29k Original Miles: 1979 Chevrolet C30 Cheyenne Pickup

Classic pickups continue to be keenly sought in today’s market, and good examples can attract some impressive prices. The most common model that we tend to see from Chevrolet is the C10, so this 1979 C30 Cheyenne blows in like a breath of fresh air. It is in excellent condition for its age, and it has a genuine 29,000 miles on the clock. Located in Elma, New York, you will find the C30 listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached $9,000, but the reserve is yet to be met. I have to say a big thank you to Barn Finder Boot for referring the Cheyenne to us.

The original owner ordered the Cheyenne wearing Dark Blue paint, and it still presents well after 42-years. The paint wears a healthy shine, with no signs of fading or checking. There are a few minor chips and some swirling, but there’s nothing that couldn’t be addressed cheaply and easily if the buyer is seeking a pristine appearance. The panels are free from dings and dents, and it appears that someone has fitted a protective mat into the bed to protect it from the worst of the wear-and-tear. There is no visible rust, with the owner indicating that the underside is as clean as you are ever likely to find. The external trim is in good order, while the tinted glass looks to be flawless.

With the lives that these pickups tend to lead, interior trim can become pretty tired in a hurry. That hasn’t been an issue with the C30 because there are no signs of rips or tears and no problems with the upholstery beyond some wrinkling on the seat. The headliner has come loose, and this will need to be fixed before it gets any worse. It looks to be on the verge of dropping down around the occupant’s ears, and that’s the last thing that you want when cruising down the highway at 60. The carpet is in excellent order, as are the dash and wheel. There are some aftermarket gauges under the dash and a column-mounted tachometer, but I can’t spot any other additions. The owner claims that the C30 has a genuine 29,000 miles on the clock, and when you consider the trim and upholstery condition, that claim seems to be entirely plausible.

Lifting the C30’s hood reveals a 350ci V8. This is backed by a 3-speed automatic transmission, while the original owner ordered the Pickup with power steering and power brakes. The 350 was not the most potent offering in the C30 range, but it still gave the buyer 160hp and 260 ft/lbs of torque to play with. With the hitch that is attached to the back of the Cheyenne, it should make a pretty good tow vehicle. The seller bought the Pickup from the original owner’s estate, and he claims that it has a genuine 29,000 miles on the clock. He doesn’t indicate whether he holds evidence to verify this. However, he says that it runs and drives beautifully and that it feels just like a pickup should feel with that type of odometer reading. It appears that he has replaced the tires in the year since he purchased the vehicle, but the originals are included in the sale.

While values on the 1979 C30 Cheyenne haven’t been rising dramatically, they have been heading in the right direction for the past 5-years. The bidding on this one has been pretty solid, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes beyond $15,000 before we hit the reserve. Its needs are minor, and it doesn’t look like the buyer will need to spend any additional money on this one. If you are looking for a classic pickup or an accomplished tow vehicle, maybe this one deserves a closer look.

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  1. nycbjr Member

    Looks like a stick to me :-)

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    • Tom Bell

      Yup, something growing out of the trans. hump and small brake pedal.

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  2. Raymond

    Did you even look at the pictures, 4 speed, small brake pedal…do you even know anything about cars?….there’s a rule in writing, know your subject or leave it to someone that does..

    Like 7
    • Boot

      Never made a mistake eh, Raymond? Must be nice to be perfect.

      Like 15

      Looks like a beautiful truck. If it is what it appears to be in person, you’ll have some fun driving this one….4 speed!!

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    • vintagehotrods

      Sorry Ray, everyone human makes mistakes and I might remind you that you aren’t paying a dime for this website unless you are a paying member. Just sit back and enjoy what is put in front of you, life is too short for this!

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  3. MNguy

    Lighten up Raymond

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    • RyanH

      No. This author makes glaring mistakes in every article. Where is the editor?

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    That’s not the original carpet and it’s a standard transmission not automatic

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    • Mike Freeman

      I don’t think it has power steering and the no air is obvious. Wouldn’t doubt that under the homemade carpet is a rubber floor mat. This one was built to work, love to have it in my driveway.

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  5. Howard A Member

    As the self appointed Barn Finds promoter, some of you people are so disappointing. Nobody said what a nice truck this is, just quick to jump on Adams mistake. Since the staff must be busy with other ventures, let’s review BF’s purpose,,m’kay?
    From what I gather, it brings vehicles of all kinds for sale from all over, in one tidy site, limited only by the writers choice. Apparently, it’s not like high school, where they HAVE to write about something, it’s voluntary, what interests them the most.. The writers commentary is strictly a gratuity, and OUR comments, even less important. I think Adam is one of the best writers, but they all go up and above to give us a brief, accurate description, and possibly even help sell the vehicle. Big deal, so he missed the transmission call, please folks, limit your comments to the vehicle itself, or in my case, how badly is the ripoff, but here’s a seldom seen “tip of the hat” to all the writers. Thanks.

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    • MotorWinder


      Sometimes it’s almost like “let’s see who can spew verbal diarrhea first”!!!!

      NICE TRUCK!!

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    • Mike Brown

      Just YES!

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    • vintagehotrods

      I’ll say it Howard, this is a darn nice old truck! It must have never ventured outside in the winter in snowy and salty upstate New York to be this clean from top to bottom. This C30 deserves a big old camper in the box and that 4 speed will haul it anywhere. I suppose air wasn’t needed that much where it was near Lake Erie, but adding a Vintage Air unit would be the easiest way to go or there are enough of these trucks around to source the stock set-up without too much trouble.

      Maybe Adam throws something wrong in now and then just to keep the critics and proof readers happy showing how smart they are. Us grouchy old men are a tough crowd, we want something for nothing and then we complain about it!

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  6. Car Nut Tacoma

    Awesome looking truck. I remember when GMC and Chevy trucks looked like this. I would’ve preferred mine with automatic and a turbo diesel engine. But it looks perfect as it is.

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  7. Wayne Thorpe Member

    Amen Howard. I hate to think of all the mistakes I make in a single day. But we go on doing the best we can with what we have. Hats off to all of the staff here on Barn Finds!.

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  8. David G

    First one ton GM from this era that I have seen without Hydroboost brakes. Thought it was standard equipment. This one will obviously have the standard 11 point something inch rear drums found on the base GVW package 3/4 and one ton models. If the 13×2 1/2″ or 13×3 1/2″ rear brake option is selected, it includes Hydroboost. My ’78 GMC C-35 has the 13×3 1/2″rear brakes and has a 9,000 lb. GVW rating. Love these trucks. Whoever gets this one will be happy except for the no A/C part.

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    • Jose Rovirosa

      I own a 1980 C30 and thought the 1 tons all had hydroboost. An easy way to confirm if this is a C30 would be to check the frame and the placement of the rear shocks, as the 1 ton had larger rails and the rear shocks inside the frame rails, as opposed to outside the rails on the 1/2 and 3/4 ton trucks.

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      • Naptown Mark

        VIN is visible in the picture of the RPO label. It starts CCL3 so it is a one ton.

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  9. Ken

    Fuel doors are sguared did not came out till the 8Os

    • Pugsy

      I’d say you’re mistaken Ken, sorry.
      Squared headlights, yes, 1980.

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    • Boot

      I had a ’79 and it’s fuel door was square.

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  10. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Have we seen this truck before ?

  11. mds47588

    “Power windows”…??? Manually powered if that counts.

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