Third Glass Door: 1977 Mercury Bobcat

This 1977 Mercury Bobcat is a nicely preserved survivor with the optional glass third door – as it was sometimes referred to – or what is otherwise known as a glass hatch lid. From what I can discern, not every Bobcat had this feature, but it seems like enough of them did that it doesn’t make this example exceptionally rare. The Bobcat seemingly has lovely paint and a minty interior, and is listed here on craigslist in Oregon for $4,000.

The glass hatch is hard to miss, and seems to be a distant relative of the one found on the Volvo 1800ES. The seller doesn’t say if the Bobcat has been repainted, but the paint certainly looks nice enough that it could have been. The rear hatch opening really is quite striking, but I’d hate to slam it too hard for fear of breakage. Chrome bumpers and trim all still look quite fresh and serviceable as-is.

The interior really is a show-stopper, with bucket seats, dash, and carpeting all in excellent shape. The automatic transmission is a snooze-fest, and the manual would likely liven up the six-cylinder driving experience. The seller doesn’t say much about the interior – including whether it’s original or redone – but the A/C is functional and was just converted to R134A. Hopefully, the fuzzy dice are included.

Drive-train wise, the six-cylinder engine is freshly rebuilt. The seller notes that “…all of the hoses, belts, radiator, coolant, etc are brand new.” The back seat is as nice as the fronts, if not better as it looks like it’s never been sat in. While not a hugely collectible car, it’s one where you can affordably buy one of the best on the market – and this seems like a well-done driver for not much cash.


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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I like this Bobcat. Looks to be in good condition. Flashy red paint with the glass hatch and the white half-vinyl roof is eye catching. It would be even better if it had the funky upholstery and was a four-speed. Wish the seller would have pulled it outside for better pics. Price is reasonable, I predict seller won’t have any trouble finding a deal.

    First thing I would do: ditch the fuzzy dice.

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  2. Dave

    I’d worry about breaking that rear glass too. I didn’t know that a 6 was available in the Bobcat/Pinto cars. A V6 certainly would have livened them up. The seller didn’t take any open hood photos. They didn’t take an odometer photo for us to argue over either.

    What a killjoy!

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    • dave

      I was going to order a 1977 Pinto Cruising Wagon. I wanted a manual, and V6 Could only get the manual with 4 cylinder so I passed.

    • w9bag

      The Cologne 6 put out only 15 HP more than the 2.3 4 cylinder. I suppose that 15 more HP is 15 more HP, but I would imagine feeding those extra 2 cylinders would reduce the fuel economy.

  3. TimS Member

    The automatic is not a snooze-fest for those who can’t drive a manual.

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    • Martin

      Yes it is.

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    • Bill Shields

      I believe the steering wheel has been changed.
      That is a pinto wheel. Bobcat’s I’ve seen bad the more traditional big Mercury wheel where the two ends curved down.

    • Skorzeny

      If one is handicapped, I understand. But if one simply does not know how, they should frickin’ learn. That’s why it’s called DRIVING. You actually DRIVE the car, and not just ride in it.

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      • Dave

        Why would you want people to learn how to drive a stick? Right now it’s probably the best anti-theft device on the planet!

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  4. john

    Pinto / bobcats had an optional 2.8 L v-6 automatic only .not one of fords better engines as it had solid lifters that if not adjusted ticked like crazy. but none the less this option made the pinto/bobcat a very peppy little car. Unfortunately this bobcat has the very basic pinto interior. Would have been nice to see the bigger seats in this one. I would suspect the biggest flaw of this one would be a split dash pad as it has the after market carpet cover on it .As far as the rear glass goes the could take quiet a bit of abuse and not break. Being glass the “hatch ” was pretty light so slamming it not necessary, but water leakage was more of an issue due to the design. All in all this is a nice survivor.

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    • David Ulrey

      2.8 was a great engine. There have been many solid lifter engines in the past. Yes they do need to be adjusted periodically. It’s called maintenance. I’ve had a few of them. People got spoiled and lazy over time. At least the were gear driven and you never worried about a timing belt breaking and taking out your engine like many have done in a variety of engines. Seems most manufacturers are getting away from timing belts and going back to chains.

  5. Tony Primo

    Keep a bottle of spf 50 suntan lotion in the car for back seat passengers.

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  6. Ralph

    No engine pictures, I wonder if it is the 2.8 V6 or if the seller just doesn’t know much about cars, you would think if it was the V6 they would have put at least one photo.

    I think the later Gremlin/Spirit also got an all glass hatch option like this?

    • Tom h

      Yes, in 77 gremlin went to an all glass hatcht. I had to replace it but only because of vandalism

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  7. Del

    The glass has not broken yet. So I guess its not a concern.

    Pretty cute and clean. Work done.

    And again you will not see any at car shows.

    Grab it

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  8. Miguel

    it is interesting the car has the Special Interest plates on it from Oregon which are permanent. He never has to register it again. I had those plates on a few of my cars.

    As for the car, I would love to have it.

    V6, auto, working air. What more could you ask for?

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