396-3 Speed: 1967 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon

Clean as a whistle, with low miles, and an awesome drive-train, this 1967 Caprice wagon is a very attractive survivor with great looks and even wood applique to complete the wagon package. Having spent its life with one family, this wagon has accumulated only 45,659 miles in its lifetime. Pair up its incredible survivor condition with a 396 V8 and a 3 speed manual, you are left with what seems to be an impossible to find 4 leaf clover. With one day remaining in the auction this spectacular find is currently bid up to $22,800. Check it out here on eBay out of Boxford, Massachusetts.  

A sight that all of like to see, this Turbo Jet 325 horsepower 396 V8 is a sweet option for this family hauler. What is even more amazing is that this sweet engine is paired with a 3 speed manual transmission that allows for fun rowing gears, as well as making it easier to drag around the family camper like this Caprice once did. The seller mentions that this wagon has been very well cared for and retains many original components such as the battery cables, alternator, and carburetor.

Although the seller did not get any large scale photos of the interior, there are many detailed photos showing the condition. There are no visible flaws to be seen and every single aspect of the interior shows like new. Even the cargo space is clean and scuff free from the summer camping trips this wagon endured for so many years.

While there is a massive trailer hitch on this wagon, it is clear to see that this Chevrolet was not abused for its summer camping trips. I would dare to say you could give this car the white glove treatment with favorable results for a family used station wagon. Although this wagon is in New England, there is no evidence of rust or any damage whatsoever. The wood applique appears as new, as does the chrome, paint, and glass. While a Caprice wagon may not be everyone’s dream car, this wagon specifically is what dreams are made of. Incredibly well maintained and neatly optioned, what do you think this magnificent wagon survivor will sell for?

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  1. Max

    I am No station wagon fan but I must admit I love ALL original survivor classics whatever body style!

  2. Dirtymax

    Forgive my ignorance but is it 3 on the tree or on the floor?either way I’d love to own this one

    • That AMC Guy

      Looking at the ebay photo that’s a closeup of the steering wheel, it looks like there’s a shifter to the right of the wheel in the 1st (or 3rd) gear position if I recall the 3-on-the-tree shift pattern correctly.

    • Bob S

      A friend of mine bought a new 67 with the 325 hp 396, three speed combination, and it had a column shift. It was the only other car I ever saw with that combination.
      We all thought he had lost his mind at first, but it performed very respectably.

    • Keefer Zeller

      Have you ever seen a “three on the floor” from the factory? I haven’t.

      • skip buzzell

        yes was comom i have a 67 malibu wag factory 327 3 om the floor

      • KarlS

        Early Corvettes and Baby Birds come to mind for factory installed three on the floor manual shifters.

  3. 86 Vette Convertible

    Well equipped, well cared for! The color looks to be Emerald Turquois, which I’m a sucker for. With a bid of 22,800 and not having met the reserve yet, wonder what that magical number is?

    How much I like it depends on what the reserve is, though I really don’t have a use for it at this time.

  4. John m leyshon

    Can anyone picture the sales As$#ociate working with this couple on what options to check on this order sheet ?

    He sends them off in a mean big block with 3 on the tree ??? Pretty cool wagon !

    • Steve R

      Look at the window sticker again, see what else wasn’t ordered, the original owner knew and got exactly what he wanted.

      Steve R

      • al8apex

        or she …

  5. Camaro Joe

    It looks to me like a “three on the tree.” If you look at the picture of the instrument cluster you can see it’s a chrome handle and it’s probably in low gear. I drove a couple of them in the 1970’s and they were kind of clunky as I remember, for sure not Hurst quality.

  6. Dick Johnson

    PROOF! Proof that wagons had ‘the right stuff’ back then, all for the price of checking off the performance boxes when ordering the family cruiser. Many an Airstream trailer suffered through the strength and speed of these beasts by being dragged along on America’s turnpikes back then.

    You have never been humbled until you’ve been passed by one of these rigs at speed. I really shouldn’t have told my date that my MGB was a really fast roadster. Well, it was fast in the twisties.

    I didn’t see wagons this nice being drag raced -though there were wagons with this much power and more that were present as race cars- but they sure supported a lot of race teams in comfort.

  7. Bob C.

    A three on the tree would have been OK with a six or a small block v8. Pretty much defeats the purpose of a 396.

    • al8apex

      not so, this was made to haul … a trailer

  8. jw454

    Very nice find. I’d guess there isn’t too many of these around.

