27,536 Original Miles: 1985 Oldsmobile 88

When it comes to cars owned by little old ladies, the Oldsmobile 88 is perhaps in the hall of fame of vehicles favored by older drivers. This one is a Georgia survivor, with under 30,000 original miles and just a few minor signs of age and elderly driving to detract from its appearance. The price is a bit ambitious at $6,000 or best offer, but check it out here on eBay and judge for yourself.

I recognized the tail lights right away, with their distinctive orange globes at the top of the lens. My childhood doctor had this exact car, and I can remember pulling up to her house and seeing the back of the car in the usual spot. Amazing how things like that stick with you, years later. In any event, this 88 wears some faded paint and the rear bumper sticks out unevenly, and the seller notes some dings in the wheel covers.

With less than 30,000 miles, you’d expect certain areas of the car to be mint, like the interior. The seller claims it doesn’t disappoint, and that the A/C and heat still work great as well. The headliner is sagging down, which isn’t a surprise, and there’s a crack in the dash – more of a shocker considering the 88 likely spent many years in a garage. The rear passenger door won’t open from the outside, possibly due to a faulty latch.

The seller doesn’t go into great detail but does indicate a tune-up would be a good investment and that a fuel filter is included with the sale. Still, the engine bay looks clean and 100% un-messed with. Power wasn’t anything you bought one of these 88s for, but rather slow and steady comfort cruising. Hopefully, this one won’t end up on 22-inch chrome wheels, but the current asking price may discourage such a fate.


  1. IkeyHeyman

    Reminds me of what they say “Oldsmobile” stands for: “Old Ladies Driving Slowly Mostly Over Bridges Into Lake Erie”.

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  2. Spud

    Fuel filter included with the sale??!!! Yowza, that’s worth $7 alone!

    The only thing this car has going for it is the (relatively) low miles. Unfortunately, it seems that the seller may be trying to recoup some of his cost of dragging the thing from Georgia where he says he found it to Michigan (where it’s located now). Otherwise, this is a $2000 car that really is perfect for the 28″ donk treatment.

  3. Will Fox

    Hmmm, that view under the hood looks suspiciously like the base-model 3.8L V6 these came with, and not the tried `n true Olds 307 V8. I sold Oldsmobiles 1980-81 locally, and had a Delta 88 Brougham coupe (loaded, incl. moonroof) for a demo. once. Great cruiser for the long-haul trips.
    Q: Could the thin paint on the header panel just be from constant car-washes? 30K miles is kind of low to show such age.

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    • duaney Member

      Obviously the Olds V-8, see the oil filler pipe

  4. Maestro1

    Jeff I’m an Olds fan and have had several, but Will Fox brings up an interesting point and it would be my first question: Which engine is it? If it’s a V6 then its a slow cruise and I would pass
    and the price is too high. If it’s a V8 that changes things but not by much and I agree with you, the Seller’s asking price is a bit strong.

    • Tiberius1701

      Distributor and oil filler location would indicate this is a 307 Olds V8 .

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      • Keith D.

        Yes I was referring to the last year model 84 Ninety Eight which shared the same grille I mentioned earlier. Albeit this car is not the Brougham Delta 88 but I believe the base model 88 Royale still had the chrome ice cube tray grille. I once owned an 83 Delta 88 Brougham and my father once owned an 85 Delta Brougham. The grille on my 83 was just like the 88 advertised here.

    • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

      According to the VIN, it should be a 307 V8

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  5. Vin_in_NJ

    My dad had a 1984 Delta 88 Royale Brougham. I loved the look of that car, as the Royale Brougham used the reverse lights from the 98 Regency and all red tail lights.

    • CCFisher

      That would have been the Delta 88 Royale Brougham Luxury Sedan (LS) introduced at mid-year when the 98 shifted to a front-wheel-drive platform.

  6. TimS Member

    I’d invest in a respray, sort the issues, and drive it regularly. For about half the price, that is.

  7. Miguel

    I predict the seller will have this beat up old car for a long time at that price.

  8. Superdessucke

    It’s clearly an Oldsmobile V8 due to the oil filler to being in the front of the engine, not a 3.8 liter Buick V6.

    GM silver paint was of notoriously poor quality during this era, so I don’t think the paint’s condition raises any red flags on the miles.

    This said would I pay 6 grand for it? Probably not. But a nice example if you lust after one of these things, for whatever reason.

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  9. b-rad jeepster

    I was an Oldsmobile Technician in the 80s an it is definitely a 307

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  10. Mark

    Dead paint. $2500 at best, low miles notwithstanding. Who knows what maintenance needs are there – could easily be a couple more grand..

  11. TJ

    Lots of surface rust on the bumpers. Looks very forlorn and most likely needs a lot of work due to sitting so long. Most trim parts would be obsolete. I think this would be more like a $600 car.

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  12. moosie moosie

    An awful lot of speculators here today,,,,,, as usual
    Harder and harder for me to justify becoming a paid member. Too much negativity, if I wanted to experience that much negativity I’d call an ex wife. Peace,,, moosie

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  13. Keith D.

    Not sure if this vehicle is actually an 85 model. The 85 Delta and Ninety Eight had identical chrome ice cube tray grilles. That grille looks like an 83-80 model but hey what do I know…

    • Bob C.

      This could very well be an 85 (last year before switching to FWD). The Ninety Eights already switched to FWD for this year. Maybe this is a low end model.

  14. Ron

    eBay add indicates it is an eight cylinder engine.

  15. Just wondering

    If you guys owned this car what kind of price would you ask

  16. duaney Member

    Highly likely you can add 100K to the miles

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  17. Fred Alexander

    I purchased 1975 Olds Cutlass “S” swivel buckets ete etc.
    That was in about 1980 and 25000 miles (converted from kilometers for my american friends)
    Anyway paid 3000 to original owner.
    Sweat heart of a car – – – I also owned a 1964 Olds 88 4 Dr HT with 13 K miles … an estate car in 1968 purchased from the estate when I was a Texaco Dealer .
    The 64 needed nothing.Heck of a long haul cruiser with good looks.
    The 75 had the paint worn off the sharp edges on the roof from putting it through the old brush type car washes.
    Painted it original color next year for $1800 and stayed out of parking lots and hand washed it after painting it.
    It was one of 5 of my summer toys – – a new era in comparison to my others.
    Damn – – I never did figure the rule you can only drive one at a time – – – conversely you can’t have too many classic or special interest cars – – –
    and “There’s More To Life Than Good Mileage” (Thank you Kelvin for the quote RIP)

  18. JP

    Lots of good comments on this one!

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