390 X-Code: 1969 AMC Javelin SST Project

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It’s an almost unimaginable level of coolness when your dad buys a car two weeks after you were born because you both share the same name, with plans already in the works for a father-and-son rotisserie restoration once the kid’s old enough to hold a wrench.  That’s exactly what young Javelin’s father did here back in 2000, but for reasons unknown, this never happened and the son has no interest in the car.  What a shame, but fortunately, the car is now looking to exchange hands with someone who’ll bring it back to life.  This 1969 AMC Javelin SST is in Carlsbad, California, and can be spotted here on eBay, where a couple of bids have already taken the price up to $16,000.

Dad was really thinking ahead too, as not only were his sights set on a Javelin, but in particular an SST model with a 390 V8 under the hood.  The AMC was purchased at a Ponoma swap meet in early 2000 and then driven home, but it hasn’t been started since 2003 and now the keys are lost, so finding a competent locksmith is going to be a high priority for the next owner.  Some good news is that if a battery is hooked up, the engine will still turn over.  There’s also an automatic transmission, but no word on its current state of functionality.

The Javelin has been covered inside a climate-controlled facility for nearly a quarter century, with the seller assuring us there is no major rust anywhere on the car, just a few door dings and a couple of small dents.  I always liked how AMC extended the vinyl covering on these cars to the back, but the material here has gotten pretty well baked in the California sun, so a new paint job and fresh top are likely going to be in order after some minor bodywork is completed.

It’s probably been decades since the interior got a thorough cleaning, but overall things inside actually appear fairly decent, although the headliner is sagging and will need attention.  The seller mentions that the console has been added, but the original AM/FM radio is still intact, plus the tilt steering column and factory tach are also nice touches.  This 1969 Javelin SST seems solid and has most of the right stuff, so I feel this one will make a worthwhile project for the right AMC enthusiast.  What are your thoughts?

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  1. Bub

    Name your kid Javelin and expect him to be “into it?” It’s not all about you, Dad.

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    • Greenhorn

      I thought that when I read it as well. I think father and son had the same name?

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      • Fox owner

        The son’s middle name was Javelin. The father’s first name could have been the same, it was California after all and if he was a certain age… Regardless, pretty cool for an AMC, but I’m not sure the price is right.

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    • OtterdogMember

      I don’t get it. Why don’t you want to work on the car with me, Pinto?

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      • Andy Frobig

        But B210, old Datsuns are cool!

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      • Eric in NC

        All my daughter Barracuda does is dance now…

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    • CCFisher

      Agreed. Nothing like deciding your kid’s future just weeks after he’s born.
      Dad’s heart may have been in the right place, but his head was nowhere to be found. Name your kid after a car and expect him to appreciate it rather than resent it? Good luck! I suppose it could have been worse – the kid could be named “LeCar,” “Chevette,” “Chrysler’s TC by Maserati,” or “Delta 88 Royale Brougham Luxury Sedan.”

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    • Dan

      Why bub?? Most fathers–“maybe”– including you know who, HAVE NO USE for their children & MAY AS WELL TREAT THEM LIKE A JAVELIN! IF you did–you would have studied the old fashioned BIBLE with them –so that they would AT LEAST have a chance to decide if they wanted to go to GOD THE CREATOR’S HEAVEN AT DEATH & I BET YOU CAN’T TELL ME THE ONLY WAY– nor even care—–(RE: the Javelin 390 (rated 335 hp I believe). I never raced one with my1970/ 340 Dodge Dart Swinger–BUT would have certainly took the challenge. The 390 Ford was a sled I do remember.

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  2. Tim

    Probably better than naming him AMX

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    • John Bruce

      …or Gremlin.

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  3. BA

    A 390 with A/C by weather eye ? Well yes that’s a combination I fully endorse! It might not be super sonic transport yet but the diehard AMC guys have a cure to make it that way I’m betting

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  4. Greg G

    This car really evolved by 1970 all the way around. I think 1970 was the best year for most muscle cars all around.

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  5. Rick

    Something’s off with the distributor. Ordinarily it would sit with the vacuum advance port aiming down toward the steering box.

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    • Dan

      ????????? After 50+ years it’s a wonder there IS a distributor in any position—-

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  6. Tim

    Just curious how it is they know the car will start after installing a battery if they don’t have the keys.

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    • Rick

      Time for Hotwiring 101.

      I once hotwired a ’67 Ambassador I used to own just to be sure I could do it if the keys went missing.

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  7. angliagt angliagtMember

    When his son walks down the street,do his friends say –
    “HEY JAVELIN!” ?

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  8. stillrunners stillrunnersMember

    Not sure about this one – seller has 100% feedback but just an odd deal – he’s in the North East and lives in Cali….sorry no lookers….lost key to his son’s car ? Oh well it’s a neat rare ordered car….maybe a Insurance beater !

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  9. Brien

    That’s one way to get a car purchase past the wife. Sounds like he got called out and that was the fastest bs he could come up with.

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  10. Claudio

    If AMC had produced javelins with a soft top , i would have owned one , always loved them but as a die hard topless lover , it was not to happen …
    This is up to $19 k with 3 days left and its a well equiped beauty.

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