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26k Original Miles: 1966 Pontiac GTO

We all dream of the moment when we open a barn door to find an iconic classic hiding in the gloom. The owner of this 1966 Pontiac GTO hit the jackpot when he unearthed this classic that had been parked for more than thirty years. A close inspection revealed that the GTO is an original survivor with a documented 26,000 miles on the clock. He has returned it to a roadworthy state, and it is set to head to a new home. Located in Englishtown, New Jersey, you will find this Pontiac listed for sale here on eBay. Spirited bidding has pushed the price beyond the reserve to $25,500.

The original owner ordered this GTO in Fontaine Blue with a Black vinyl top. It appears that the vehicle has received no restoration work and remains as it was the day it rolled off the production line. While the paint holds a decent shine, it has developed some patchiness. There’s nothing horrendous, and the presentation remains acceptable for a survivor-grade classic. The best news for potential buyers is that the vehicle appears rust-free. There is nothing visible externally, and the limited underside shots tell a similar story. The trim and chrome are in good condition, including the damage-prone hubcaps. With no visible flaws in the glass, this Pontiac tells a positive story.

Lifting this GTO’s hood reveals its original 389ci V8, producing 335hp. It’s also the moment that raises a shred of doubt about this classic’s originality. The seller refers to the transmission as a three-speed Turbo 350 automatic, but the only version available for the 1966 model year was a two-speed. If the seller is approachable, that is a question that requires further clarification. He indicates that the transmission is freshly rebuilt, and after three decades of inactivity, it needed some work to return this GTO to a roadworthy state. He has installed a new radiator and thermostat, belts and hoses, battery, fuel pump, brake lines, wheel cylinders, and other components. He claims that the Pontiac has 26,000 genuine miles on the clock, and he holds a complete service history that seems to support this. It appears that this classic is now roadworthy and ready to be enjoyed by its new owner.

Upholstered in Black vinyl, the interior is another aspect of this GTO that presents acceptably for a survivor-grade classic. The upholstered surfaces show no evidence of wear or physical damage, while the carpet has been protected throughout its life by a set of factory floor-mats. The console, dash, and pad are also excellent for a vehicle of this age, and the issues appear to be relatively minor. The top is missing from the shifter, a different AM/FM radio occupies the spot where the factory unit used to be, and someone has installed an aftermarket tachometer into one of the pods in the gauge cluster. However, nothing has been cut, so returning things to their original specifications should be possible.

The next owner of this 1966 Pontiac GTO will face some choices. It is a rust-free classic that should respond positively to a light cosmetic restoration. However, the temptation is there to retain it as-is and let it wear its original survivor badge with pride. If you found this classic parked in your garage, which path would you choose?


  1. Harvey Member

    My cousin had one and I remember it would set you back in the seat. If it has a turbo 350 trans that would be a nice upgrade.Four speed manual would be my choice.Good thing it doesn’t cost anything to look:-)

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  2. Robert White

    Holy Molly.

    This will bid up over $80k IMHO.


    • 19sixty5 Member

      $80k? No way.

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  3. Sam Shive

    Looking at the E-Bay pictures Is shows it being a 2 Speed Automatic, The shifter is NOT broke, That’s the way they were made. Now looking at the engine it sure looks like a lot more than 26,000 miles, That’s a lot of grease and oil around the front seal. Armor All sure makes the seats and dash look good. The paint looks faded all over and the right rear roof looks to have some BIG DENT in it. Must have lived a RUFF Life.

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    • Bound4Glory

      yeah, and look at that small pebble lodged in the tread of the right rear tire, can you believe it!

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      • Sam Shive

        I missed the pebble, But it does have two different kinds of tires. Makes it look even worse.

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    • Bick Banter

      Pictures might show 2-speed automatic, which would be correct for a ’66 GTO. But the seller says in the listing it is a rebuilt THM 350 3-speed automatic.

      If true, that is a swap because the THM wasn’t available on the GTO until 1967, and that was the THM 400. And why swap out the original transmission on an all-original 26,000 mile car? Another red flag.

      I suspect somebody is about to get taken. Bidding is already approaching $30,000 and there’s plenty of time left. I’d say “sadly” but if somebody is willing to spend this kind of money without doing their homework, that’s on them.

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  4. A.G.

    If the seller has serviced the vehicle as claimed, the pictures should have been taken after the service was done. The under-hood image shows none of the claimed services. The same image also shows some non-OE wiring running through the firewall. These are probably for the aftermarket tach and under-dash gauges. Both are unexpected in a low mileage 50+ year old vehicle. Looking at that engine image how many people would guess ~28k on the odometer? I wouldn’t.

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      I own a 61 Buick Electra 225 with 26,580 on the odometer also some places do not let you take pictures while working on your car on there premises due to Insurance Liability all this owner has to show for proof is receipt

  5. Bound4Glory

    yeah, and look at that small pebble lodged in the tread of the right rear tire, can you believe it!

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    • Dan H

      Are you the seller?

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  6. Rbig18

    I don’t know. The front driver’s fender does not look like it alignes right, the trunk appears to be off as well. Big dent in roof and steering wheel wrapped. I would want to see this one in person because the pictures don’t back up the claims. Could be the pics but a lot of questions. What’s with the paint? Looks like a band blend job.

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    • Bick Banter

      I was just about to comment on that. Yes those panels look off. That would be concerning to me

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  7. Barzini

    Bidding has reached $26K by optimistic bidders who are apparently not concerned about the lack of documentation backing up the low mileage claim. At the price, you also usually see full pictures of the floorboards, data plate and PHS documents.

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  8. Cadmanls Member

    That car has traveled a bit further than what has been stated. Front timing cover showing old oil deposits. Was generally well cared for and something to build off of, but pricey. Get that vinyl roof off and repair around the rear window is needed I bet.

