33K Original Miles: 1990 Lincoln Mark VII LSC SE

The Lincoln Mark VII is one of the more underrated classics from the 1980s at the moment. Featuring handsome styling, luxurious appointments, and the reliability and modification-friendly 5.0L V8 drivetrain under the hood, it’s a home run for anyone who wants to enjoy the fruits of the Fox body platform without having to drive a Mustang every day (no judgment against anyone who does – it’s just not for everyone.) The Mark VII LSC SE is shown here on craigslist is the top banana of this flagship Lincoln model, loaded up with advanced features and suspension enhancements to make it a superb grand tourer. The seller is asking $19,900 for this low-mileage example.

While $20,000 may seem like an ambitious asking price, there are very few of these Mark VIIs with under 35,000 original miles. I’d further wager that there are even fewer with low mileage and equipped with the LSC SE trim package. The LSC came with numerous upgrades and factory air suspension, along with sharp BBS wheels and better rubber. The SE option blacks out all the trim and gives the Lincoln a monochrome look, which really sets off the BBS wheels nicely. While it may have a “bustleback” rear end, there’s very little about this Lincoln that stands out as frumpy.

The LSC is equipped with a factory JBL audio system along with power seats and a power sliding moonroof. The interior is shod in black leather everywhere you look, which makes the all-black exterior even more sinister. Of course, the other benefit of finding a low-mileage luxury car like this is that all of those high-end materials still look like new inside. Vehicles that left the factory with loads of leather and that then proceed to spend lots of time in the sun or otherwise parked outside tend to look worse for the wear in short order, leaving the next owner with the headache of getting seats reupholstered and wondering when the local upholstery shop is going to finish your car.

The LSC is powered by the familiar 5.0L V8 that kicks out a healthy 302 b.h.p. This Lincoln can walk the walk and talk the talk, and while it’s likely still a bit floaty in the curves, that’s not the point of this machine. It can certainly handle better than other Lincoln products of the era, and inspire some confidence that it can keep up with the road turns twisty; however, this luxury cruiser is all about straight-line performance and looking good no matter the speeds. I realize the seller may have to wait for the perfect buyer to come along to sell at this price, but he deserves all the money for finding a specimen as clean as this one. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Pat L. for the find.


  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    If the 1993 Cobra is considered the high water mark for the long running Fox platform, this Mark VII would have to be the high water mark in the Non-Mustang Fox category. Clean and attractive styling, nicely appointed interior, attractive wheels, looks great with the blackout package, bulletproof drivetrain, good performance. I agree with Jeff– it’s a bit underrated, but as he also notes, an excellent choice for someone who doesn’t want to drive a Fox Mustang.

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  2. Tony Primo

    My father owned 1984 and 1986 Lincoln Mark VII’s and finally a 1990 SE like this one. These where far ahead of today’s “murdered out” look and look very impressive in person. If the seller has time, he will get close to his asking price.

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    • rudy nine

      ““murdered out” look”

      Nailed it!

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  3. Todd Zuercher

    I don’t want a black one but would love to have one someday. I pulled a set of these BBS wheels from a junkyard car back in 2009 and put them on my 86 Mustang GT – really made a sharp pairing.

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  4. Todd Zuercher

    And Jeff, the engine doesn’t have 302 bhp, they were rated at 225 JP, like the Mustangs.

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    • ace10

      I think in 1990, the only domestic that was producing normally aspirated 1hp/cubic inch was the ZR1. The Germans and Japanese were already there.

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  5. Stan

    302 b.h.p or ci ?
    Seen some that get rid of the air suspension, and do a 5spd swap. Really cool 😎. Beautiful cars.

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  6. Ken

    LSC = Luxury Sports Coupe

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    • Ike Onick

      They should have used a few more characters in the description.

      ” Lincoln Mark VII LSC SE Rev 3.0 5.0L V8 JBL BBS GT ”

      The badge would have weighed five pounds.

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  7. George Mattar

    Drove one new. Wish I bought one. This is a very hard car to find in great condition.

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    • Kevin J Burke

      My boss bought a new one. It had a nice life until an elderly gentleman in a Lincoln Town car accidently drove in reverse and t-boned it into a memory.

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  8. Robert Levins

    Worth every penny. These cars are definitely iron-clad, gorgeous luxury cars that didn’t skimp on quality. I owned a 1987 MK7 and was extremely impressed with the quality, performance, fuel economy and of course with the looks. They were also ahead of their time. The new 1986 Cadillac Eldorado was such a disaster, (75% sales decline from the 79-85 models) that literally “drove “ people to the MK7. Lincoln didn’t disappoint.

