Only 3,519 Miles! 1992 Chevrolet C1500 Silverado

Have you ever looked at a low-mileage classic and wondered what the story is behind it? I have on many occasions, and this 1992 Chevrolet C1500 Silverado is no exception. This spotless pickup has a genuine 3,519 miles showing on its odometer, which makes me wonder what it has been doing for the past 29-years. Regardless of the story, someone is set to become a winner because the Silverado has recently been listed for sale here at Hemmings. It is located in East Canton, Ohio, and the owner has set a price of $18,900. If that isn’t tempting enough, that figure is said to be negotiable. I have to say a huge thank you to Barn Finder Boot for spotting this fantastic pickup for us.

When you examine the collection of photos that the owner supplies, it’s hard to find anything to fault with this Beige Metallic Silverado. It seems that the vehicle has been garage-stored since it was new, and that has helped its condition to remain close to showroom-fresh. The paint shines beautifully, with no marks, flaws, or other defects. There are no dings or dents, and the underside shows little more than the occasional light dusting of surface corrosion on some of the suspension components. There is not a spot of rust to be seen anywhere, and the bed looks like it has never carried any type of load. The trim and glass are perfect, and the wheels still wear the original Goodyear tires that were on the vehicle when it rolled off the production line.

If you think that the exterior condition was impressive, the news only gets better when examining the interior. It is trimmed in Beige cloth, and this color is a perfect recipe for things to look dirty and tired pretty quickly. However, there are no signs of any wear, while the carpet is perfect. I think that it’s safe to say that this is a Pickup that has never seen a farmyard or a building site, and the overall condition is in keeping with the mileage claim. This must-have also been considered a nicely-equipped commercial vehicle when it was new because the original owner ordered the Silverado with ice-cold air conditioning, power windows, power locks, cruise control, delay wipers, a tilt wheel, and a factory AM/FM radio and cassette player.

Chevrolet offered buyers several different engine options in the ’92 Silverado, but the original owner chose to equip this one with the 305ci TBI V8. This would have produced a respectable 175hp and 275 ft/lbs of torque. He continued to look at the options list and ticked the box beside the 4-speed automatic transmission, while the buyer will also receive power steering and power brakes. The engine bay is spotless, and that’s no great surprise when you consider the odometer reading. Given its lack of use during its lifetime, it would be easy for the Silverado to have suffered mechanical deterioration. However, the owner has had the vehicle thoroughly inspected, and it appears to be ready to hit the road. If the buyer is not thrilled to throw loads into the bed, they could always fit a hitch to the vehicle. With its power and torque figures, this should make a pretty effective tow vehicle if the buyer has a trailer that they want to haul.

I rarely use the term “time capsule” to describe any classic because it can be bandied around without ample justification. However, I struggle to find a better one for this 1992 Chevrolet Silverado because it looks like it has just rolled off the showroom floor. That is quite an accomplishment for what is a 29-year-old workhorse. I will admit that the asking price is well above average, but its condition would seem to justify it. Before you decide that it is too expensive, maybe we should put it into perspective. You can walk into your local Chevrolet dealer today and drive away in a shiny new C1500, but your wallet will be lighter to the tune of around $40,000. It will have a warranty and all of the bells and whistles that owners expect today, and that’s all very nice. However, what that owner will face is some horrendous depreciation levels over the following three years. It is realistic to expect the new Pickup’s value to drop by at least 20%, although that figure could be even higher. You could slip behind the wheel of this Silverado for less than half the price of the new vehicle, and even if the depreciation percentages are around the same, the financial hit will be nowhere near as significant. This Silverado will attract more favorable comments and admiring glances than the new one. If it is treated with dignity and respect, it should still command a decent resale price if ever the next owner chooses to part with it. Would you grab the new Pickup, or is this one a more tempting proposition?


  1. Rustytech Member

    It’s a nice looking truck, but for $18,900 it is useless at this point. It’s a museum piece. The minute you start using it it will become just another used truck and the bottom will drop out of any value it might have on.

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  2. grant

    A beige pickup in the most beige of body styles. The seats are TERRIBLE (less than an hour and your back will hurt) it’s got the base V8, and the ugliest steering wheel Chevy ever used. All for “only” 18k. Yeah, no. Original owner should have just gone ahead and used his truck.

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  3. Autoworker

    Ehh, Old Man Tan, pass.

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  4. Steve R

    This is perfect for the person that wants something to take to neighborhood cars and coffee’s that takes little to no effort. The price is too high for a long bed, but not everyone cares, or understands the price differential between long and short bed trucks. It’s not being marketed to people that want a truck to drive or haul things, there are plenty of those out there for significantly less money. If someone comes along and this truck makes them happy, good for them, they could do much worse for the money.

    Steve R

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  5. Stephen Miklos

    Maybe $15,000 since it’s a 4×2 and a 305 engine. Now if it was a 4×4 with 350-4 or 454 ok the higher price. It’s just for taking the kids to the ice cream stand in town. And cruise night. Good luck to the next owner. 🐻🇺🇸

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  6. Mark P

    In my opinion these 90s Chevy and GMC pickups were some of the best built. One I had was a ’94 Sierra 1500 SLE, extra cab. The interior was beautiful right up until I traded it with 289K miles on it. I never had to change any front end parts other than brakes and shocks. Really well made material used inside and out.

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    • angliagt angliagt

      I had a ’93 Suburban,& thought that the dash
      was really cheap looking (lots & lots of boring plastic).
      I had a ’96 F150,& thought it was about 100% nicer.

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  7. B Mc

    Say you got it for 15K. You’d be getting the equivalent of a 2-3 yr old well kept truck that would go for 25K used. Why not buy to use like a newish one? It ain’t the Mona Lisa, just keep it nice.

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