302 V8 Survivor: 1970 Ford Mustang Convertible

The 1970 Mustang was little changed over 1969 after it had its most extensive restyle since hitting the market by storm five year earlier. Due to competition at every angle, sales numbers didn’t keep the factories working overtime anymore, but still a respectable 200,000 units were assembled for the year. This Lime Green Metallic convertible with a white top and white and black interior looks stunning and has just under 50,000 miles on the odometer. It’s available through a dealer here on eBay and in Winter Garden, Florida where the bidding has tipped $9,300, but the reserve has yet to be met. This car tempts me to crack open the piggy bank!

As Mustang production declined year over year as the market for pony cars matured, the convertible would be the least in demand. Out of 198,239 total Mustangs built for 1970, just 7,673 would be drop-tops like this one. As the seller here is a dealer, there is no history provided which would be interesting given its condition and mileage. We’re guessing the paint has been redone and quite possibly the top or interior, and that’s okay. After all, it’s a 51-year-old car. All of us change after five decades.

Trying to find a serious flaw with this car may take some effort. Between the outside and inside, the most I can come up with is faded black carpeting. Add to that chrome trim on the hood that doesn’t quite line-up with the area around the driver’s side inboard headlight. And a bit of discoloration in paint near the passenger side taillight. That’s it. The engine compartment is quite clean, but not detailed, showing off what we assume is the car’s original 302 cubic inch V8 with a 2-barrel carburetor that was rated new at 220 hp.

We’re told the Ford runs and drives great, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. This car has the earmarks of being turn-key. Buy it, drive it home and start showing it off to friends who hopefully find the lime green paint as appealing as I do. NADA says one of these cars in top condition could top $50,000 while Hagerty thinks the number is half that. It will be interesting to see what the dealer thinks this one is worth once the reserve is met.

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  1. Steve R

    With any mid-60’s Mustang or Fairlane always look at the top of the inner fenders in front and behind the shock tower for rust. On this particular car, all 4 spots have rusted through from the bottom. That is not a good sign and points to bigger problems due to moisture related issues on the under carriage. For that reason alone, it’s hard justify the asking price of $29,900 on the dealers website.

    Steve R

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  2. Timmy V

    Hmm. Ford had a color called Medium Lime that year and I’m not exactly sure this is it but it’s an intriguing look. I see bubbles on the rocker panel right under the front of the passenger side door. Doubt the person who buys this is a Barn Finds reader, but word to the wise to a newbie — never buy a first gen mustang without going over the floors and inner rockers with a fine-toothed comb. Make the seller pull back the carpet along the door sills or no deal. Seller could also post a pic of buck tag/data plate so we can see how this one started out life. Yes, I’ve owned a few first gens and learned the hard way!

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  3. Jcs

    Anyone know what that gadget is on the underside of the dash near the passenger kick panel? It appears to have a gauge of some sort attached to it.

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    • Qld win the Shield Final

      An external speaker is my guess. CB radio.

    • Howard Kerr

      That looks like it could be an ammeter, for monitoring the battery’s voltage.

      A REALLY good look at the dashboard is a revelation. The radio appears(?) to be missing both knobs, the dashboard itself looks…tired, the kick panels look miserable, I am guessing there is some kind of ” anti theft ” device wrapped around the steering column.
      Taking a really good look at this car, it looks like it was cleaned but NOT detailed, and it received a paint job (in a very odd color) and perhaps a new top.
      6 months ago I bought a 06 Mustang convertible for a fraction of what this seller is asking. The V6 engine produces nearly the same horsepower, it has A/C which this doesn’t have, leather upholstery, 4 wheel POWER assisted disc brakes, and is a stunning (factory applied) ruby red color.
      When I see a classic Mustang with an ambitious price, I don’t feel like I overpaid. BTW, my Mustang convertible has a fraction of the miles on it this car has…it really was owned by the legendary ” little old lady “. In nearly 15 years she drove it LESS than 45,000 miles.

    • Melton Mooney

      I’d agree it’s an ammeter since the key is not in the ignition and the needle is centered.

  4. Qld win the Shield Final

    An external speaker is my guess. CB radio.

  5. RussT

    The under hood pictures betray a bottom-side up rust problem. Look at those inner fenders and the firewall, especially around the master cylinder. In the trunk pics the rear quarter inner wheel wells are rotting along the creases. And there are bubbles at the lower front of the door in the right front wheel pic.
    This would have to go up on a lift to look underneath before spending a dime.

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    • BillK

      The open trunk views reveal caution as others have state.

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  6. James427

    Baby puke green. Horrid color.

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    • Mac

      Looks like baby poop green after eating a jar of spinach

  7. Howie Mueler

    Looks like most of the photos are taken far away, no real closeups, look at the intake on the air cleaner!!

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  8. Don Leblanc

    Looks like the original color was an off white or beige, you can see it just inside the fender where it bolts on. (the under hood photo).

  9. Mustang Jason

    A lot of “20 footer” pictures and not one of the undercarriage. I noticed a torch cut hole in the right front shock tower. Usually to stop a creaky upper control arm. Bubbles on door lower front corners as well means rust is trying to push out. Lots of lipstick here. Seller should drop reserve and hope he can reel one in as 9 large is a lot for this potential can of worms.

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  10. Jcs

    Okay, let’s say that it is an ammeter (with an unusually large font), it still makes me wonder why the hell mount it way down there and what is the gadget that this “ammeter” is mounted on? Strange.

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