396 Big Block: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro

The owner has completed a lot of work on this 1968 Camaro but has chosen to sell it without finishing the job. There is apparently little work left to complete it, but it can also be driven as it currently stands. You will find it listed for sale here on eBay. It is located in Mandeville, Louisiana, and comes with a clear title. The seller has set an opening bid for this Camaro at $15,999.

The photos make it hard to verify some of the seller’s claims on this particular car, but this is a common gripe. The seller states that the body is straight, with minimal surface rust. I don’t see any real issues there, but it’s hard to be sure. I can see what looks like some corrosion on the passenger side where the fender mates with the front valance, and there is also some surface corrosion evident on the front floor when looking at the underside of the car. The seller also says that the car has been prepped to paint, and that is why the lock tumblers are not fitted. One positive is that the car rolls on four new wheels which are fitted with new Mickey Thompson tires.

There’s been some work done on the interior, but there is still some work left to do. The dash will need finishing. I assume by that he means that some of the gauges either don’t work, or are missing, and this is why the additional gauges are under the dash. The car will also need a new dash pad and headliner. The seats and carpet are new, and the door trims and console look really good.

It beats me why when one of the big selling points of a car is the engine, that there isn’t a photo of it. I guess that’s life. The engine is a 396ci V8, which is hooked to an automatic transmission. The engine is fitted with a Holley Dominator and headers, while the transmission has a 3500 stall converter. The owner says that the car can be driven as it is. My main concern here is the lack of clearance between the headers and the road. The whole system looks terribly prone to me, and I’m quite surprised by that lack of clearance.

This Camaro is a project car, and it’s interesting that at the time of writing there have been no bids on it. The car sounds promising, and it might be a really good car, but I just feel that I’d want to have a good look at it in person. What do you think?

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  1. grant

    If this car was “prepped to paint” it was 15 years ago. Just those headers alone are enough to turn me off; this one’s been used and abused.

  2. Jeffro

    With those headers…speed bumps are surely not your friends

  3. Classic Steel

    My 69 caMaro rally z back in the day had the front end in the air most of the time anyway 👍👀

    The front end can be raised with heavier springs!

  4. Troll Road

    People ask 10K for Camaros that you have to bring home in boxes. Price seems reasonable but I wouldn’t risk much time or gas going to see it without getting better photos first.

  5. Terry L Johnson

    Shipped my ’67 Camaro cross country once. I was present at the very careful loading in Virginia. It had a SBC with headers and when I got it here in Oregon, the headers had been torn up loading and unloading I assumed. The Power Glide tranny was also shot, so I called the shipper and accused them of off loading it, and also flat towing it at some point since that will fry most auto trannys. Got a new exhaust system and tranny out of them. :-) Terry J

  6. Tom Member

    Put the beer down and take some better pictures! Really? Did I miss it but no under hood shots, no open trunk shots? get the entire part of the car you are taking the picture of in the frame……when you don’t i am suspecting that there is damage in the are you “cut off”.

  7. John

    Nice little car. The seats look barely sat in. It oughta bring $4 to $5 grand easily.

    Oh wait, its how much?????

  8. Karl

    Yes the headers are always the lowest point on Camaros but with this your shortly not going to have headers at all. What’s with a 3500 stall converter? There is potential but many weird things going on here

  9. PL Windish

    Its surprising its not mentioned being an original 396 equipped car. Drum brakes makes me think it isn’t. The Ebay photos of the exhaust system show about 2″ ground clearance. Work done by Shadetree Restorations most likely.

  10. Herbee

    So it’s originally butternut yellow how tragic. would require too much money to get a nice color on it. On a positive note it is a Chevrolet

  11. Herbee

    The fact that the headers are practically on the ground is such a minor problem that can be resolved so easily with some shorty style headers and a decent exhaust system but in today’s market that’s a lot of money to do. Who’s to say if those are even Camaro headers

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