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390/4-Speed Fastback: 1967 Ford Mustang Project

The seller of this 1967 Mustang Fastback here on eBay had a somewhat different vision than many enthusiasts who’ve bought a Ford pony car to take on as a project, as his original intention was to leave the body alone and make everything underneath it better than when the car left the factory.  But everything is in the past tense now, with the all-too-common reason that different life directions have taken a higher priority and now he’s looking to find a new owner who can see the endeavor through to completion.  If that’s you, being near Danville, Virginia would be a plus as that’s where the Mustang is located, just plan on spending more than $30,600 as that’s where bidding is currently sitting but it’s still short of the reserve.

The 390 and 4-speed manual transmission are believed to both be original components, and the seller tells us the block hadn’t ever been touched when he first acquired the car.  It was also running and driving before the project began, but just this year the engine was pulled out and completely rebuilt, including a bore of .30 over, installation of a mild cam, plus Edelbrock aluminum heads, all with the intention of street friendliness.  The transmission was also gone through a couple of years back, and it too gets a clean bill of health.

Some may disagree with the owner’s idea of leaving the body the way it is and not making any repairs or giving it a fresh paint job, but that’s the fun of taking on a project and turning it into something that suits you.  The seller mentions that his Mustang had one respray at some point back in the seventies and feels it now has the ultimate look, and while I can appreciate this concept I’m also inclined to understand wanting to take the body to the next level, which doesn’t seem like it would take an extraordinary amount of effort.

Looking underneath is where we can really tell the seller focused on his priorities.  The front floors have already been replaced, with the intention of everything being built to last.  The engine bay has also received attention and doesn’t seem all that far away from ready to receive the overhauled 390, but it does make me curious why one gets this far and decides to not continue moving forward.

Other than a fresh set of door panels and a steering wheel the seller added, things inside are said to be original.  To be way past the five-decade mark the interior really doesn’t look all that bad overall, and if the next owner chooses to follow in the footsteps of not painting the exterior maybe it’s good enough in there like it is.  But once a car exchanges hands plans often change, and I’m torn on whether I’d just get the drivetrain back together and enjoy driving it or if taking things a few more steps beyond would be a better option.  What would you do?


  1. BA

    Love the lines on this fastback as much as I love a big block with a 4 speed! I had a 1968 notch back with a 302 ( not original) with a C4 & that car would scoot ! Anyhow it had the same interior except mine had the original steering wheel & a little less dirty looking but not by much! This was 1984 & I wasn’t ready for a project mustang which mine was but a good driver for a 19 year old. It was a no A/C car which didn’t really matter back then, what mattered was looking cool, going fast & of course girls go figure!

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    • Piros1

      Looks to be a very solid example of a somewhat or partially restored 67 Mustang Fastback. I would have to go to the next level and create a full resto-mod. Love to have but no time to finish it.

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  2. Rickirick

    I agree Mike. For 31k, I would expect more. That underside looks great! There’s some $$$ invested there for sure. Put the power train back together if tranny & motor rebuilt. That 390 btw came available late in the 67 model year for the Mustang. What a power house! I do love the baby blue exterior. Never was fond of shackles on back of muscle cars but this gearhead gets why. Other than interior, this project appears to be near completion. Why stop now? I agree.

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    • Ken

      Not true,my 67 GTA 390 has build date of June 1966

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  3. Davey Boy

    I really like the 67. A friend of mine had one medium blue metallic with Keystone son spokes all the way around it of all things. Really nice looking car and great to drive. I would have to finish this one up and paint it. Not Concourse restoration or anything like that just a nice paint job for a nice driver put some new covers on the seats and just straighten things out and get it to where you can drive it everyday and enjoy it. I don’t see any reason why not.

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  4. Davey Boy

    Oh and leave the Cragar SS wheels and figure out a way to raise the rear end softer so it’s not so bouncy. With those Shackles on there it’ll definitely Bounce Down the road.

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  5. roger stephens

    Bought one in 1968 same color(wasn’t too many of this color). Mine hadthe 289 4 barrel, automatic with ac. Enen at that it would really scoot!

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  6. Steve

    Why he wants to sell is his business. Health reasons or money reasons.

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  7. steve

    Nice car but the leaf spring shackles have to go.

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    I’d bring it home, install the improved 390 and 4 sped and drive it exactly how it is now. Most people don’t like baby blue, but I love it and this one is beautimous!

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  9. Carbob Member

    My favorite year for Mustangs. I’m prejudiced because I had a 390 three speed manual fastback in medium blue in 1970. Fastest car I ever owned. Sure wish I had it back. Sold it because insurance and gas were eating me a new one. Probably a lucky thing too. The way I street raced it I would have lost my license or worse. Lol.

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  10. Sw smith

    Get those damn tires off and correct the stance to original.

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  11. Eric B

    This guy was featured on Dennis Collins’ youtube channel some time ago. He’s a VW bus aficionado who dabbles in other cars obviously. He purchased an incredible Bus from Dennis, restored it mechanically, put it on BAT and got screwed over by not having a reserve. This Mustang was featured in that video as well while Dennis was in his shop. Good stuff.

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