283 V8 4-speed for $2,800: 1965 Chevrolet C10

I don’t know if a truck like this 1965 Chevrolet C10 would be one that a person would buy with a plan to totally restore it or not. I’m guessing that it will be a driver, a truck used for hauling things. What a concept. This one is posted on Craigslist or here on the CL archive. It’s located in Northwestern Oregon and the seller is asking $2,800 or best offer for it. This would be a nice project.

Unfortunately, there are only two exterior photos and the one above is the second one. I’m not sure what it shows other than the passenger door handle and what looks like it may have been a big whip antenna mounting location? Even for $2,800 I would want to see more photos if I were a serious buyer for this truck. The seller says that this “truck was owned from 1972-2017 by the same man.”

The interior looks pretty good to me and I’m a sucker for a well-fitting blanket seat cover. If your seat is in less than perfect condition, there’s nothing wrong with covering it up. And call me a fanatic, but when that seat cover actually fits and isn’t all wrinkled and disheveled it looks great. What doesn’t look great is the rust in the floors and rockers; ouch. Luckily, help is available. “Everything works on the truck from the wipers to the dash lights, gauges, brakes, etc.” And, who doesn’t love a 4-speed? Come on, who’s with me on that?

And, more good news, this is a 283 V8!  This 283 would have had around 175-180 hp and this truck has had a lot of work done, including: “New intake manifold, New Holley Carb with Electric Choke, Bedliner, Fresh Oil, Valve Cover/Gaskets, Timed, Radiator Flush, Tires, Air Cleaner, All Fluids Checked and filled.” Fantastic. If a person could do some welding on those floors and rockers I think this would be a great truck. Hagerty lists a #3 good condition truck as being worth $12,400, so yeah, this could be a really good price and a fun first project for someone.


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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    Cool truck. So many Chevy trucks from that era had that same interior color…what is that color? Silvery-tan? Anyway, it’s iconic.

    • Mikes hot rod shop

      Body metal is medium fawn and dash can be the same or dark non gloss fawn. Instrument bezel should be silver. I only mention that because the charcoal bezel was available on the 50 – 80 series trucks not this model.


    Love this body style. I have a C60, and a C80 in this body style, and from what I have seen, this is a good price. Yes buying long distance, you need lots more pictures. There are companies out there, that sell tonsa parts for these. Fun work truck, plentiful parts, and easy to fix
    Win win

  3. Beatnik Bedouin

    Neat find, Scotty!

    With the Flintstone floor-mounted ventilation and rocker panels being mentioned, I’d probably want to look at bit closer at the structural integrity of the body and chassis to ensure that there were no surprises.

    Repairing the hole where the whip antenna was mounted would be a easy fix – either that, or buy a replacement whip antenna and add something like a period-correct Pace 2300 CB unit (“extra crystals sold separately”) to connect it to.

    Don’t forget your Muntz ‘Blue Light’ four-track stereo to mount next to it.

    It would make a great beater for hauling round parts, old bikes, etc. and taking to cruise nights and other events.

  4. LAB3

    I’d patch the floors, paint the rims the same color as the body and drive it!

  5. Suttree

    Best deal I’ve seen on Barn Finds in quite a while.

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  6. 68custom

    decent looking truck that appears to be fairly priced, I know I would be checking it out if I was closer. One thing the 283 sure doesnt need is that giant center hung Holley carb but that easy to replace then you got a nice carb for your next project as well.

  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    Always liked this style. Lots of them in my home town back in the day. Still lots of them in the backyards but you have to look for them. Driver quality restoration for me. I’d give it the works and have a good time with it. The performance stuff on the engine would have to go though. That’s a BIG carburetor that could drown a Big Block motor; this is only a 283, one of the best engines ever to come out of GM. Maybe a stock 4bbl setup although the original carb would’ve been a 2bbl and nothing more (on a pickup). The 4 spd. with Granny low would be OK. I’d rather have it than the 3 spd which I always thought was on the weak side; they tended to chip the low and reverse gears out. Yep, it would look good at my place, LWB and all….

  8. Rock On

    Big carb, small air cleaner!

  9. ccrvtt

    Thanks for identifying the whip antenna mount – had me stumped for a minute. Cool truck. Totally worth just for the chrome valve covers.

  10. Had Two

    Cool old truck! Good find. The orange paint on the firewall and the whip antennae mount indicate to me that it began as a State or County Public Works truck.

  11. JW

    Decent truck at a fair price, LMC truck parts sells body and interior parts for these and they are only a hour away from me. My father inlaw had one of these with a 6 cylinder and 4 speed when I met his daughter, we hauled a load of firewood up the steepest hill in our area with that granny gear it never even groaned, I never thought it would make it but it totally surprised me. Nice find.

  12. Iowahawk

    Minor point: it’s a ’66; the ’65 had the C10 insignia further up on the fender. ’66 was little changed other than for upgrading the base engine to a 250 c.i. six. The interior color was called “Fawn” and it was used in all the Chevy truck interiors I have seen from that period.

    • Mikes hot rod shop

      This truck has both a 1966 and a 1965 emblem. The 66 has the bow tie above the series and the 65 has the bow tie beside the series. And they are placed in both years locations, fender and cowl. The dash bezel is from a 50-80 series truck (charcoal color, should be silver) and the glovebox door is more than likely from the same donor truck. Has a gun rack as well. Nice truck for a very good price.

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  13. TR

    Is that a really big carb or are you just happy to see me?

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  14. Kuzspike

    65’s came with wood beds. I’m wondering with the floor rust the seller has claimed how much of the actual bed is left if it comes with a bed liner?

  15. Dean

    I had a’63 at one time, short bed with big back glass and oodles of patina. 6 cylinder with a granny 4-speed. Wishing I had kept it. Insurance agent said it was a tank and hard to damage. I believed her.

  16. scuderia

    was looking the deal of the month until i read long bed at the bottom. looked short in the photo.. cool old work truck just the same

  17. scuderia

    was looking like the deal of the month until i read long bed at the bottom. looked short in the photo.. cool old work truck just the same

  18. Ken Carney

    I agree. Just fix what needs to be fixed and drive it. I could sure use a truck
    like this around my place. Dad had a ’63 with a straight 6 and Geomech’s
    3-speed tranny. We could load it up with just about anything and haul it
    anywhere. These trucks can’t be beat and they never ran out of uses.

  19. Rustytech Member

    I’d cough up $2800 for this in a heartbeat! What a great ride for those occasional errands to the local lumber yard. I sure wish it were on the east coast.

  20. Tyler

    Looks like a great find, but that carb & intake as well as the 70’s GMC hubcaps would have to go! If this was a short bed truck, the price would be double, even though long beds come in handier for hauling stuff.

    Having emblems from both 65 & 66 is a mystery though…

  21. Wayne

    That could very easily be a 580-600 CFM Holley. Which would be ok if jetted properly. The high-rise manifold is a waste unless there is a really hot cam kit (cam lifters and valve springs) installed.
    Cool old truck!

  22. Dean

    Posted a month ago, and still shows for sale on Craigslist. Seems odd

  23. Tom

    Its march 24th. Is this ytruck still for sale? If so please text me

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