36 Year Slumber: Lime Gold 1967 Mustang GTA

In 1967, you could get Lime Green paint and you could get Gold paint, and (from Ford at least) you could take it up to that next level and order a car with Lime Gold paint, the original color of this 1967 Mustang GTA Fastback, offered here on craigslist in New York state, though the car is stated as being in Vista, California (near San Diego). Our thanks to DOUG who suggested we highlight this repainted pony. Clearly neglected, garaged since 1981, and sporting a DIY two-tone that might be Highland Green over some color from the clearance rack at True Value, is this car worth the asking price of $22,000?

The seller is a man or woman of few words, but mercifully possessed of decent grammar, spelling and a keyboard with lower case letters. They wisely included a picture of what we may presume is an original body tag. If you take a walk over to the 1967 Mustang Decoder at AverageJoeRestoration.com it decodes as a 1967 Mustang Fastback built in San Jose, CA and equipped with the C code 289 cid V8 with a two barrel carburetor wearing Lime Gold paint and an Ivy Gold bucket seat interior, 3.25:1 limited slip rear axle, and a C4 automatic.

That does appear to be a GTA badge behind the front wheel. MustangAttitude.com states that the 1967 GTA package was a GT with Automatic transmission and included the “C-code base V8 engine with dual exhaust, grille mounted fog lamps, power front disc brakes, F70x14 tires, GT gas cap, the 1967 Handling Package, rocker panel stripe, and a GTA emblem.” Nothing in the pictures seems to dispute this. Mustang experts are welcome to comment below.

Maybe the hot dry California air has preserved the steel on this ‘Stang but it hasn’t done the interior any favors. Luckily even an Ivy Gold interior can be ordered up from the Internet. Has enough time passed that “Lime Gold” is cool again? Does the GTA package demand a premium? What do you think of this V8 Pony Car as-is or for what it might become?

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  1. JC

    Horrible color combo, we used to call it “slime green”. Ford must have found a deal on that color and sunlit gold, both ugly, ugly, ugly.

  2. Tirefriar

    Judging from the sales price, the seller spent too many days sitting in this car under a hot California sun with all the windows rolled up

  3. joeinthousandoaks

    Listed for a long time in San Diego Craigslist.

    • Pa Tina

      Can’t imagine why.

  4. Shayne

    Would rather have this

  5. George


  6. Keith

    I’ll tell you what, some people are out of their minds with the prices they’re asking? Especially for old rusted out Mopars and Porsches. Also I’m seeing ridiculous prices for old “Fifties & Sixties” four door cars with lame engines, what’s up with that?

    • Mountainwoodie

      Hope springs eternal. To paraphrase the sage, George Carlin, my stuff is stuff……..your stuff is shight!

  7. King Al

    Price unfortunately is too much. But it would be nice if this was restored as back in 67. Not such a big fan of the color, but it is part of the diversity offered by Ford. But it seems many if not most old Mustangs are being restomodded or turned into Eleanor clones. Look on ebay and its hard to find a nice conditioned Mustang that hasn’t been modified these ways anymore, unless its a barn find.

  8. Big Mike

    I knew of 1 this color that ran around in old Flat River MO (now Park Hills). It was owned by the Principal of the High School in Farmington, it was sold by the local Ford Dealer, it was the only one on the lot, and had been ordered in for somebody else and they did not like it after it came in or so the story went. We all thought it was the ugliest color on the face of the earth.
    I got to see it up close and personal when I was 6 or 7 so to speak, after a slide down a guard rail, the owner bought it to Dad’s shop for repair, Dad had to paint it twice on the passenger side because the first time Dad did not like how the color blended in, so Dad being the perfections’ he was he redid it and got it the way he wanted the blend to look on it the second time. Man that was a ugly car!!!!!!!

  9. Pa Tina

    That is nowhere near 1967 Ford Lime Gold. Look it up.

    • Todd Fitch Staff

      You may click on the “Lime Gold” link (in bold) in the piece to see examples of the original color, which is indeed quite different. The color scheme of this car as it sits is hideous, and may have been painted with a roller, by toddlers.

