34,000 Mile Estate Car: 1976 Plymouth Volare

This cheerful 1976 Plymouth Volare is a pleasing combination of colors and features, equipped with the venerable Slant 6 and a four-speed manual transmission. The seller notes it is believed to be a real-deal low mileage example with just 34,000 on the clock. The cosmetics seem to back up the limited use, but can that paint job be considered original? Check out the Volare here on craigslist with an asking price of $6,500, and thanks to Barn Finds reader Gransedan for the find.

On the wonderfully detailed site Allpar.com, there are photos of a two-toned Volare that closely mimics what we see on this coupe-body edition, but I’m not quite willing to call this a factory paint job – yet. I’m sure one of our readers can validate it one way or another, so feel free to lodge your opinions in the comments below. Regardless, 1976 was a big year for rustproofing, so no surprise the body looks this nice.

The interior is another argument for the mileage being accurate, as the seats and door panels appear to be in the kind of condition you’d only associate with a new vehicle. While buckets are always preferred, there’s nothing wrong with a comfy and clean bench seat. The seller notes he bought this Volare out of an estate sale and has already won awards at the shows he’s taken it to.

Despite being in Rockford, Illinois, the seller claims to have information that confirms it never saw winter-time use. Other details that are hard not to appreciate include the wood trim surrounding the instrument binnacle which appears to remain in like-new condition – again, you can’t take this and few re-sellers will try to replace parts like these. Find a better one, as they say, but check it the paint’s original first.


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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    I’m no Mopar expert, but compared to the Silver Duster, it looks like they just re-worked the front and rear of the of the old Dart/Duster, not that there’s anything wrong with that! This appears to be the Halloween version I guess, came with a free bag of candy corn. Iacoca’s idea.

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  2. Jack M.

    Painting the lower fenders, doors and quarter panels black is one of the oldest tricks to hide rust. I would check this out very carefully before opening my wallet.

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    • todd fairchild

      this is an original color scheme. my brother in law had one exactly like this one. 318, auto trans. black interior.

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  3. Keith

    Another slant six? please stop.

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  4. Rex Kahrs Member

    Jack, are you saying these mid-70s A-bodies may have rusted down low?? Sarcasm.

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  5. rpol35

    Ouch, either orange or black but not both!

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    • Dave

      Cleveland Browns fan special, maybe?

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  6. 36Packard

    Looks like a factory paint design as I remember. I remember also though, the tops of the front fenders rusting through. My Pa had a new 76 that the factory replaced for rot through, though the replacement fenders were thin as tissue paper and they soon rusted too. Perhaps if this was only driven in dry conditions it would be so. Had a love hate relationship with those factory wire wheel covers, they caught a lot of grime and were hard to clean. The 1976 slant six was strangled as far as carbs goes, but after the crummy 12 month warranty, Dad went to the junkyard and replaced the carb and intake with a 1972 set up. Worked awesome then for 247000 miles, until the body gave away to rust, yet the SS still ran like a top, and it was never apart. Say, does that look like a factory air unit to you guys?

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  7. David Zornig

    Well I did some digging, and that was a factory two tone paint scheme.
    But the lack of tinted windows or rear defroster means it was pretty basic otherwise.
    The radio, A/C and sport mirrors may be it as far as options.
    It appears to be a Custom with Premier Coupe wheel covers.
    Built in Hamtramck per the vin.

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  8. Troy s

    I guess it’s all about personal experience how one draws an opinion of certain cars or engines. Only two times, actually one, where me and my folks got passed by a loaded 18 wheeler going up a grade came in a ’80 Dodge half ton pick up loaded with a wash tub and some prospecting stuff. California smogged down 225 one barrel and 4 speed overdrive, I remember wanting to put a paper bag over my head I was so ashamed!! Dad had her in the shoulder just to stay out of the way.
    I Know those 6 pots ran better before big brother choked them to death, but I absolutely couldn’t stand even the site or sound of a six, especially the 225. Still can’t umpteen years later.
    I like the overall appearance of this Volare and the color is fine, but visions of a strong running 360 and mag wheels are unavoidable.

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  9. Superdessucke

    The paint colours and style aren’t my cup of tea but it would probably look a lot nicer with a set of Rallye Road Wheels from the same year with wide white letter tires. Wire wheel covers don’t fit here, IMO. Very good shape for one of these. As those of us who grew up in the 1970s and 80s know, they rusted very quickly.

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  10. Dave

    My only experience with a Slant 6 came from a 68 Satellite four door sedan I brought home from South Carolina in 1997. After I meticulously adjusted the valves and replaced the carb it ran quite well and I drove it from Pittsburgh to Gaithersburg and from Pittsburgh to St.Mary’s, Ohio several times. It had no problems keeping up and gave me 30 mpg in return.

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  11. Will Fox

    Hate to admit it, but yes—that paint job IS factory. Chrysler had 2-3 of those two-tone combos available as I recall. (The worst was the 2-tone green–urp!)

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  12. Del

    No inner fender walls on these until 78 thats why the fender rust.

    There were two tone ones but I never recall this specific design. Black may have been added later ?

  13. terry kowalski

    was it found in the barn or under the barn

  14. BobCh

    A quick google search will find this for the color


  15. Russell Ashley

    I had a new 1976 Aspen station wagon with a slant six engine and four speed. Actually you could say it was a three speed with overdrive, as it was a four speed transmission and forth was overdrive. It was my work vehicle and I put 201,000 miles on it with no problems at all. I live in north Georgia where we don’t have snow very often, and there was no rust on the vehicle when I traded it. The odometer was showing 01K miles and the dealer who test drove it assumed it was 101K miles. He was surprised when I told him when we were filling out the paperwork.

  16. George mattar

    Del is correct. No inner front fenders equal ROT no matter how well you washed out salt and dirt. However, a Slant 6 will run forever with no stupid check engine light. I had a Slant 6 in 1976 in a 63 Plymouth Savoy I got for $100. I was bringing home $100 a week. I ran waste oil in it. Drove it 159,000 miles no problems. Adjusted the solid lifters once, changed fuel filter and coolant. Never let me sit. And I could fix it myself without a gazillion dollar Snap On scanner.

  17. Bill

    Had one, these are slugs, scrap it

  18. George

    Yes that is a factory paint job. I had a 1977 that had the silver maroon combination. I also painted a wagon like that in cream bronze. Don’t seem to be able to post pictures anymore.

  19. Robb

    I owned one with this paint scheme. Mine was silver and black. Th option package this paint scheme came with was called th Fun Runner package. There were 9 color options I believe. Other options available with Fun Runner packages included everything from t-tops to 360 engines. If Im not mistaken, th Roadrunner was a Fun Runner option as well.

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