  9. Steve R

    There is a reason it didn’t see many miles. Three speed column shift, manual drum brakes, manual steering, non-tinted side windows, it would be a bear towing a trailer and no fun hauling around a family around Pennsylvania during the hight of summer. It’s an anomaly but I wouldn’t hesitate switching it to a 4spd and adding power disc brakes and power steering.

    I spent many a summer in the back seat of my moms station wagon as my dad hauled around the family trailer. The lack of A/C would not help the situation either.

    Steve R

    • Miguel

      Unless you were on a long ride the A/C wouldn’t get to the way back anyway.

      • Steve R

        Not true. Her station wagon was also a dark color, which wouldn’t have helped, but the AC was effective at cooling the entire interior. The normal routine was hit the road by 8:00, drive until late afternoon. Find a camp ground like a KOA, try and find a spot with some shade. They would never unhook the trailer until they reached their desired destination which was usually a state park. It went all over the western United States, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, California, Nevada and into Canada. We were on the road for two weeks every summer.

        Steve R

      • Ed T.

        My experience with a wagon’s air conditioning is similar to Steve R’s. My parents had a 1968 Ford Country Sedan (Galaxie 500), and the summers spent in Florida, Texas, and New Mexico in that car were quite comfortable. The R12 refrigerant used back then was much more efficient than the R134 used with more modern vehicles.

      • Miguel

        Right now I drive a 1972 Ford LTD 2 door hardtop.

        The A/C doesn’t make it to the back seat and it is still using the R12.

        That is why I said the A/C wouldn’t make it back to the way back as I can’t even cool down a back seat.

    • Beatnik Bedouin

      Air conditioning was not a common option in the 1960s. Maybe we were all tougher, back then, or were dumb enough to suffer, in the name of a family vacation?

      60 years ago, my folks took my brother and me to Yellowstone and surrounds in our ’54 Ford Country Squire, with it’s all-conquering 239 inch Y-Block and Ford-O-Matic trans. Hauling a rented travel trailer meant for some slow going in the summer heat, especially up hills.

      The Caprice wagon above would have made for much quicker travel and with the windows down and vents open, probably noticeably cooler, too.

      • Oingo

        AC was very expensive.

      • Rick Rothermel

        AC was $430, 10%+ of the sticker price for a full-size Pontiac in ’65 when my dad bought his first new car so equipped. Tough pill at the time, but dealers in the south were loath to order a ‘nice’ car without it, hard to sell in a year or two when it was traded in.

    • Bill McCoskey

      Steve R,
      My best friend’s father bought a new Caprice wagon almost identical to this car except it didn’t have the 396. I remember the car well and remember the window sticker mentioned that power steering and power drum brakes were standard equipment on the Caprice wagon. So that’s why they are not listed on the dealer’s hand-typed invoice, it only lists the actual options.

      • Steve R

        Take a look at the picture of the engine compartment, you can see the brake brake master cylinder there is no booster behind it. There also doesn’t appear to be a power steering pump.

        Steve R

  10. Rob Hannafin

    Beautiful, and so close to me, love the license plate!

    • normadesmond

      Yes, that is a great low number plate!

      • Miguel

        I thought they taped over a few of the characters.

    • PRA4SNW Member

      I haven’t seen a Mass plate like that in years. Blue and single digit.

      There’s no registration sticker on it, so maybe it is there as a decoration for the picture?

  11. Amos

    Posi-traction rear end, 396 cid 325hp engine, special 3 speed transmission, heavy duty radiator, heavy duty fan, heavy duty clutch, superlift shock absorbers, spotlight, etc. I bet Mr Copenhafer had his eye on an Airstream camper to pull behind this chevy. I doubt it was a salesman that talked him into these options. Is that a Reese receiver hitch?

    • ken TILLY

      The only thing I would have changed on the build sheet would have been to swap the manual box for an automatic. I currently own a South Korean Chev Lacetti wagon and here in UK I really appreciate the auto box as ten mile tail backs on the M 25 are fairly regular so a stick shift and clutch are a positive no, no for me.

    • Ohio Rick

      My thoughts exactly!

  12. Lee

    The current bid is about what I paid for a 67′ Caprice with 20k verified on the clock 3 years ago from the original owner. Granted, mine is only a 327, factory AC, PS, PB, AM/FM and a litany of smaller options in Marina Blue. Mine looks as fresh as the example shown. This is my 3rd Caprice of this vintage. Before, I’d always had cheap rust buckets. My first one, also in Marina Blue, cost me $400. 😉 While it is true I’ve spent almost no cash on body or interior work, when a car doesn’t get exercised for awhile (the example here is clocking in less than 900 miles a year on average) there will always be mechanical gremlins to sort. Who knows what the reserve on this car actually is, but if I had to wager, I bet they are looking at $25k+. Other nice examples have certainly gone for that, and that’s just public sales that we can see. Hard telling what private sales have closed at. Very nice car. If I were in the market, I’d be looking hard at this one.

