39,000 Mile All Original 1979 Chrysler Cordoba

The white shoes and white belt phase was winding down by the time that this 1979 Chrysler Cordoba was sold, but I can’t help but think of myself standing beside it with a set of white patent leather shoes and a white belt and a burnt orange leisure suit on, or at least a pair of Sansabelt slacks, posing next to this great looking car. It can be found on Craigslist, or here on the CL archive, and it’s located in Watertown, Tennessee, east of Nashville. The seller is asking $7,000 “or possible trade for older vehicle.” Thanks to the intrepid Rocco B. for sending this great looking Cordoba in!

Lee Iacocca was known for many things, not the least of which was loving a good padded vinyl landau roof and opera lights. This is a great looking example as far as it looks in the photos at least. The seller says that it’s “an all original car with 39,000 original miles. It has been kept indoors all of its life.”

The strange spot on the trunk edge is about the only flaw that I can see on this car inside or out. I prefer the pre-1978 round-headlight Cordobas but for those who aren’t stuck on round headlights it really looks like a nice one. Lido would be proud.

A gorgeous interior awaits the patient stretchy slacks model and once they’re done posing for the cameras, after spending a good portion of the day in makeup with fully half of it with the mustache-grooming team, this interior won’t disappoint. I distinctly remember these ChryCo paddle power window switches and it’s nice to see them here. This is, after all, a personal luxury car that was meant to compete with the Buick Riviera and Ford Thunderbird, among others.

This is Chrysler’s 360 cubic-inch V8 which “runs and drives very well!” It would have had either 155 or 170 hp depending on whether it had a two or a four-barrel carburetor. A 190-hp 400 V8 was available as was, on the other end, a pair of 318s. This really looks like a great example. Have any of you owned a Cordoba? Or even more important: a leisure suit? If so, we have to see photos!


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  1. txchief

    Is it really a Cordoba without the rich, Corinthian leather???

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    • JoeBazots

      Haha! You beat me to the punch.

      • JimA

        That’s a pic of my car except mine is a triple black.

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  2. Ken Carney

    My wife’s uncle owned one in the early ’90’s. His was dark red with a white
    padded half roof and yes, it had those coach lamps on both sides of the roof
    as well. His ran a 400 V8 and was one thirsty bastard, but man that thing
    was classy! The thing I recall most about that car was how classy it looked
    at night with those coach lamps lit up. After my BIL blew the engine, I thought about buying the car and dropping in a 440 V8 to make the ultimate
    luxo cruiser but my wife wouldn’t have it. Sad to see it go to the crusher,
    what a waste!

  3. Rod K

    I purchased a 76 last year same colour combo from the original owner with 69000 miles for 5000cdn. Mine has the Corinthian leather package with buckets and consol with the 360 engine. Absolutely no rust as it was well taken care of. The only thing that isn’t original is the paint and dual exhaust. Used it for a daily driver last year and loved it. I will be selling this year as I have recently retired and will focus on my 66 Sport fury convertible that I have restored.
    These cars a good cars but have a bad rap. Most of the issues are due to the lean burn and rust.
    I would have posted a pic but am having trouble with it.


    I had a 1978 Cordoba brown with cloth interior, 318 2barrel carb. Didn’t keep only a couple of weeks. First the left front caliper froze up when I applied brakes coming down Herbert H Humphrey bridge from Merit island into old Cocoa city Fl. took up all 3 lanes when it went totally sideways. Next lean burn computer stated acting up. Otherwise it seemed like a nice car. Bought from buy here pay here car lot, never again.

  5. Classic Steel

    I think this one was driven by Ricardo Montalbaun with his mini me the plane the plane ✈️ friend !

    Nice car and good price !

    Perfect for the senior with slipping memory to step back in time and wear a leisure suit and listen to the Beatles and Johnny cash on eight track and cassette 😎

  6. Dave Mc

    My sis had one. Like everyone said above, Lean burn problems.

    • Jerry Brentnell

      the lean burn is a easy fix! just install a regular distrubutor and git rid of the lean burn crap! chrysler had a conversion kit to do just that! problem solved!

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      • Dave Mc

        Car wasn’t worth it.

  7. BarnfindyCollins

    I had an antique dealer friend who bought one of these new from the local dealer. It burned up within a week and they refused to do anything about it letting it sit in their storage lot for years. No Crystal Key Program for you. He went back to driving his ’76 Volare wagon until a stroke took his permit away 8 years ago.


    Serving me with some serious disco-era feels.


    A T-top would’ve been nice.

  9. Uncle AL

    NAH….way overpriced…

  10. Uncle AL

    hahaha….39,0000 miles and “kept indoors” all it’s life ? that’s some driving from living room to kitchen to dining room to family room and back again !

    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Ha, that’s one big house!

  11. glen

    Herb Tarlek would love this!

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  12. Jim

    I had a 78 white with blue interior 360 with lean burn. Had 1 problem with lean burn around 50k. Dealer resolved issue and that was it. Traded it with 130k. Best car I ever had. Like a first love.

  13. Vegas Vic

    For 7k, fun ride, a real memory mobile , different than today’s sedans!


    Another car with “original miles” but I have yet to see a car with “unoriginal miles.”

  15. Glenn Barnett

    Iv owned around a dozen 75-79 Cordoba’s over the last 30 years with no problems with the lean burn! My current one is a 79 300 with Ttops, Now that’s Disco with MUSCLE!!

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