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28k Mile 454 V8! 1973 Chevrolet Caprice

Convertibles were on the way out at GM by 1973. They had already been dropped from the line-up of the intermediates when they were redesigned that year. And, at Chevrolet, the only full-size drop-top was now on the Caprice as the Impala convertible was no more. Sales would be brisk in ’73 as word had leaked out that 1975 would be the last hurrah. 7,339 Caprice convertibles were built, including the seller’s clean white over blue edition. Located in Memphis, Tennessee, this one has a 454 V8 engine and maybe only 28,000 miles. It’s available here on craigslist for $45,000. Another cool find brought to us by T.J.!

The Caprice had been the top-line Chevy since 1965 when it was introduced to compete against Ford’s then-new LTD. It would remain part of the division’s portfolio as a rear-wheel-drive car through 1996. Overall, Chevy’s full-size production was a respectable 631,000 units in 1973, but a far cry from the one million record set in 1965 but times and tastes were changing. All the senior Chevrolets were reworked in 1971, so that platform would carry the Caprice, Impala, etc. through 1976 after which they were downsized for the sake of better fuel economy.

A chunk of change has recently been invested in this ’73 convertible. We’re told the 454 big block is numbers matching and $6,500 has been dropped on things like new tires and brakes, a new gas tank, and a new white canvas top. The mileage is said to be just 28,000, so these needs are more likely due to the car being idle for a time rather than Mother Nature or excessive use coming into play.

The blue paint looks quite good, and the interior is okay, but at least one door panel has yellowed with age and some of the upholstery may not be far behind. Also, the seat bottom has towels over it, so are there issues underneath, and the dash pad is also cracked. So, to turn this into a showpiece, plan to budget some shop time for the interior. And on a strange note, the photos provided show two different sets of wheel covers, neither of which would be correct to the 1973 Caprice. The seller is asking for top dollar for this automobile, so is it a top dollar offering?


  1. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    Mismatched hubcaps, burnt out interior, most likely 128,000 miles, and for $45,000! Lol, that’s just crazy!

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    • Bob C.

      The right side look like 1975 Impala and the left look aftermarket.

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  2. Rex Kahrs Member

    Well, Hagerty has a concours 73 Caprice at $39,800. This guy wants 6K over that, for a car that might be “excellent” or somewhat less than excellent. I’d estimate the car to be worth about 25K.

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  3. CCFisher

    At that price, the car should be perfect, and the seller should provide documentation of the mileage. Even then, it’s still overpriced. Seems like another case of “Sure, honey. I’ll sell the old convertible so you can park your Hyundai in the garage.”

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  4. RalphP

    71 was the year Chevy finally “grew up” size-wise according to either Motor Trend or Car & Driver, if memory serves.

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  5. Tommy T-Tops

    18k tops..I think 128k miles

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  6. Troy

    What a fun cruiser from one gas station to the next . can’t blame the seller for the asking price cash talks let them talk you down

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  7. Big C

    I wish I’d bought a stable of these things, round about 1980. $45k! Wow.

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  8. Keith D.

    All the previous comments were right on point. This vehicle is fraudulent. I’m going to delve into somewhat irrelevant territory and ask you guys (and girls) a particular question to hopefully solve this burning case of curiosity as an old school American luxury car enthusiast. For decades since owning my first Chevy in 1986, a 77 Monte Carlo “Landau” as well as my father owning a 74 Monte Carlo he bought in 1981…QUESTION: Why did the GM/Chevrolet division of the 60’s 70’as well the 80’s not implement front bench seat center armrests in some of their top of the line and most popular models? Such as the Monte Carlo, Caprice and the Impala. As I stated I was and still am a luxury car guy and back in those days I always was comfortable doing a little “leaning” to the side while driving those big cruisers. However Chevrolet cars always kept me extremely curious. I would see a 75 Malibu ARMREST…a 76 Chevelle ARMREST… An Estate wagon ARMREST.. And not to mention. A 74 Buick Century ARMREST..A 77 Buick Regal ARMREST…A 73 Pontiac Bonneville ARMREST..A 71 Pontiac GrandVille ARMREST..A 73 Olds Cutlass Supreme ARMREST…A 75 Olds Delta 88 ARMREST..If I’m making any sense, does anyone have knowledge of as to why the Chevrolet division were so backwards back in those decades with their models??

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  9. Johan

    This is about as ridiculous as it gets. This kind of stuff is likely to turn a lot of people off to the classic car “hobby”. Can’t really call it that anymore, it’s becoming an investors playground. Just my opinion…

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  10. Melton Mooney

    I see a set of rented 26s in this car’s future.

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  11. Rustytech Member

    Keith I am going to try to answer your question. Chevrolet was GM’s low price leader or entry level make. If you could get the same luxury appointments in a Chevrolet as a Oldsmobile or Buick, why would anyone spend a couple grand more to get the Olds or Buick? All marketing.

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    • Keith D.

      Thanks Rustytech, I do understand Chevrolet was the basic affordable working class person’s automobile. However, If I purchase Chevy’s “flagship” Caprice model in 1976 in comparison to a1976 Oldsmobile’s flagship Ninety Eight low level “LS” model (Not the Regency model) which more than likely priced very little more than Chevy’s only trim “Caprice Classic” where you may have to “order” the full bench seat with armrest included. Then if you wish to compete with Oldsmobile’s 455 cu in. engine which I believe were standard in both the LS and Regency models as was front seat armrests. A person would pay more money to compete ie: Engine (Standard 350 or 454?), Interior conveniences along with power windows, tilt steering wheel? I just could never understand how Chevy could put out a 76 Malibu Classic coupe with an armrest however underwhelm their flagship model sedan AND coupe with limitations. Thanks for the feedback!

  12. normadesmond


  13. MoragaPulsar

    Short of painting/dyeing, would anyone have experience whitening the yellowing plastic door cards and seat components like on this GM interior? Mine are not as this bad, but I have been reluctant to do anything that might make thins worse (in the long run). Thank you !

  14. Buffalo Bob

    Too much about this car is just wrong for the asking price. What we can see of the interior could use a quart of SEM, Two wheel covers are off a 75-ish Impala, the other two are JCWhitney specials. That white side molding is aftermarket, & wrong for a Caprice. Engine bay looks like crap for a 28K mile car. I’m gonna go with Mooney on this one, & agree that someone with more money than taste will snap it up & donk it.

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  15. Jeremy S

    He has two different sets of hubcaps. All four match in the driveway, and all four match in the garage. Just different sets of hubcaps.

  16. bone

    Its also been repainted , that color was not available in 73 , but a lot of cars got repainted that color in the 1980s ; so much so we used to call the color “repaint blue”

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