    • Chuck

      Lee – can you show some photos of your beauty? Thanks Chuck in Kansas

      • Lee

        Sure, Chuck in Kansas.
        Here’s a pic during Memorial day. There’s a pretty extensive thread on the car due to the bone stock originality of it. Mods: If I’ve broken a rule by posting another site, please accept my apologies.


      • Lee

        Here’s a bit of the interior.

  13. Matt steele

    I love it

  14. Larry

    Had a friend in 1968 bought new Ss396. His dad said no 4 spd so he got a three speed manual. It came with coulomn shift, he had dealer in stall floor shifter.

  15. Shaun Dymond

    Bidding now at $23.5k with 18 hours left. One sweet wagon that looks to be heading towards $30k.

  16. John Traylor

    I am a fan of station wagons and have owned a couple of them. Great for family vacations I am surprised the wood applique has survived as they usually peel with time.

  17. Howard A Member

    HA! Another BF’s flashback. Right after I graduated HS( 1972) my friend’s mom had a car just like this, except it was an automatic and the smallest 2 barrel I ever saw( we thought it was a 1 barrel) He beat the heck out of that car, and with the 2 barrel, it was quite the slug. One day, while winding it out, a lifter stuck, and rattled, so he parked it in the garage without telling his mom. 2 days later, she came home with a brand new lime green ’72 Pinto.
    I agree, the 3 speed is an odd choice, but someone wanted to yank a trailer, and felt more comfortable with a stick than the automatic, which is silly. The automatic was bulletproof and would have done just fine. Shows how old habits die hard.

  18. Rod Cooke

    I own a 67 Caprice custom coupe that came equipped the same as this wagon except that mine is also factory a/c.

  19. Pete Phillips

    NO power steering??? Can you imagine maneuvering this beast in a campground, with a 15′ trailer attached? Chevrolet’s biggest, heaviest car and a big, heavy, 396 sitting right over the front wheels? No wonder it rarely got driven!

  20. Tim

    Beautiful car!! I learned to drive in a 66 Impala station wagon – 327 with a powerglide and (thank goodness) power steering. It was pretty easy and fun to drive, but having to parallel park that thing with a state trooper sitting next to me was pretty intimidating. That being said, if you can parallel park one of these boats, you could parallel park anything!!

  21. PRA4SNW Member

    LOL – The Spotlight option costs 3 times as much as the Heavy duty clutch.

  22. Moparmann Member

    Imagine this beauty with a console and the OEM console mounted auxilliary gauges! 🙂

  23. leiniedude Member

    Speaking of options, I do not see the rally wheels listed. Any one know if they were standard on the Caprice?

  24. Bill McCoskey

    Rally wheels were not standard equipment on the caprice, just full wheel covers. Probably added on later in life.

    • leiniedude Member

      Thanks Bill, In my eyes she looks pretty sporty wearing them.

  25. Mark

    Very nice original car/combination. The ralley wheels are a nice touch!

  26. Rustytech

    If I was still hauling an r/v, I’d jump right on this one! Gorgeous.

  27. David J

    Wow! What an awesome wagon! I’m guessing the seller is fishing for what the wagon is worth, considering the car’s rarity and condition. That said, more images and better images, not to mention a better write-up, would be worth their weight in gold.

    She’s at $23,500 with reserve not met, and ~an hour or so left.

  28. Riton

    Relisted at BIN : 32000$

  29. Karl Kostman

    That is one heck of an interesting car, and I would have never guessed that it would have a 3 speed column shift that is surprising,I have never seen it in a car of this vintage? Somebody asked about a 3 speed in the floor? I had a 69 mustang with a 302 that had a 3 speed on the floor!

  30. Gray Wolf

    Found my ’66 Impala S/W with 49, 600 miles, 396,auto, p/s,p/b,a/c all numbers matching, also 12 bolt diff. This car surprises many people with its power. Wii haul a lot of surfboards! Fun car.

  31. Tim W

    Gray Wolf I see your 66 has the rare ‘Anti- Gravity Option’ available for the first time that model year 😉 Seriously, nice car! My first car was a ’66 Hardtop. Bought it for $100 bucks in ’76 with a tired 283.

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