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4-Speed Equipped 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Project

1966 Chevrolet Corvette

This former Milano Maroon 1966 Chevrolet Corvette with black leather interior could be a creative ride once you put some time and money into it. Currently, for sale with an asking price of $26,000, you will be heading to Virginia Beach, Virginia to bring this car home on a trailer if you purchase it. While it said to be in Virginia, the title is a clear Pennsylvania title. A VIN is listed but the miles are most likely inaccurate at 200,000. You can view it here on eBay.

1966 Chevrolet Corvette

Sadly, the small block V8 is not original to the car, nor is the 4-speed manual transmission. To make matters worse, because the car has been sitting for so long, the engine is stuck. There are photos provided showing the engine along with some photos of rust. That is right, rust. According to the seller, the frame is very rusty and in need of replacement. If that isn’t a bummer, then if you haven’t seen by now, the front end was crumpled in an accident a number of years ago. It is unknown what all damage is the result of that.

1966 Chevrolet Corvette

They do believe that the cabin has gone unaffected from the crash. That doesn’t mean it isn’t affected by age and other issues. The gear shifter is missing a knob, which might be the least of your worries. You can see in the photos that the carpet is rough condition and the headliner is sagging. It is unknown if the gauges are all in working order.

There are not many aspects of this Corvette that can warrant confidence in the price of the product. Recently, I wrote about a 1964 Corvette that was double the price of this one, but running and driving, clean example. It would be hard to say that $20,000 more would get this car into the same shape as that one. When you put things into perspective like that, it becomes very apparent you can always wait to get something better. Unless you are wanting to do a lot of work, possibly yourself, and have some large funding, this Corvette seems incredibly expensive. I’m sure you all have your own thoughts so comment below!


  1. 8banger dave Member

    26K? No way!

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  2. Tom Member

    The market on this COUPE fully restored in #1.5 condition is about $50-60K. Additionally, the market is flooded with 66 convertibles which are typically (not with me) more desirable. With patience, searching and cash I am confident you can buy a #1.5 condition for under 50K easily. There is one DONE in RI for $52,500 OBO 327/4 sp Nassau Blue.

    It will take $100K plus the buy to get this car to #1 or #1.5 condition and you will then have the car of your dreams (IF a 66 Vette Couple small block is your dream car) for twice what it is worth.

    You could buy a coupe AND a convertible for $100K in our current market – DONE, no resto, drive them to the local cruise night, tonight! (Well, not here in Chicago, going to be -10 degrees tonight!)

    DAVE IS RIGHT & FRANK SUMATRA NAILED IT….. $2,600.00. Not kidding. Not sorry.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      Tom- Speaking of “nailing it”, excellent comment. There are plenty of frames available so there is no need to mess with the existing one,but the rest of it? Good grief!

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  3. jerry z

    $26K? Just a dream, just a dream…

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  4. Classic Steel

    The Frame is toast on passenger rear side. This means frame off restoration to weld in pieces of frame. (They sell sections) but with that said and that much showing then whats not showing)
    If your not able to do the work yourself its a 100 per hour ar over 250 hours plus parts
    This car is under already…,run away quickly…
    Buy one all original cheaper ….

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  5. Bob S

    Blown motor, check. Rusted frame, check. Heavily damaged front end, check. I know there’s some really good craftsmen that probably could put this back together, but like Tom says, at what cost. Especially when there probably are driver quality 66’s out there for roughly the same money. Myself, I think this is nothing more than a parts car. Like Tom, I’m also in Chicago, heater’s running non stop, already 6 degrees, stay safe everyone!!

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  6. bobhess bobhess Member

    Never was into self inflicted pain. This car would do that for me, especially if I paid anywhere near the asking price. Don’t normally consider the C2s parts cars but this one is pretty close to being one.

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  7. Will Irby

    This one is an obvious restomod candidate; with the original engine gone and the frame apparently also gone, not even the purists can get mad.

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    • Tom Member

      I hear you Will. Unfortunately even a resto mod, for the money and work it is going to take, this car is a stretch.

      As Bob S pointed out so well, this car has some BIG problems. Find a better car with a wrong motor in it or better yet, no motor, and you don’t have to feel bad about modifying it!

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      • Will Irby

        Yeah, I agree that it’s a stretch! With the restomod approach, it seems that the up-front cost to buy the car will end up being insignificant in the long run, so why not start with one that at least has the body parts intact!

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  8. digigo

    $6k on a good day…

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    • Tom Member

      $6K, in my opinion, would be a REALLY GOOD DAY on this disaster.

      You know, maybe the seller “fat fingered” the price when putting it in and accidentally either hit the “2” or the “6”. Maybe he meant to ask, 6K or maybe even $2K ?? !!

      Let’s make the conversation on the sale short, let’s talk about what you ARE getting for whatever amount !! All I can come up with is bragging rights somewhere of “Yeah….I got a 66 vette. Doin a resto on it.” Expensive ego boost !! UGH !!

      Love the comments friends !!!!!

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  9. dogwater

    I have restored a couple of corvette over the years,15k is what this car is worth
    with 10k in parts if you do the work.

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  10. Joe Haska

    The above comments nailed it , nothing more to say. Move on!

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  11. moosie moosie

    I was interested until I saw the nose, then the engine and finally the frame, the interior was passable. Unless you had a parts car with good parts to salvage parts from in worse condition then this one its not a good move to pursue this one, Unfortunately its too far gone for the common Corvette aficionado.

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  12. Del

    Another junky Vette.

    $300 tops.

    Get busy and part it out

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  13. Zed

    The price is far too high and common sense says run, but what I like about this vette story is It has over 200,000 miles. That means the previous owner(s) actually drove this car and enjoyed it for what it was intended. Unlike the prima donnas that just drive their classics to the local car night to jaw and pretend. This car has a lot of character and history to it. if the current owner showed some wisdom on the price it could become a valued classic once again.

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