40 Years In Storage: Very Original 1965 Mustang GT

Jamie PalmerBy Jamie Palmer

After looking over this very original, stored for 40 years 1965 Ford Mustang GT, I’ve come to the conclusion that the story behind the car has to be true. We’re told the former owner put the car away around 1974 after purchasing a new one, and it basically stayed there until 2014. Right now it’s in Portland, Connecticut and is being auctioned off here on eBay. The bidding is starting at $7,500 and there’s no reserve.

This picture is said to be of this Mustang at the former owner’s wedding in 1972. According to the seller, the shaving cream used on the doors left damaged areas of paint that can still be seen today. The auction listing goes into a lot of detail about both what is good and what is bad about the car currently. The seller lists that the body will need new trunk drop downs (both sides), rear outer wheel well patches or replacement (both sides) and a quarter panel partial or patch and some wheel well work on the driver’s side only.

As you can see from this close up, if you want to get rid of the rust, you’re going to have to paint the car. I can’t tell for sure, but this may be the site of a previous repair as well. As pretty as this car would look restored in its original color, I’d have to think long and hard what to do with this one.

Looking at this side view, I’m wondering if the door or rear fender were previously repainted; they certainly don’t seem to match very well. I do like the clean look of the wire wheel covers and the stripes, but I’d have to put some narrow whitewalls on it for that full period appearance. The seller also warns us about a previous “fix” to a passenger side fender where four holes remain.

What I think is the original Pony interior shows some wear but is just fine with me. While the factory air conditioning components are intact, the compressor is currently out of the car so there will be some work needed.

We’re told that the car “runs out great” but that the seller would check out the brakes before making a long trip and of course recommends trailering it home after purchase. I see a nice but not perfect car that could be something special either “as is” or after some cosmetic freshening. What do you see?

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  1. Dave

    We’re about to freshen up one of these (a ’64) that has been in storage for 30 years (first a barn here in CO, now in a heated garage).

  2. DW

    It’s my car and I never noticed the door shading issue on the pax door before. Here is a pic of the car after coming out of storage with just new tires and before I bought it and cleaned it, stripped undercoating etc. You can see the paint does appear to match on the pax door. I think it is a lighting issue from my garage shot. The pax fender and the inside trunk does have some gold respray from the dent fix and the apparent great stuff removal however.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Thanks for chiming in and clarifying, DW — good luck with the sale!

    • John

      If those are new BFG Radial T/A’s, and if they are 195/70R14, where did you get them? I cant find T/A’s in white letters for the 195 series for my 68 Barracuda with 4and 1/2 inch wide wheels. Thank you.

  3. DW

    Trying to attach photo – If someone sends me an email, I can reply with it of course.

  4. Don H

    Be nicer if it was a k code and a 4 speed ,but still very cool🐎

    • Bobby

      You car would be nice if it was a hemi ‘Cuda convertible, or a 427 Cobra, or a Supercharged Duesenberg Model J. I hate comments like too bad it’s nota, or be nice if it wuza. The car is fine as is.

  5. CCFisher

    A ’65 GT with the deluxe interior and factory air would make a nice driver. Fix the rust, take some preventive measures in the cowl area (if it’s not already rusted), paint it, and enjoy it.

  6. DW

    CC Fisher – glad you asked – I forgot to mention. No observable rust (I scoped it) in cowl and it passed the bucket leak test I did with no water inside.

    • CCFisher

      That’s very unusual. Since the inside of the cowl is essentially bare metal, early Mustangs usually rust there long before any visible rust appears elsewhere on the body.

  7. olddavid

    DW, doesn’t eBay treat it as a reserve sale when you set the initial bid number?

    • DW

      My understanding is that it is technically a different category (Kind of a hybrid I guess)

  8. Don H

    Some body will by it and paint it red

  9. Luke Fitzgerald

    Fill it up with fish oil and drive –

  10. JW

    I think this Mustang would make a nice Father / Son / Daughter project, some bonding time until it’s finished.

  11. john C

    For that ‘bonding time’ with family, perhaps it will need a ‘port’ for their electronics as well !! Subtle humor…

    • JW

      Well said John !!!

  12. RoselandPete

    I didn’t know shaving cream damaged paint.

    • David J David J

      As a halloween prank, many years ago (I was ~14 years old in 1975), I applied shaving cream to a classmate’s beautiful BMW 2002. He was so angry, that he asked a neighborhood bully to beat me up.

      I asked the bully why he was threatening to punch me out, and he told me that I had destroyed the paint on the BMW. I told him that I had no idea that the shaving cream would cause any damage. After several minutes of verbal abuse directed at me, he walked away.

      I still feel bad for lathering up that car in Barbasol.

  13. Joe

    Hmmmmm. I look in my crystal ball and I see…….too many hundred dollar bills carried by the wind…..until the sky turns green…….and a Mustang GT turning into a solid chunk of pure gold………in Matchbox size. A low volume “beep beep” is heard by the “lucky” buyer.

  14. erikj

    David J, Did the same I was around 16 1n 1976-LOL. But it was a buddys 69 Z-28. We still stayed friends!! Opps. erik j

  15. Jay E.

    I grimaced when I saw the shaving cream comment. Shaving cream ruined a GTO back in the day. Who knew? Whats in that stuff anyways?

  16. Dantheman

    Portland, Connecticut, is where Wayne Carini brings all of his classic cars home to.
    Wonder if he was the starting bid.

  17. KC Jones

    I would stop the rust where I could and drive at least one set of tires off of it. Then decide on whether to paint it or sell it on to someone else to enjoy as is or fix. I am so glad people are starting to understand when to leave it be, they are only original once. I find these original paint cars more fun to own and drive without a heart attack over my perfect doors and fenders getting wacked in a parking lot or by a 16 yo old driver.

  18. leiniedude

    Winning bid of $ 8,200.00, with 6 bids.

  19. DW

    I own the car – this was a crazy auction. Despite setting the auction up to end at 10 pm est, Ebay ended it at 10 pm PST (1 am on mother’s day).

    Winning bidder was a (*&(&%$. He claims that his autistic son must have placed his bids. I’m going to relist it on Ebay once they “close their inquiry.” If someone is interested in the meantime, please email me at exitoffnine@gmail.com. Picture of the car from this morning!


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