33k Genuine Miles: 1966 Plymouth Fury 1

This 1966 Plymouth Fury 1 is an original survivor that has managed to accumulate a paltry 33,200 miles on its odometer over the past 53-years. It is in impressive condition, and I really have to thank Barn Finder Ikey H for referring it through to us. The Fury is located in Grand Junction, Colorado, and is listed for sale here on Craigslist. The owner is asking $16,000 OBO for the classic Plymouth.

The Fury is said to be original, and the White paint looks to be in good condition. It has a nice shine, and the body appears to be straight, with no obvious dings or dents. The owner claims that the car has never suffered any accident damage and that it’s free of Bondo. Examining the supplied photos closely, I can see no obvious signs of rust issues, and this seems to confirm the owner’s claims about the car’s rust-free status. The exterior trim and chrome appear to be in really nice condition, with no signs of damage. The chrome shines brightly, with no signs of corrosion or bubbling.

The Fury’s Red interior trim is in the sort of condition that you would expect from a car with such low mileage. The cloth and vinyl seats look close to perfect, with no signs of rips, tears, or staining. There is some wrinkling present on the driver’s side seatback, but this appears to be as bad as it gets inside the car. The dash and remaining upholstery look great, and there have been no aftermarket additions made to the car. The Fury also comes with a pretty decent haul of documentation for the next owner. This includes the original Build Sheet, Owner’s Manual, original Dealer’s Certified Identification Plate, original sales documentation from 1966, and service records.

Powering the Plymouth is a 318ci V8, producing 230hp. The transmission is a 3-speed TorqueFlite, while the car is also fitted with power steering. Interestingly, the owner says that the Fury has power brakes, but I think that this might be a mistake on his part. What makes the Fury all the more interesting is his claim that this is a full, numbers-matching car. I have to say that the engine bay is about as clean as you could ever hope to find in a car of this age, while the owner states that the car runs and drives perfectly. He does say that the low mileage is certified, but does point out that because the Fury is now seeing some use, the mileage should be expected to increase over time.

Careful ownership shows with all cars, but it becomes far more apparent with each passing year. This Plymouth Fury 1 is now 53-years-old, and those decades really don’t show anywhere on the car. It is in impressive condition, but one of its greatest attractions is that it is not a Trailer Queen. This is a car that is being driven and enjoyed, and that opportunity now presents itself to a new owner. Could that new owner be you?


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  1. Moparman Member

    Very nice to see what was more common back in the day, than all of the “pumped up” 2 door/4 spd/mega-motored cars that dominate Coffe & Chrome shows today! A basic no frills car, paired with a caring and meticulous owner, now available to provide a clear view back into our collective “rose colored” past, LOL!! GLWTS! :-)

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    • PatrickM

      I agree. But, the bidding is only at $12,000.00. I really don’t think it will go much higher….certainly not the asking price. But, best to seller and new owner, if we have one.

  2. Arthell64 Member

    C bodies just don’t have the following that other Mopars have. I suspect this car will be a hard sell even though it is a clean car.

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  3. Stevieg Member

    Arthell64 is right, this won’t sell as quick as a b body.
    Combine the lack of desirability for this car combined that snow & winter is upon us, I am hoping I can unload my old Pontiac convertible & maybe buy both this and that 1972 Caprice.
    Wait, I am planning a long distance relocation. Other obligations…never mind. Must show restraint!

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  4. Rex Kahrs Member

    This car looks great. I love the C-bodies, but I know I’m in the minority. Once again, here’s a photo of my 67 Newport custom.

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    • Moparman Member

      A REAL beauty, Rex!! :-)

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    • On and On On and On Member

      Rex, that’s a hot looking mo-chine.

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      • Rex Kahrs Member

        Thanks On and ON. Last week I painted/carpeted the trunk, and just for fun I was actually able to lie sideways in the trunk without my feet or head touching the sides. I gotta get a photo of that.

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    • GTiDave

      This is my all time favorite model and year! Beutiful…

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    • Bob C.

      Rex, a friend of mine had one very similar to that back in high school, only his was blue.

  5. Miguel

    There are a whole lot of other cars available for that price.

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  6. Chris in Pineville

    a slant 6 stick with different color upholstery would be more to my liking, but this is a superb specimen.
    that said, $16,000 is in dreamland…….

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  7. Will Irby

    I would drive this one almost as-is; the only modification I would make would be to replace the single-piston master cylinder.