  10. 86 Vette Convertible

    At least one too many zeros in the asking price. Looks like it has potential but not at that price. Personally I’d rather have the Shelby.

  11. Racer417

    So after a “36 year slumber”, at least the first picture shows that some caring person left it a cup of coffee on the hood….

    • Pa Tina

      Maybe they are trying to wake it up.

    • ToniM

      Ahhh, see? Someone is more thoughtful than I am. I was wondering why someone would leave a cup on the hood but it never crossed my mind that it was the CAR’s coffee!

  12. Stang1968

    I see this as a $25K to $30K car if it was semi-professionally restored (not concours/thoroughbred). This car is about $10k-12k as it sits IMO, maybe even less.
    GTA is a good option but it’s base model and not a particulary popular color combo (although i like it myself).

    • Keith

      Agreed Stang1968! You seem to be knowledgeable on the prices of Mustangs. This is about a $10k car. Love the people that are like “oh I think it’s worth about $2500”. Of course, they are just as out of touch as the seller who wants $22,000.

  13. JC

    The grill is not a GT grill and I’m not an expert on the sbf Mustangs, but I don’t think the website referenced which claimed you could get a C code 2bbl GTA is correct. I think all GT equipped cars were 4bbl cars. I don’t think this is an authentic GTA car and would need to see a Marti report, however if it is truly rust free, it’s worth close to the asking just from the perspective of money saved replacing rusted panels. Take that from a guy who’s been doing it to ’67 thru ’70 Mustangs for many years.

    • Al D

      Indeed the C-code could be had in a GT for 1967, and with a single exhaust to boot. My brother owns one and it’s legit.

    • King Al

      Please look at 1967 Mustang brochure here: http://mustangattitude.com/mustang/1967/1967_00115_09.jpg

      As you can see, the GT or GTA package was available with all V8 engines, even the 289 2bbl. Only the Six could not be a GT or GTA


    An ugly rat with the price tag of a thoroughbred.

  15. Marty Wilke Member

    But…but….this one’s not four wheel drive!

  16. Jack Quantrill

    That is not lime gold. In ’67, it looked like “metallic pea”! Almost got one, but decided on white.

  17. John

    Definitely NOT lime gold. I knew a guy with a Boss 302 in lime gold. Real lime old is pretty ugly but this is far worse. I have seen some newer mustangs in the color so I think Ford must’ve rereleased it.

    • Pa Tina

      I don’t think I have ever seen a Lime Gold Boss.

  18. Peter Pentz

    That color looks like something my kids threw up after too many popsicles !
    That is just plain ugly, I’d be embarrassed to be seen within 20 feet of the thing.
    There are just so many alternate attractive Mustangs rather than this on the market, that make this horribly overpriced.
    Tops $8K, especially considering dubious GTA origin, and slush box ……

  19. C Carl

    The grill looks to be a 68. The only thing special is the 3 in the axle code (is that a 3?) denotes 3.20 locking rear. If this is a genuine C code GTA it’s a rare mustang. A marti report will answer all those questions.
    The light green looks like aircraft primer. Lots of aircraft workers in Southern California. The California black plate looks correct. Built in San Jose, delivered to LA. This is a California mustang.
    If this guy is advertising in New York I guess he doesn’t have a problem with shipping. If you have one of those car restoration tv shows this might be worth your while. Offer $15k and work from there.

    • C Carl

      I can’t read the axle code, I take back the 3.20 claim.

  20. Mike

    Lime gold was actually a nice color, so to your question posed….no

  21. Mike

    67 gta came with c6 cast iron auto with 390 cubic inch pulling rated 335 horses. To change plugs best to raise the car. The poney in my family had council for shift with over head map lights. Outstanding about back seat it folded down. Blue with silver gray comp stripes. The curb weight difference between gta and 67 corvette with mouse and 4 speed is a mere 180 pounds. Check 67 issues of car craft magazine and compare. I’m only the messenger. Remember the mustang was Ford’s answer to the camaro and to have gta or gr8 markings it had to sport the mill.


