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26k Mile 1976 Ford F-150 Survivor

1976 Ford F-150

The seller claims that this truck was extremely well cared for by its first owner. They kept it in the garage and supposedly never drove it in the the rain or snow. That’s hard to believe, but you never know. Apparently, they once drove it to work and someone dinged the side of the bed. So, they promptly had it repaired and that side of the truck completely repainted. The tale does seem tall, but it is in amazing condition. Take a look here on eBay where bidding ends later tonight.

Clean Interior

The interior is extremely clean, but I suppose it could have been restored at some point.

Door Tag

Door tags are always a good place to look for evidence of a respray. Sometimes you can find evidence of tape lines, but I don’t see anything suspicious here.

Fender Sticker

If this truck had been driven in the rain or snow, that sticker on the fender most definitely wouldn’t still be there. Perhaps the tale is true…

Inline Six

The inline-six engine is claimed to run like a Swiss watch. That’s nice to know, but considering how high the bidding has gotten, I doubt it will see much use.

Survivor Pickup

This truck was built to work. It’s simple and tough and was never intended to be cherished like this one seemingly was. The seller mentions that the tires have been replaced, which is a good idea if you intend to drive it, but I would really like to see the date code on those old bias plies before handing over the big bucks for this one.


  1. Howard A Member

    Wow, that’s a lot of scratch for a basic pickup. The seller claims the tires were replaced with radials, so no worries there. I mean, we literally killed these trucks, until they broke in half, so you won’t find too many like this. I’d bet it performs as good as any newer pickup, however, it’s still a basic ’76 Ford, 6, stick and no power nothin’. Nice truck, too expensive, and it’s taking too long for comments to register, so I’m done. (until 3 am again)

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  2. Luke Fitzgerald

    J – this time I believe the claim – every penny of it – used to be common once – a person who finally could (just) and bought their new vehicle – albeit the lowest ranked or entry level drivetrain – treated like a baby – contrast to the person of means who could afford anything they liked – and treated it accordingly. Great find – love it

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  3. David Montanbeau

    Sold this 1970 Dodge with 12k for 35K couple of years ago.

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  4. Roselandpete

    That’s what I did–I saved the bias ply tires. About 15 years ago, I bought an unrestored 72 boattail Riv with 9,600 original miles. Even though the tires still looked good, I went to the Goodyear dealer to get new radials and I asked the Goodyear guy how old the tires on the car were. He said that they were original to the car. I asked him how he could tell and he said that he could tell. I told him to save the old tires and he thought that was a good idea. I was thinking about putting the old tires on Ebay but I decided to keep them. The thing that amazed me most was how much better the car handled with radials. I didn’t think it would make that much difference but it did.

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    • David Montanbeau

      Tires have date codes on most. Get the code then go on the internet.

      The date of manufacture is the last four digits of the DOT code. The first two digits are the week of manufacture, and the last two digits are the year. For example, if the last four digits of the DOT code are 0203, that means that the tire was manufactured during the second week of the year 2003.

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      • Roselandpete

        David, Thanks for the info. I remember hearing about tire codes but I didn’t recall exactly how they worked. Another question for you–once I find the date code, then why go on the internet?

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  5. David Montanbeau

    Yes or call any major tire dealer. They most of the time will tell ya. The tires in the 30s to the 50s are a little tough.
    Here is an article on how to read tire codes.

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  6. Paul B

    Good trucks these were. A friend had one very much like it but with the 302 V8. 3-speed, no power brakes or power steering. I drove it a fair amount. He treated his very well also. As Luke Fitzgerald above would understand, my elderly friend was a farmer raised poor who lived in a nice brick home and was proud of what he had managed to achieve. So that truck was used frequently but diligently cared for and driven respectfully, if not to quite the extent of this one. I recall it rode very well but I didn’t buy it from him because I knew my wife would have a tough time steering and braking it. Someone will get a lovely truck here, though the price will be high.

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  7. G.P. Member

    I met a guy last year that inherited a lot of farm land, houses, tractors etc. He also got a 1973 ford ranger XLT, two wheel drive. It’s two tone blue, 360, auto., with 39.000 on it. Always inside and dry. The last oil change sticker was in 1980 with about 3500 less miles. He decided not to sell it to me but I did get him to let me get it going. Now I am rebuilding the carb., cleaning the fuel system, all the brakes and new tires. Full clean and polish. This truck has so much chrome, it is so pretty I can’t believe the condition it is in. I really wish it was mine.

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  8. Nick

    I just plain don’t see it. It’s a plain Jane, nothing special truck 2wd. Who buys a truck and doesn’t drive it in the rain and snow?! The truck is your work beater to keep the car nice.
    I wouldn’t give over $4000 for it and that’s only because of it having no rust.

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  9. JW

    Wow I bought a new 76 Ford F-150 4×4 with a 351 Windsor and a 4 speed with the rubber floor mat and bench seat but power steering and brakes for $7500.00 and I thought that was a lot of coin. It was a tough truck as I use my trucks for everything our cars can’t do.

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  10. geomechs geomechs Member

    I guess it’s a tad high for a basic pickup but I also think about someone paying that for a truck that has supposedly been restored, had a repaint, and looks real cherry, only to find out that it’s half bondo. I think this one’s a safer bet…

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  11. Alan (Michigan)

    “Reserve Not Met” @ $10,400

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  12. 68 custom

    nice original looking truck but to much coin IMO.
    300 six and three on the tree is a good combo in these ,but it needs power steering.

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    • Mark S

      Not that hard to swap in a power steering box and pump with factory brackets. I did it years ago on my 1970 gmc that also had in line 6 and 3 on the tree. The other option is to change the caster to a setting closer to 0 degrees.

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      • geomechs geomechs Member

        Hi Mark. That could be done without too much difficulty. I think the hardest part would be finding the brackets to fit the six cyl motor.

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      • Alan (Michigan )

        Reducing the caster lowers the effort required, but does nothing to speed the ratio. 4.5 turns lock to lock can be brutal.

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  13. Tom P.

    Beautiful truck! A true time capsule!

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  14. Chebby

    Gee, another one-owner vehicle where the selling owner isn’t the original purchaser.

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  15. Marty Member

    This was one of the more popular colors for Ford trucks of this vintage. Beautiful condition!

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  16. JohnD

    Nice things are expensive. And this is nice. Where can you find a “new” pickup for ~$13,000 (the re-listed BIN price)?

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  17. chad

    ’73/9 my fav (’78/9 bronk, all the F series, fleetside or step) lght duty trk body style. And if U get an F250 B4 ‘77.5 it still a “highboy”. #1

    ” Where can you find a “new” pickup for ~ ”
    U can’t find 1 like this, the 300/4.9 makes this the deal closer. #2
    It was only made bout ’65 – ’96 when it stopped after several years as an efi. Through the 31 yr run the engine is called ‘the gasser that’s a diesel”.

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  18. Christopher

    That truck was my great unlces, it’s funny a man offer d him a brand new f150 off the lot in trade and laughed. He said no, I was hoping to buy it off my cousin after he passed away but she wouldn’t let me buy it unfortunately

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  19. Christopher

    That truck was my great unlces, it’s funny a man offer d him a brand new f150 off the lot in trade and laughed. He said no, I was hoping to buy it off my cousin after he passed away but she wouldn’t let me buy it unfortunately. Definitely was an untouched truck all original survivor. My grandfather, the owners brother would bust his balls and ask to take the truck to go pick up a load of stone down at the quarry lol

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