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  8. Chris M.

    It’s begging for a 440 and a 4spd and a 3.55 sure grip. Then maybe….just maybe 16 grand. I own a ’65 Fury that I’m putting a fresh 383 in this very weekend and after it’s all said and done I’d be doing a jig if I sold it for 16k!

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      As I get into my 60`s I think that 318 would be just right for a cruiser, I had that in a 1968 Dodge Coronet 500 in 1973. It was a great little motor.

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      • Chris M.

        True, and dead reliable.

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  9. Will Fox

    `65-`66 full-sized Furys never were real popular with collectors, unless it’s a `65 Fury III cvt. Indy Pace car replica. To find a Fury I of any configuration THIS clean is not only a head-turner, they are nearly non-existent. These were fleet specials & driven into the ground; the few that normal buys got were simply A to B transportation and nothing special. The interior is cleaner than anyone would expect, and with a 318/torqueflite automatic, you have a very sturdy powertrain. I bet most seeing this at a car show would say, ” I didn’t even know such a Plymouth ever existed!” However, I think the skirts are overkill on this base model. Save those for a Fury VIP sedan!

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  10. art

    Will Fox captures my thought.
    In one picture, the skirts look complementary, in another photo they make the rear quarter look oddly wide. I think the large “C” pillar does not help. I’m surprised this base model earned a V-8 by its original owner.
    Nice survivor.

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  11. bigdoc

    I really like this car and that 318 is a great motor. Only problem no money.

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  12. Pete in PA

    As much as I love the 66 Fury styling (a 66 SF coupe was my first car) this thing leaves me cold. As the bottom of the price list, it’s devoid of all the nice side trim, front end trim, and trunk panel trim that dresses up these cars. I strongly suspect that the wheel skirts were a later addition since they were optional even on the Fury III. I just don’t see the attraction, except maybe as a curiousity. I wonder why the original alternator got swapped out for a parts chain replacement with such low mileage. IMO the price is crazy high for what this car is.

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  13. Rustytech Member

    This is certainly a gorgeous car, and if is indeed all original it’s outstanding. This would make a nice summer driver with the addition of a vintage A/C system. As for price I think $10 to $12k would be a fair ask.

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  14. Bob C.

    Kind of a plain jane 2 door post, but nice. Definitely not power brakes, but kind of surprised to see the single chamber master cylinder. My 68 Coronet had dual. I believe this was the last year before they switched over to the LA 318.

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    • Ed P

      My Dad had a 65 Fury with an A block 318 followed by a 67 Fury with a LA 318. Dual master cylinders were new to the 67.

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  15. Morley Brown Member

    Finally a 2 door post, that needs a 426 and a four speed. and one worth doing . 16 is a lot for this car, but could you build a cheaper car to be this nice?

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  16. TimM

    Great car!! Really good shape I wish it were closer to me!!! Although when you park the front in Colorado the back is in New Mexico!! Damn that trunk is long!!!!

  17. w9bag

    Fender skirts on a Fury I ? Interesting option to choose. In 1981, I was working at a C/P dealership in Lexington, KY. While standing next to the owner, looking across the vast inventory, 2 spinster sisters in their 70’s, came on the lot driving this car, in Sport trim, with teal interior, bucket seats, floor mounted shifter with console, and every available option for the year. Power EVERYTHING, A/C, and a 383. 75K miles. Perfect in every aspect. The owner mumbled “I want that car”. The ladies bought the most loaded Cordoba we had. Show room floor. Dark Gold & Creme, 2 tone, T tops. Fully optioned. Trade in for the Plymouth: $700. I still regret how we duped these fine Sisters. What a wonderful automobile !

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  18. Del Gray

    Love this car

    Love that Poly 318. Those old Polys really flew. So much torque !

    Love to have this car. Had a 65 it was great. 🎃🎃

  19. junkman Member

    This car is the reason I never wear a seatbelt. In 1973 I was in the passenger seat of my buddy’s 65 mustang 2+2 and was broad sided by one of these furys that ran a stop sign at 30mph. Blam! pushed the door in halfway across the width of the seat, if I was wearing a seatbelt I would have been torn in half. Every time I see a 65 Fury it reminds me not to buckle up.

  20. luke

    I have a 1968 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible – 383 HP four speed from the factory…great car…just got back from a 500 mile drive to Myrtle Beach for a car show. Four speed is great but I miss overdrive. C-bodies are good cars and still reasonably priced for the most part.

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