318/4-Speed: 1969 Dodge D-100 Sweptline

Coming onto the market even before I was born, which is surprising, Dodge’s new D-series pickups came out in the fall of 1960 as 1961 models. This Medium Green example, a 1969 Dodge D-100 Sweptline, can be found listed here on eBay in beautiful Eugene, Oregon. The current bid price is just over $2,500 but the reserve isn’t met yet.

It’s hard to argue with Dodge’s D-Series pickups. They were thoroughly modern compared with the previous Dodge pickups, having a modified and lowered frame to drop the cab height several inches. The cabs, referred to as “Drivemaster cabs”, were four inches wider than the former C-Series pickups and they really had a long, low, wide look. That’s a philosophy that continues with vehicles today, at least the long and wide part.

I often talk about the Pacific Northwest part of the US as being my favorite area of the country to find nice, rust-free vehicles. The southwest is also great but it’s so hot and dry that rubber and plastic parts are often burnt, warped, and otherwise trashed, but the PNW is great. This truck doesn’t disappoint in that department, looking rock solid with nary a rust spot anywhere, as nobody in the Pacific Northwest would say. The bed looks rock solid as does the underside.

This truck has a 4-speed manual transmission with a floor shifter so the three-adults-wide Drivemaster cab just got a little interesting, at least for the person sitting in the center and/or the driver. This one looks great inside but I’m guessing that the original seat cover is ripped, hence the blanket seat cover. Just get a new one of those and you’re set. There are some auxiliary gauges in the perfect-looking padded dash.

The engine is Dodge’s 318 cubic-inch V8 which would have had around 210 horsepower before the headers were installed. These early D-series pickup engine bays get to me, there’s so much room and they’re big enough to rent out space on each side of it. It looks like an honest engine compartment and the details are amazing, this truck really looks like it’s in nice shape. Hagerty’s at $6,300 for a #4 fair condition truck, what is this one worth?

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    This would be a great alternative to wasting $80K on a new truck. I don’t think you will go wrong here. Leave it as is and just use it when you actually NEED a truck.

    People forget really what a truck is anyway. They daily drive them like a car. One guy I know drives a a new four door dually Dodge diesel everyday. It’s around an 80 mile round trip or more. What a waste.

    This body will bolt right a newer 1993 and down Chassis if you require a 4X4 and or a Cummins. An EFI Hemi from a wrecked patrol car would also be nice. But enjoying it like it is wagon wheels and all is not a bad thing.

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  2. Howard A Member

    As big a fan of Andy Griffith as Scotty is, ( I believe he can lip-sync the 1st 4 seasons) he didn’t mention Barney Fife( Don Knotts) pitch for “The Dude”, a 1970 Dodge with hoaky graphics. As popular as he was, didn’t do anything for sales, and Dodge was always dead last. That sure turned around, hey? Great find, and then you, like me, can drive a vintage pickup with none of the headaches of a new one. It does the same thing, and you, like me, can feel somewhat superior to all those that drive new trucks, for a tenth of the cost, knowing there isn’t a sensor or computer chip on the darn thing. Pump the gas, off we go, time after time, just like in 1969.
    BTW, flipping the air cleaner top like that, results in 1.2 extra mpg, but screws up your warm air intake, crucial in cold places.

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  3. Mark A Reynolds

    Yes, cool truck and it is rust free, a BIG deal, but….
    i have a 64 D100 Sweptline, an original Arizona truck. No rot, but the brakes are barely better than Fred Flintstones under load, the heater is a joke, and the steering is impossible with any modern tires at low speeds. Plus, it’s NOISY. OK for limited use, just give me a modern truck for everyday use.

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  4. Seth KARPEN

    It is real truck designed for work, go shopping for a new truck and get sticker shock. For what this will go for it will be your truck to pick up lumber

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  5. John

    Looks like this was a former U.S. Forest Service vehicle. The color of the paint, and the emergency brake lever indicate that. Government trucks of that era were speced with the adjustable, over center emergency brake lever.

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  6. Gary Rhodes

    I have a 70 D200 that I want to do a Dakota get clip swap, any one here do one?

    • Robin Lewthwaite

      Gary Rhodes, you can use the Dakota frame, and not just the front clip, some work will need to be done for the bed height, but easier than welding the front clip on the old frame.

  7. Paolo

    Perfect truck for me. I have a 57 D-100 that I like to drive and this is a shining vision of the future by comparison. It helps to have very low expectations if you want to be happy.

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  8. Jeff

    That is a 70 or 71 grill, the rest looks 1969. Reflectors instead of lights, 69-71 dash and hood.
    I have a 69 with its stock grill, vertical turn signals. 318/727 with a 3.54 geared 8.75” rear axle. Other than poorly designed rear wheel bearings, and a tendency for the floor and cowl to rot out, good trucks.
    Oh, mine came from Graham WA, under $1000, running and driving. Still needs new floorpans.

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  9. Kevin

    I like it,and would buy it,but would not want to pay more than about 5k,so hagerty value not far off,I could of had a 74 d200 club cab,very solid,,around 2012 for about 2k,I let it go…have regretted it ever since.

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