383 Time Capsule: 1968 Dodge Charger

Discovered in a barn in Alabama, this magnificent example of a Charger survivor was the current seller’s lucky find. Parked since the early 1990’s this Charger went untouched for most of that time period. Although the seller cleaned the car up, he has not revived this car into a driver so it is still a work in progress. With one day remaining in the auction, this sharp condition charger has been bid up to $28,100. Check it out here on eBay out of Gadsden, Alabama.

Very original and untouched this factory 383 V8 with air conditioning is a sweet combination! While detail is given on the cars history, there is not much technical data offered up on this car. The engines condition is not mentioned, and based on the chewed up upper radiator hose I imagine it hasn’t run since the 1990’s when it was parked. Also the brake and fuel system is questionable as well. One thing the seller does mention is that the tires hold air.

The interior of this Mopar is incredible! It is more than evident that this Charger was very well taken care of in its previous ownership. While I cannot say that the interior is flawless, it is very close. A solid cleaning would leave you with an incredible and beautifully original interior.

Seeing this car all cleaned up is a surprise as the exterior is just an impressive as the interior. The paint still offers some shine, though the seller mentions it would benefit from a polish. Also the taillight panel is a bit weathered, but the rest of the exterior is phenomenal.  The seller claims the car to be rot free, and I can certainly believe it. There are two small areas where surface rust is present, the first being the trunk floor which is of minimal concern. The second area is two small surface rust areas by the back window. Otherwise this beauty is a fantastic specimen of a desirable and sought after muscle Mopar. What do you think this incredible example will sell for?

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  1. Gerry

    I grew up in Alabama and yes, we had the same year, same model. Too bad my father passed away years ago. I’m sure he’d had the VIN recorded somewhere.

    True story: the old man built a folding tent trailer and yes, it was also green. I have no idea where we headed but as usual, we started off around 3am or so.

    My mom took the first driving shift and somewhere north of Bham, she hit a bump hard enough to wake up my father. His words which erupted are seared on my soul forever…..”Dammit Phyllis, slow down. You’re doing 90.”

    That trailer tracked pretty damn well for having hubs off of an early Ford Falcon. If you ever worked on early Ford Falcon, you’ll remember how touchy the bearings were. If they weren’t lubed up correctly and if they were installed the least bit tight, they’d weld themselves to the axle. I can still see the old man, hammer in one hand, chisel in the other, trying to get one off in the hot Florida sun as we headed to Key West circa 1970. Lol. Good times. Today is his birthday…the old man would have been 85 today if he were alive.

    • Sour Pwr Member

      Hat tip to your father. Mine’s been gone 11 years. Burns like yesterday

    • Mel

      Beautiful story……rip old man

  2. Steve R

    This car and ad are true unicorns for three reasons.

    1. It’s a Charger that isn’t rusted up to its belt line.

    2. The auction doesn’t have a reserve, I can’t recall ever seeing that with ever the rustiest 68-69 Charger.

    3. The seller washed and vacuumed the car prior to listing it for sale.

    It’s a nice car, it looks like he will cash in at the end of the auction. Other sellers should take notes about how things should be done.

    Steve R

  3. ccrvtt

    1. Thanks to the seller for cleaning up the car.
    2. This car is not iconic, it is a Landmark Design – one of the best of all time from Detroit or anywhere.
    3. If it were mine I would continue the cleanup with about a gallon of Armor All, make everything work and everything safe, and then drive it with pride.
    4. Let the next owner take it to Graveyard Cars for a total rebuild.

    • Jett

      Why subject a time capsule like this to a bunch of “reality” tv losers? I watched one episode, and that was enough to realize there wouldn’t be a second…

  4. Mike

    What is that plastic cover piece right next to the tach?

    • Brian Crowe

      Hi-beam indicator light?

    • Dick Johnson

      That tach is the “tic-toc tach.” That way you could tell what time it was when the engine blew.

      • Howard

        The big block Chrysler had one of the most rugged bottom ends in the industry, with beefy rods and a deep skirted block, and it was rare for one to blow. They were much more robust than both small and big block chevy engines.

  5. JerryDeeWrench Member

    This one could set some biding record’s. Be hard to find any thing original. My guess would be in the low 40 range.

  6. Don Diego

    That’s the least rust I’ve seen on a ’68 anything. Worman bait.

  7. Jbones

    By the looks of his shop I’m sure he’ll have enough room to move it to his new place. I’d really like to know what the flippers pay for them… it’s one thing if you keep it but it’s another story if you don’t. Ask me how I know.

  8. Howard A

    A ’68 Charger in Alabama?? Too easy. I know, it was Georgia,, but close enough. ( anybody else hear the General Lee horn?) Amazingly, one of the few that escaped the estimated 325, ’68-’69 Dodge Chargers that were ruined for the show( on average, more than 1 per episode). Apparently, the producers had no problem locating Chargers. It was a fun show, and that’s what I think of when seeing these.

  9. Fiete T.

    Bullitt. Charger…
    Anybody else see it?
    Anybody? Anybody?

