 79 was carbureted, my 84 had tbi, which yielded me 24 mpg on the road. This seems more reasonably priced compared to the 90 that was listed for 24.5k. If everything checks out on this, I would consider this a decent buy.

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  10. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    I’m glad to see such positive comments on this one! I wasn’t sure if it would be “too new” or “junk then, junk now” or what folks would think about it. I really like it myself and would not mind owning this one.

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    • Bob S

      Good write up Scotty. I wouldn’t consider this “too new” as it is 41 years ago, considered an antique in most states. For a lot of us more senior readers, these are what we were buying new. Most of the ‘70s and early 80s were pretty dismal for American car manufacturers, but, these are what we had to work with, and not all was bad, just took us too long to play catch-up is all.

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  11. angliagt angliagt

    You could also get these with a 351.

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  12. Boatman Member

    Oh look! Wing windows!

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  13. cidevco Member

    It’s worth the price just for the old 8 track tapes…

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  14. Matt

    Just the 8tracks in the trunk are worth it. Lol I’m looking for an 8track player for my maverick now.
    Beautiful car, if it was closer I would give a run at it.

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  15. Steve Clinton

    These old Fords were workhorses, used as police cars, taxis, etc. Not too exciting to look at but where will you find a 40-year-old car in this condition for $7,500.00?

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  16. Matt

    Just the 8tracks in the trunk are worth it. Lol I’m looking for an 8track player for my maverick now.
    Beautiful car, if it was closer I would give a run at it.

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  17. Joe Haska

    In a perfect world ,I would just reach out to the owner and wire him a check. Go to Nebraska, drive it back to Phoenix,and drive the car everyday. In my age controlled, golf course community and all the residence’s, would saying ” isn’t it nice around here”, since that guy, moved with all those God awful loud Hot Rods.

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  18. scottymac

    Way off topic, Scotty, but I’m one of the people that would like to go back to 1982. Got married in 1985, didn’t work out well. Would love to go back, kick myself in the a**, and ask “What the he[[ are you thinking?”.

    Wish you folks would streamline the posting procedure. Just like Matt above, I’ll try to post, doesn’t show up, hit POST COMMENT again, and wonder if it’s going to show up or not.

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  19. Troy

    They don’t make cars that ride smoothly like these cars did anymore I think some of the young people today would be shocked at the ride compared to their import cars someone is going to get a nice cruiser

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  20. Lance Platt

    The combination of the light blue exterior (my favorite color) with white top, 2 door styling, practical boxy shape and blue interior makes this car a winner. The condition photos suggest that the 25K claimed mileage is plausible . I did drive a boxy Ford taxi for a few months in Florida but the cab handled better because it had been a police car.

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  21. Gary Crawford

    My Dad had an 83: it was a wonderful car. The 302 was geared perfectly; the ride was smooth and controlled; and the 2 door is sporty.

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  22. chrlsful

    “…you owned an LTD…?” yup, just bought a same yr waggy. But it’s down sized brother (’83/6). Ford confused (confuses ?) its public – same name different objects (better than different name same objects? Oh 4get it. I’m all mixed up now).
    At least Merc did a lill better (’83/6) with its cousin “Marquis” and “GRAND Marquis” for the lill guy / big guy difference. And Scotty gets the “Official car guy” status for pullin out the “crown vic’n panther platform” v fox bodied nomenclature. U go bra!

    “…I really like it myself and would not mind owning this one….”
    never thought U’d say that for a car this big.

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  23. Stevieg

    My grandparents had the same year LTD, not a crown vic. Theirs was a 4 door, light blue metallic (different than this pastel blue) with dark blue full vinyl roof. The crown vic 4 door had a half roof, not full like Scotty said (no biggie Scotty, no one knows everything). I later inherited the car from my grandfather after grandma died. I ended up selling it because of the Wisconsin winters taking their toll on the body. I really like this car & I might call on it after my Cougar leaves tomorrow.
    I emailed the guy with the yellow & woodgrain Bobcat wagon with portholes that you featured here. He sent me a bunch of pictures, and I like it but I think I would rather have this.

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