3300 Mile Survivor! 1992 Buick Park Avenue

It seems a little odd covering a car here on Barn Finds that is a 1992 model like this Buick Park Avenue. I mean it’s only a ’92, right? Oh yeah, that was 30 years ago and this Buick is old enough now to wear antique tags in most states. Man, how’d that happen? Where does the time go? Anyway, this top-drawer Buick survivor makes an impressive visual statement. It’s located in Saint Cloud, Florida and is available, here on eBay for a current bid of $12,600 with 48 bids tendered so far.

There was a time when naming car models after places in New York was a sign of sophistication, models like the New Yorker, the Fifth Avenue, the St. Regis, and yes, the Park Avenue. Not anymore…and probably with understandable reason. Now it’s Tacoma, Colorado, Yukon, Telluride, Tuscon, Santa Cruz, Sante Fe, and Palisade – all western locations. Names like the Hoboken, the Youngstown, the West 228th, and the Statesboro aren’t going to cut it either – it has to be a rugged and self-determining moniker. Anyway, Buick’s Park Avenue model succeeded the Electra (yeah, the deuce and a quarter) and saw production from 1991 through 2005. They were nicely appointed full-size, front-wheel drivers and popular too with an output volume of about 63K units in ’92.

The listing is a bit confusing as it states, “This is offered for sale by the original owner…Selling out of our private collection is our beautiful 1992 Buick Park Ave., Limited…” It would seem to be one or the other unless the original buyer acquired it and put it in a collection. Further added is, “it was new originally purchased by a World War II veteran who used it to go back-and-forth to church on Sunday…” I think I’ve heard that one before but it was a little old lady and not a WWII vet. Anyway, the condition of this car is not to be denied, it is in like-new condition and the seller mentions that this Park Avenue has always been stored in a climate-controlled garage – I wonder if it was on Park Avenue as this Buick was acquired in New York and still has its NY State registration sticker.

Power is the typical 170 net HP, 3.8-liter V6 engine turning a four-speed automatic transaxle. The seller adds “floats and drives like a dream” and “still looks, runs, drives, and smells like the day it left the assembly line“.  I have driven one of these before, and while not a fan of front-wheel drive, I have to admit that it had nice road manners while the V6 did a decent job of moving this full-sizer along.

The burgundy leather upholstery is very typical for GM cars of this era. The leather is usually nice quality material, not exactly Connolly hides mind you, but certainly a pleasant environment. It’s the plastic pieces in this case where GM stubbed its toe, it’s usually cheap, thin stuff that has a tendency to creak or buzz. But let’s not digress as this Park Avenue’s interior is absolutely as nice as its exterior. As expected, it’s equipped with all of the usual suspects such as heated power seats, dual climate control, telescopic steering wheel, automatic transmission, fog lights, cruise control, and tilt wheel.

This car is what the future holds in store for those that enjoy old cars. As the Electra’s, Wildcats and Invictas fade away, it will be models like this Park Avenue that take their place. I’m not sure how I feel about that, how about you?


  1. alphasud Member

    This was probably the best GM platform of its time. The drivetrain will run practically the life of the car if maintained. We are talking over 300K easy. Great ride and good fuel economy. I don’t think they are that pretty to look at but definitely a winning combination for being a really great mode of transportation. If you are in sales and have a lot of seat time this is the ticket.

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    • Bill Hall

      I had two Lesbrares of similar vintage with a 3.8 engine. Nice cars but both had serious motor issues about a 100,000

      • alphasud Member

        Probably failed intake manifold gaskets. If they were not caught eventually they leak coolant into the crankcase which spells disaster.

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  2. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    I actually loved these Buicks when they were new and I was a teenager. The Park Aves, The Riverias and to a lesser extent the Lesabre. Buick really hit a home run with these I thought.

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  3. Tony Primo

    I would daily drive this car over some Third World econobox any day of the week.

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  4. Rangerwalker24

    Lot of flooding in the Saint Cloud, Florida area…. just saying.

    These were excellent riding vehicles!

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  5. Mitch

    GM sold them good in Europe but they had sold more when they
    had offered a good Diesel engine. Mainly with 1 from Nissan or
    FIAT as we here all remember the disastrous attempt as GM
    sold their own made diesel 12 years ago.