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  9. JOHN

    what about the after market radio. ?????????

  10. Glen

    I have a fontaine blue Pontiac and if this car came original in fontaine blue, then it was repainted. Fontaine blue is a lighter shade, almost a silver blue.

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  11. fran


    Not many other words than that on this one!

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    Did someone clean the engine bay with Sulpher Springs water?

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  13. Steve P

    Trunk lid also looks kinked at the right hand gap, I think maybe a symptom of a rear ender

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    I had an uncle who had his own body shop and one day as I was visiting, he used a 2×4 by the trunk lid hingeon one side and closed the lid partially to align it. Not scientific but it worked.

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  15. denny knebel

    i would like to see a better picture of that brake pedal-i’m only catching a small fraction of the corner-and if i’m seeing correctly it would take at least 100,000 miles to wear a pedal like that one. my parents bought me a brand new gto for my 16th birthday and for sure nothing at all lines up with the miles listed on this car-shame on the owner for thinking anyone would buy that milage fairy tail-car was never taken care of-shame on everyone who has owned this car-so sad

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    • Pugsy

      You are correct on the brake pedal. Save the picture to your computer and zoom in. It’s rounded right off , but 130K would do that.

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  16. trav66

    Lots of questions with this one for sure. The driver’s side fender and door gap is off and it looks like there has been a piece of angle iron welded to the frame at some point in one of the pics in the ad. Though looking at the rear control arms and the aft end of the frame, it doesn’t look rotted out. Lots of potential, and a true GTO in good shape. Good fixer-upper while being a daily driver. It’s at $29k with 3 days left, I think that’s topped out but I may be surprised when the auction ends.

  17. Wayne

    I admit that there are many questions about the condition of the car. My guess is that some of that 26,000 miles was 1/4 mile at a time. (would explain the transmission needing replacement) And yes, I would want to see this car in person to inspect some body issues. BUT, remember, these were poor build quality cars and many times panels did not line up perfectly. A friends ’67 Goat had a definite lean to the right. It had been in the family since new, so the history said no accidents. I did every measurement available, even swapped the springs left to right and it never made any difference. And the damn thing still leaned. It bugged me just to look at it. It was his “hand me down” car for high school and all he cared about was the black strips of rubber left on the pavement.

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    • Bick Banter

      Those are valid enough points Wayne but those 2 body panels look waay off. I’ve never seen anything like that from a factory A-Body from this era.

  18. JT Member

    If this was a true low mileage survivor, I’m sure would be at Mecam or Barret- Jackson making headlines.

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  19. NW Iowa

    Who cares whether or not the engine or transmission is numbers matching. That only counts for resale to some picky rich guy. If me, I’d just daily drive it… down my gravel road to the highway where cops hang out. I’d end up parking it due to the speeding and exhibition driving tickets. Cars were built to be driven, not lamenting in a garage only to be driven or trailered to an event. I’ll pass on this one.

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  20. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    I’m a court certified expert on vehicle condition, values, accident investigation, and an accepted forensic mechanic.

    This car represents what I would expect to see, on initial consultation by photographs, as a well maintained, mostly original car with over 100,000 miles on the odometer. Yes, the left odometer digit has seen at least 2 revolutions.

    At 26,000 miles, there should be ZERO evidence of wear on soft surfaces. Look carefully at the driver’s seat back, The round piping on the leading edge is worn down to the white colored plastic insert. Look closely at the main dash panel directly to the left of the headlight switch. You can see years of wear and grime from the driver’s hand touching it. The sewn-in floor mat is worn away at the top right side, from shoe heel wear. The Pontiac accessory floor mats at 26,000 miles should be nearly perfect except for slight scuffing on the driver’s mat.

    There is also evidence of a large hole in the firewall, adjacent to the Fisher Body ID tag, that has been filled with dum-dum. There are also a lot of dings and dents on the firewall between the center of the panel and the wiper motor. Would need to see in person to determine if this might be from a R&R of the engine/trans.

    I have every confidence that I could convince a jury that this car had over 100,000 miles on it. I’m guessing the owner has maintenance records up to around 26,000 miles, but they are from a long time ago, hence his belief the car has been in storage since then.

    I had a 1-owner, garaged 1966 GTO, Maroon with black interior and black vinyl top, tri-power/4 speed. It was loaded with every option & had about 25,000 miles on it, AND THE CAR WAS DAMN NEAR MINT. A typical American car from 1966 didn’t begin showing wear on soft surfaces until about 30,000 miles.

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  21. Thomas Lyons

    This is not a low mileage car. It doesn’t sit up anymore , and I think those are tempest hubcaps

    • LarryRS

      They are hubcaps (wheel covers) that were available on the 1966 GTO. Mine had it.

  22. curtis marquart

    Not 26k on the odometer, the #’s are all over the place, not in a straight line. I seen vehicles with 100k cleaner than this one

  23. Pauld

    This one seems to be exposed as a high mileage GTO. There is plenty of rust around the area of the radiator cap. Along with the other comments, this should be read by the bidder. The magnified photos show the story. thanks Billy.

  24. 1st Gear

    Anyone noticing the 10 bolt rear end, or is it just me. . .

    • Bound4Glory

      It’s a Pontiac, not a Chevy

  25. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member


    Yes, they are Tempest wheel covers, but they are also GTO.

    The base GTO had dog dish caps, then 3 full wheel covers of different styles & prices, including this one. Also the Rally wheels were the top price option. All the wheel covers and dog dish caps said “Pontiac Motor Division” around the center of the wheel cover.

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  26. trav66

    Wow! Sold for $35,200! Wish we could have kept the ’66 and ’67 my dad had in the ’80s! Hope it gets a proper restoration.

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