$3,995 Signet: 1964 Plymouth Valiant Convertible

Spring is almost here, folks! Well, it will be for a few million of us in five months or so (not bitter) (yes I am), and what better winter project for those of us who are cooped up and looking for something to tinker with than a warm weather cruiser like this 1964 Plymouth Valiant Signet Convertible. This ragtop can be found here on Craigslist in Canaan, Connecticut and the seller is asking $3,995 or best offer.

This second year of the second-generation Valiant is the highest trim level according to the seller: a Signet. The seller says that this is a “Barn Find” but there is no mention of where it was stored or what condition it went into the barn like or how it came out of the barn other than “kept in barn for years”. You can see that it’ll need some work to bring it back to its former glory, or as much glory as a ’64 Valiant would have had. A top-trim car is nice and a convertible is the icing on the cake.

As with most online ads, it’s hard to really tell what the condition is, but NADA puts an average value of $10,000 so that’s a lot of wiggle room to put a few thousand into this car and still not be over it’s estimated value. They say that it has “New Gas Tank New Fuel Pump, New Plugs Points Condenser Cap Wires, New Brakes etc…drive it home”. It also has new radial tires so it sure has a lot going for it.

Unfortunately, there are no interior or engine photos (I know) but you can see the bucket seats which were a part of the Signet package. The seller says that this car has the “famous Slant 6 engine” but no word on if it’s the standard 170 or optional 225 slant-six. They do say that it has a “3 speed on the column” which makes this car almost guaranteed to be theft-proof in 2018. Have any of you owned a second-generation Valiant? What are your thoughts on this one at $3,995 or offer?

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  1. Jay E.

    It is a bargain if it isn’t too crunchy. Did this get featured before? I seem to recall the mismatch paint on the RF fender and the non stock yellow.

    • DPMarty

      Definitely the same car. It even came up in the “Related Finds” list at the bottom of the listing.


      Strangely, Brian seemed a little more confident in it than Scotty. Not sure why this Signet is getting so much love from BarnFinds, but as a ’65 Valiant Barracuda owner, I hope it finds a loving home soon or I’m likely to have marital issues at my home.

      • DPMarty

        I do wonder why it has what appear to be ’66 taillights on it…

      • R Soul

        The Canadian 1964 had the round tail lights, the USA model had this style in 64.

      • Miguel

        R Soul, these are 1966 tail lights on this car.

        The 1964 lights are different.

    • Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      That’s my fault for not searching back far enough, sorry about that. At least it’s an update, price-wise, and it’s a grand cheaper now!

  2. Rex Kahrs Member

    Top trim level, but with a 3-speed, not push-button automatic. Interesting.

    • dweezilaz

      Just like my 63 Signet two door hardtop, Rex.

      It was sold new with a radio, heater and possibly whitewalls. 170″ six.

  3. Jeff

    I’m not a fan of convertibles, but would be very tempted if this were closer. I love the styling on these cars, open top or not.

  4. David Zornig

    12 photos and no interior shots…
    Still worth $4K though for turnkey Fall fun.

    • Michael Schine

      Can’t believe David Zornig missed details on this combo ’64,’65,’66 A-body! Mostly 64 Valiant Signet, 65 Dodge Dart interior upholstery, and 66 Valiant Signet tail lights.

      • David Zornig

        Didn’t realize this was THAT car, AGAIN…
        That explains no interior pics though.

  5. Classic Steel

    Wow looks good ! Good price for a non rusted or toast car ! This car runs too..

    Geeze good thing he’s not in the club of crazy pricing for non running rusted badly heaps or on blocks!

    If I was closer I would snap this steal up !

  6. Fred W

    4K for any droptop that you can (theoretically) drive home is a steal. Wish I had an empty spot in the garage!

  7. Mountainwoodie

    DUDE!…………….learn to spell for chrissakes……ValiAnt…..not ValiEnt. THAT tells you all you need to know about the seller….well that and the already mentioned curse of the Craigslist listing disease.. Cant spell the name of the car and thinks that a bunch of exterior pictures of the car will sell it even after you’ve dropped the wildly high price of 4995 to an even still optimistic 3995….which is dealer number speak.

    At 2500.00 I’m a buyer……after I see pix of the interior and drive it

  8. Gary Swiatowy

    I’ve got a 64 4-door with the auto and the 170. Simply a nice cruiser, and draws heads everywhere because you just don’t see them. Under 4 grand for a ragtop, that’s a steal!

  9. SpartanPride

    I like how, at the end of the Craigslist post, he says “no scammers please.” Surely that will deter anyone with bad intentions from trying to scam the poor guy. Good thing he added that to his post, or he’d be flooded with inquiries from newly deposed Nigerian royalty seeking to purchase the car on credit while they try to regain their throne.

  10. Pete Phillips

    I restored and drove one of these 1964 Valiants a few years ago. It was a 4-dr. sedan with 3-speed column shift, the larger 225 six, and no power accessories. It was a surprisingly quick car! And run forever….

  11. Albert

    Love to have this as a match to my barracuda!

    • glen

      Not quite a “match”, a yellow 6cyl convertible, and your black beast! Your’s is a beauty.

  12. Del

    Its not just one mis-coloured front fender.

    They both are. Two replacement front fenders. Possible front end accident or rust.

    Cute little beast tho.

  13. dweezilaz

    I’ve owned my 63 Signet for 37 years.The 170 was replaced with a 225 years ago, mainly because I mistakenly thought that was the standard engine in the Signet. Young and dumb, raise your hand. The 225 came with an extra leaf in the rear springs, five instead of four.

    The linkage for the three speed manual has been it’s weakest point over the years.

    Even my parents new 63 Dart 270 Wagon had to be towed from our driveway because the linkage hung up on it.

    This is a fair price, especially for a convertible, but, as such should be given the alien anal probe for rust.

    Mine had rust in the trunk [ floor looked like a doily ] even though it had spent it’s life in SW AZ when I found it [since repaired].

    Gaskets, upholstery, glass and many parts are being reproduced for the second generation. Something I never expected to see.

    Very viable daily driver, and yes: the three on the tree is definitely a theft deterrent.

    Driving it has to be deliberate. There’s no texting or blapping on the phone when behind the wheel. The driver actually has to participate in the operation of the vehicle.

    The non boosted steering is direct and takes some muscle, but doesn’t take long for someone to adapt to it. I’ve got the guns of a 10 year old and can crank the thing around in tight spaces.

    The turning circle is short, about 36 feet. The ride is comfortable and the seats are the same.

    The trunk is huge and overall it’s the size of an 80s GM A Body.

    It’s been a joy to drive it all these years. Not the same experience as a modern car.

  14. stillrunners

    What most have said….been fer sale fer a while with 66 tail lights….

  15. TJP440

    I’ll bet that car is LOADED with bondo. Look real carefully at the rear wheel well lips and 1/4 panels :(
    And being of uni-body construction I wouldn’t doubt the bottom side is rotting away. might just be why it’s been around so long.


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