      Mustang GT and GTA cars could be ordered with a small block, the GT/GTA option did not require the S code 390 engine. However if you ordered a 1967/68 Mercury Cougar and wanted the GT option (GTA was not an option) you automatically received the S code 390 and the car could have any one of 3 transmissions, C6, 3 speed, or 4 speed. There were no 1967/68 Cougar GTs with a small block engine. There was also a GT/GTA option for the 1966/67 Ford Fairlanes. I am not 100% up on these but I believe that they did require the 390 engine. The bottom line is that the GT/GTA option when placed on a Mustang could be a small block or a big block.

  22. erikj

    Put back to the gold. I thought the gta came with a 390 motor, but I must be wrong.

  23. Jubjub

    I gotta say I really dig these fast backs with the vinyl top. Can’t recall ever seeing one on the road, but remember a white on red one in the movie Car Wash.

  24. erikj

    Mike, I,M I right that the GTA came with a 390? I always thought that the GTAs standard 390s. was the motor, and than you could add the other options.
    Who knows the correct thing??

  25. cudaman

    ……..and this color is “Jade Silver”……….

  26. TBall

    Lot’s going wrong in this listing/posts. I don’t normally do these type posts, however like to have facts correct. 1) Car is listed in CA, not NY; 2) Colors – in the 60’s and 70’s Ford had Lime Gold (resurrected as Legend Lime Gold in 2005) which is the color of my fastback, not this one. 3) Ford introduced Grabber Lime Green in the 70’s (not the color of this car) which could be had on Boss 302’s. 4) I’ve never heard of nor seen a vinyl topped fastback (this one is black paint). 5) I too was under the impression that GTA was a 390 powered car, not a 289 (GTA badges are easy to install on any car). Lastly (the elephant in the listing), the price. I paid $1,1000 for mine in similar condition back in 2000 – and motor started on mine). While the metal is sound on this one, the drivers rear quarter looks like there is bondo going on in it. If car was up and running (drivable condition – not that ate up interior) price might be close, as this car sits, perhaps twice what it should be. Love the body, though. Nice find, great project start, if you can get it to the right price.


      TBall, re your #5 take a look at the brochure that King Al has provided a link to above. You will see that any available V8 engine equipped Mustang could have the GT/GTA option added to the car.

  27. Todd Fitch Staff

    In Ford’s Fairlanes, the GT / GTA was 390-only in ’66 then for ’67 the package was available with “any V8” (as I recall). There was no 390 available in a Mustang until 1967, and I found more descriptions than I can count explaining what identifies a GT(A) in 1967. It does seem that the GT / GTA would have come with chrome exhaust ports in the rear valance which this car does not have today. Of course, during its long life, it could have been damaged in the rear and a non-GT valance installed… Thanks for all the comments!


      If you take a look at the brochure that King Al has included a link to above you will see that the rear valance exhaust cutouts and tips were only included with the high performance engines with dual exhaust, which the C code 289 would not have.

  28. MRE2ME

    Color on this one kind of looks like Gotta Have It Green offered as a $400. option on 2013 Mustangs as it was supposedly a multi stage process. Didn’t get many takers,but sure stands out-Good or Bad. Hello Officer.

  29. Mike

    Regarding t ball reaction of mustang and badges. I owned 69 camaro with small block 4 speed cowel hood, spoiler front and back spoilers and had z markings where appropriate. When I sold the car it went as a plain Jane. However, when I drove it I ran it like a z car. Honesty above all else.9

  30. Mike

    If a person wants to put cobra markings on a plain Jane have at it. When asked if real own up until than enjoy.

  31. Mike

    Check the numbers with the book. The book is the holey grail.

  32. Mike

    This forum for me is about learning.

  33. JC

    I sold a ’68 Fastback, 6cyl VIN, no motor, no trans, no interior (completely stripped) and floors, firewall, rear torque boxes and fame rails completely rusted through for $8,500 a couple months ago. Still think the seller is out of line with his asking price ?? If this car is rust free, it’s worth very close to the asking, not $2,500 to $10k as some may suggest. I’ve been restoring these for over 30 years, a non-rusty car is so much more in so many ways than a repaired car, even if done properly.

    Like 1
  34. Melvin Burwell

    Those seats dont look like a car thats been garaged since I got out of high school. (53) 1981. The engine probably ain’t no better. Way overpriced. Next.

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