    Anyway, this cars where liked by many except you take in account
    they have torque steering a spongy suspension and still some
    mystic electrics. They disappeared so fast as the appeared.

    A Lexus LS 430 was the better buy between the Buick and a
    world-class S-Class but peoples also disrespected the LS.

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  6. MDY

    I loved these old Buicks. We had two 1998 models, not at the same time. I came across a supercharged model so I sold the non-supercharged car. Great highway cruiser. Good power with the blower, quiet, comfortable back seat, decent gas mileage for a large car. I also owned a Grand Prix that had the same Buick engine. Really good engine. The old 4-speed automatics of the day limited performance, though.

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  7. MitchRoss Member

    This car was bought at Potamlin Buick in Manhattan. Most Manhattanites kept cars in their underground garages and used them only occasionally when they left the city. Buicks like this were often owned by wealthy New Yorkers who were not about showing off but wanted a comfortable car. Underground garages 10 years ago were full of Buicks, Oldsmobiles, Chryslers as well as early Lexus E300s with nearly no mileage. When the man, who usually drove, passed away, often his widow never drove the car.

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    • Poppy

      Ahh! Driving in NYC could explain my brake pedal comment below. Constantly being on and off the brake in stop and go NYC traffic could definitely create that much wear in only 3300 miles

  8. Poppy

    I daily drive several ’90s GM C-H bodies. They are excellent cars with a great balance of interior room, power and economy and of course durability. I saw this car on eBay before it hit here. There’s no doubt this is a low mileage car. However, the brake pedal photo shows a lot more wear in my mind than only 3300 miles would have created. At this point in time, whether actually 3300 miles or even 33,000 miles is immaterial. The car has more miles left in it than the next owner will probably ever be able to put on it. I just turned 250,000 miles in my ’96 Olds 98 and to celebrate had the alloys refinished and put 4 new tires on it. That’s how confident I am that I’ll reach 300K miles.

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  9. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    Bidding at $16k. I’m smitten with this car. I knew these were nice when they were new and my in-laws had a couple of them, but I definitely didn’t appreciate them enough. Buick no longer makes a full size sedan, just the Regal and its not the same at all.

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    • rmward Member

      Not even a Regal anymore. Only four SUV’s and they’ll be down to three when Encore goes out of production later this year.

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  10. Jonathan A. Green

    One of the best cars of its era, not being facetious here. Great car. My parents had one, my uncle had one, my In-Laws had one.

    That being said, did you know that every Buick from 1986 on came standard with a handicap parking placard?

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    • Tom H

      We had a 99 and loved it. Big, plush and yet good mpg. We were the only drivers under 80 though! One thing it didnt do well was fly, but after rolling 3 times my wife walked away with only a few scratches!

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  11. Rw

    Worked in automotive repair for years, water pumps, ignition module, and crank pulley was most common problems,all easy to replace very good vehicles.

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  12. Troy

    Nice car, way over priced, the used car market is crashing looking forward to when you can vet ones like this for $2000 or less and drive them into the ground

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  13. Gerard Frederick

    In my world, Americana at its best. It simply doesn´t get better than this.

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  14. Tom

    These are great cars! Powered by one of the best V-6 engines ever produced by GM, or any other manufacturer for that matter. I have owned several ‘87 Turbo Regals over the years (still have one) and I’m amazed at the performance every time I drive it! Buick was definitely leading the way with fuel injection and turbocharging in the ‘80s

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  15. Poppy

    Jim: You aren’t a fan of FWD? Let me tell you that the cast iron 3800 V6 over the drive wheels provides incredible winter traction. Better than many of the light 4WD “cute UTEs” like the Tuscon and CRV.

  16. gary

    I had a 1998 LeSabre great car 30plus mpg, comfortable on the highway

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  17. Karl

    Mr. O Donnell;
    Great write up as usual.
    F.Y.I. They didn’t offer telescopic steering columns on Buicks, just tilt.

    • Jim ODonnell Staff


      Anyway, I just repeated what the seller stated regarding this Buick’s equipment level.


  18. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    SOLD for $16,600.

    Someone really appreciated what this is.

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  19. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    To me this car is worth the sale price, I wish I could have been the buyer.

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