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  9. Grant

    Never cared for BBS wheels, but to each their own I guess. The late David E. Davis from Automobile magazine had one of these as his company car. He was told he could have any domestic car he wanted (hence to shoot down the Italian fantasies on the bosses dime). I always wondered why he didn’t go for a Mustang with a 5sp? Of course, I would have gone for something calmer, but that is just me I guess.

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    • Shuttle Guy

      “I would have gone for something calmer, but that is just me I guess.”

      Me: Like a Honda Civic?

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  10. Gsuffa Gsuffa Member

    I grew up with Fords so I like this. Can anyone compare and contrast this to the late 1980’s BMW 635s?

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    • ron

      the diesel they used was from bmw

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  11. Motorcityman

    DELUXE T Bird of that era, very nice ride!

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  12. Michael Williams

    0nly American car that out classed my 75,and 84 Mk7’s was my Mk8

  13. Jose Rovirosa

    If you have to have a cheaper Fox Mustang with 5-lugs, rear discs, ABS, air suspension, and not have to deal with being harangued to race at every stop light, this is your rig. Was lucky enough to find a cherry ’90 LSC and it’s amazing how cheap these cars still are. Only downsides are that the ABS and air suspensions can sometimes present their own challenges and the restoration parts market is non-existent compared to the Mustang, but the likelihood of finding one that hasn’t been beat to death seems to be better.

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  14. Scott

    Loved driving these for my demonstrator when I sold Lincoln’s. Hard to beat the ride, seats, sound system and power. Felt like you were driving something but heavy didn’t handle as well but very underrated vehicle in its time. Then the Mark VIII changed it all.

  15. Shane

    I recently sold my 1990 Mark VII LSC SE (identical to this one) for $7500! Had 63k original miles and I loved that car!

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  16. ron

    you could get one with a diesel motor

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    • Shane

      Not in the SE. It was only available in the Bill Blass model if I remember correctly, not many were made with the diesel

      • Todd Zuercher

        The diesels were super rare, as you noted, and only available in 84-85. I did see one in the pick-a-part last year and was shocked when I saw it.

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  17. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Sure, if you were driving this around town, many would notice and many would realize, this is clearly not a new car.
    But what stands out to me is that for whatever reason, the styling here simply does not look dated.
    And no way does it look like a design from over 30 years ago. Just sayin.

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    • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

      I agree 370zpp. I think the styling on these has aged very, very well.

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  18. gord in canada

    i always said this was a mustang in a tuxedo
    there is about 200 lbs of sound insulation (have parted out a few as well as owned some) worst part was some unobtanium parts (emergency brake cables, etc) still have a ground effects kit for someone !

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  19. Michael Carmichael

    Terrific example of a terrific car, the buyer will get a huge bargain for this excellent Mark VII LSC SE.

  20. Matt

    I owned a silver 85. I’m all GM,but was in Florida for spring break in 87 and saw a couple cool looking cars with the “spare tire trunklid” cruising the strip. Came home and bought 1. Loved it. Made it from Buffalo to South Carolina in 10 hrs. Car hauled ass !

  21. Emel

    Nice car…..BEFORE it was ‘pimped’ out.


    Nice cars, but they were loaded with a lot of early electronics and were prone to many problems. Air suspension was a constant headache, and they handled worse than the T-Bird with std. springs.

  23. msheiner Maxwell Sheiner

    I agree. This is a very good looking. I own a 1990 560 SEC Mercedes.

    Would it be sacrilege to call this the American version of that car?

  24. John D

    I have a 1990 97k not a stitch of rust. I’ve always loved this body style. Mine was built in September of 89 came with the turbine wheels not the bbs style. It is like a fox body mustang but with 4wheel disc abs 5 lug and air suspension. Sadly in upstate NY it’s resting for the winter.

  25. TomP

    I always liked the ones with the digital dashboards, very futuristic. These cars also came in three special editions if I remember, midnight, white lightning, and maroon… Roush also made a few with five speed transmissions ..

    • Shane

      The “Midnight” and “white lightning” were not the same as the Special Edition. They were made by a third party. The Special Edition Mark VII were available in 3 colors I believe. Black, Electric Red and Titanium (very Rare color). All 3 were available with either Black or Grey interiors. The SE was limited to only a few thousand of each color, each year 90,91,92. Now if you had a 92 Titanium with Black Interior and under 40k miles………you’ve got a gold mine lol

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