    Yes, I realize not one of the cars from the movie, but almost identical in looks

    • Troy s

      That was my first impression, very similar, everything except for the lack of a 440 and a white haired old man with a scatter gun.

  10. Falstaff TR

    My first thought was Bullitt, well played Fiete T.

  11. Chuck Baye

    I actually was 16 in 1978 and my dad had one of these 383 4sp 3.23 gears posi in the rear end. He gave it to me when I got my permit and then got my license when I turned 17. Back then they used to lay down those strips for the crosswalks instead of paint. I would rev it up and dump the clutch esp with the snow tires on it and I would tear them right off the street. So anyways I decided to join the service which I didnt regret in 1981 and I sold mine for 500 bucks cause my mom was complaining they had no place to store it. I kick myself everytime I see one of these go up for sale wishing i still owned mine. I miss that car do much. What a car it was for me at 17 to have as his first car.

    • walt

      I had a 69 Z28 I sold around 1974, couldn’t really afford .35 a gallon gas at 4-6 mpg & gas lines, so many neat vehicles I let go & wish I still had, It’s a matter of economics/space at the time, seems like after owning vehicles 4 50 years I would grow up, I kick my own ass quite often still, good thing I have a double jointed knee[lol], I have gone back to this 4 my daily driver

  12. Richard F

    Cudos to the seller for at least making an attempt to clean it up. I’ll never understand how you can own a car like this and not make an attempt to address the mechanics? I mean, how hard could it be? Clearly just looking to ‘sell the dream’ by making it look better than it likely is. Of course, he’ll want to get all of the money for it…but without doing all of the work. He won’t get mine…but if I were the buyer, I would demand that he at least put some newer tires on the darn thing so I could roll it around without having to deal with a flat…I mean, C’om man!

    • Craig M Bryda Member

      Really, ?

  13. Maestro1 Member

    Best looking design was that year, and this one is nicely equipped. And fairly clean. I think the price is too high based on little knowledge of what it would take to get the engine and driveline components up to speed. But the design was one of my favorites. Then in years after they screwed it up. I hope someone buys this and does it justice.

  14. cold340t

    Had an 383hp/4spd version of this car. Silver metallic, got stolen in 85’/86′ never got it back from tow yard. They had it and prices were going up.They knew and kept raising ransom till I gave up. I paid them $250 for it 2yrs. prior, and they wanted $500, next day $650….. to give it back. Some one in the Bay Area got it for more.
    It was 1 of 212 H-code/4spd. This H-code auto is pretty rare too. Miss mine!

  15. Derek

    Beautiful car and it sure cleaned up nice. In the 70’s I hated green anything but now I love these green cars. In 1968 my grandmother got avocado green carpeting the same color as this car. LOL

    • Lawyer George

      I love the 1966 through 1975 Chargers, but I still hate green.

  16. Mike R in De

    I always Loved these Chargers bodies!! Whey rode good, sat on the road, and had a Great stance. Inspect thoroughly, new stainless brake lines with hoses, and make it safe. I know someone else will enjoy this Great find.

  17. Barzini

    Forty years ago I had a co-worker who owned a similar car that was beat and completely rusted out. This car looks like someone had access to a time machine and set the dial to 1973. It continues to amaze me that these cars keep coming out of the woodwork. I realize they were mass produced but still.

  18. Rustytech

    To the seller. Thank you for washing the car! You probably increased the selling potential by several hundred dollars. Good job!

  19. Troy s

    The first time I really learned what a Dodge Charger was came as a nine year old when I first saw Dirty Mary Crazy Larry. Thought that was such a cool car, liked Susan George a lot too but that’s for a “different format” let’s just say.
    These could be had for next to nothing years ago, I passed up an all original 440 4speed in fair shape for a whopping eight hundred bucks in the mid-eighties, cheap even then really. Oh if I’d only known….

  20. Reid Hall

    This not a movie car,not worth 30-40k,no way, and to think somebody paid it,and go ripped off. Although this is a 383 car maybe kinda rare, no mention if this was 4 speed, and or automatic, if 4 speed more desirable, also guys this is a factory air conditioning car,but not RT option car ,5-15k,maybe a little more.

    • Steve R

      The ad says it’s an automatic, the pictures confirm it. The final bid was $29,000+.

      Steve R

  21. stillrunners

    Sooo Reid we are going to bash the buyers as well as the car ? Good this one survived…..snorkel dual air cleaner still on it….bought a 1968 Charger just for that twin snorkel back when…took me years to land that one…..

  22. Eric

    The last place this car needs to be is with (a) Worman ;)
    If a true survivor – Please preserve this for the next generation !

  23. Dan

    Take this to David Rea. He’s on his own now since leaving GYC. Still in Salem OR. He’d welcome this.

  24. John Holt

    my boss had a 68 charger back in 71 when I worked at a sign shop in orange county ca, i drove it to the liquor store to get him some smokes one day, he told me dont leave it running, and put the e-brake on, sometimes it slips out of park,,,hahaha
    so i get to the store, leave it running in park and went into the store,,, the car slipped out of gear and backed out of the parking lot to the street and backed up a power pole support wire, back tires were off the ground about a foot, he never let me drive it again, nice car

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