$4,000 Or Best Offer! 1964 Rambler Classic 770


This l’il beauty is a 1964 Rambler Classic 770 and it’s listed on Hemmings. The seller has it listed as $4,000 or best offer! Now that’s a heck of a deal! It’s located in Seattle, Washington.


I’m not sure if I can find anything about this car that I don’t like. Well, other than the fact that there are exactly two photos of the exterior, if you can count the one above. It’s more of a detail photo than anything. Sellers, please take some decent overall photos of your vehicle when you list them for sale! It makes me think that there’s something hiding if you’re not showing the grille or some other part of your vehicle. Soapbox put away, let’s get back to this superb Classic. There is a photo of the trunk and as you would expect, it’s as nice looking as the rest of the car seems to be. This is a second-generation Rambler Classic and the redesign for the 1963 model year was quite a modernization compared to the previous generation cars. The 770 model was the top trim level and it was the only way to get the new two-door hardtop body. This is the two-door sedan, not the hardtop.


It’s a crying shame that there are so few photos! This is the only interior photo and supposedly the entire interior was redone with 1964 NOS materials, presumably in the correct color and pattern. The passenger door panel looks like it’s a little bumpy, I’m not sure why that is, but other than that it looks like new in there from this one, lone, solitary photo. (too much emphasis?) The 770 models got an electric clock, padded sun visors and a padded dash. The exterior of the car has been repainted in the original color scheme, so this isn’t an “original” car by any means, but one that has slowly been refurbished. Apparently there are still a few things to do to finish it up, but there is no mention what those things are so you’ll have to get in touch with the seller. But, this price seems like a steal to me for how nice this car looks!


Speaking of nice-looking! That engine looks almost like new! I expected to see a forgotten, dirty, trashed space in there with a chipped and oily engine. Not! This is AMC’s 196 cubic inch, inline-six with around 120 hp and it’s been “refurbished”, as well as the transmission, and there are new brakes and new tires. If shipping wouldn’t add $1,200 to the price I’d be very, very tempted on this one. Have any of you owned a Rambler Classic of this vintage? Or, of any vintage? What do you think of the asking price, it seems reasonable, doesn’t it?


  1. 68custom

    The new owner got what look’s to be a nice Rambler, what a lucky dog!

  2. Matt

    someone got a great Deal for this day and time in the classic car world

  3. G 1

    1963 car of the year.

  4. Blindmarc

    That was the deal of the month!

  5. Terry J

    RED ALERT ! RED ALERT ! My Dad was a mechanic and the folks bought 3 new Ramblers from 1957 through a red on black ’64 Classic like this one but a 2 door hardtop, 287 V8 stick with O.D. I loved that car. Shhh…don’t tell mom when you get to Heaven, but her car would do 95 mph in 2nd and overdrive, and she got 25 mpg on the highway. Later circa 1972 I needed a car bad and based on my extensive knowledge of the brand, I picked a nice clean ’63 wagon, 196 six with stick and OD. I Traded my ’48 Harley Trike for it. It lasted less than 100 miles. Arrrgh! Who knew that from 1961 – 64, AMC experimented with an aluminum block 196, some with iron heads, some with aluminum. Seller said sorry. I was. I still am, 44 years later. :-( Terry L

    • 68custom

      I have always thought the aluminum block was optional, so maybe this one has a good cast iron block?

  6. Martinl

    Drop it 3 in a set of tradional wheels instant hotrod!

  7. Terry J

    A vast majority of Ramblers had the good old bulletproof iron engine. Just my bad luck and/or lack of knowledge on the existence of the aluminum engine . :-) Terry J

  8. john taggart

    my dad bought my mom a 1959 snow white 4 dr Ambassador with full continental kit red and black interior with fold down back front seats twin chrom mirros and white walls what a beauty this showroom model was they did not want to sell it but he liked it and finally got them to part It taught both me and my leadfoot sister how to drive ever see a girl drag race a pushbutton to nearly every chevy and Pontiac going back then and wipe em? she ran hell out of tat buggy then I came a long and guess what did the same thing It was a showpiece till the trunk started to rust through during summer I took driver ed and my driver ed book went into the trunk the day I got it and out the day of the test with the seams already somewhat rusted and some holes seems dad knew I was not doing highway driving as the inside of the trunk and the book had this silk coating of light brown dust….. yup parking and running hell out of it on the back roads sure do wish I had it today lots of memories from us kids went into this beautiful buggy

  9. Howard A Member

    Yeah, Scotty, pretty cool. I’d say like 99% of these were either 4 doors or wagons. Not many 2 doors sold. They just didn’t appeal to the 2 door crowd, mostly families. We’ve had many Ramblers and AMC’s over the years. My grandfather ( who bought nothing but Ramblers) had a ’59, a ’61, and a ’65, all 4 doors. Did ’64 still use the trunnion front end? Might want to check that. My grandfather’s ’61 had a perfect body and interior, but the front trunnions rusted and the front suspension broke free of the unibody. Nobody wanted to fix it, and he junked it. Great find, very rare. Been updated with dual master brakes, and love the oil filter location.
    Now, another of Howard A’s famous “pop quizzes”.( get lost,,,who said that?) Does anybody know what “Tri-Poised” power was? and where the heck is the dipstick???( and these steering wheels were too big)

    • CarNut from Winnipeg Member

      Was tri-poised 3 engine mounts?

  10. Terry J

    No, two engine mounts and one tranny mount like most modern cars. Oddly enough, the old 216/235 Chevy 6s had one front motor mount and 2 side mounts at the bell housing, still 3 but in the opposite direction. :-) Terry J.

  11. Howard A Member

    Yeah, engine mounting. Of all the Ramblers and AMC’s I’ve dealt with over the years, I never knew what that was. And the dipstick is connected to the oil cap.( which was kind of a pain, as often as you added oil to these, the stick always came with it)

  12. G.P. Member

    My 1965 Classic 550 (4-door) looks as good as this and it’s all factory. Inside and out. 26,800 miles. I did put 4 new tires on it this year and still have the original rear snow tires.

  13. Derryl Wood

    1964 Rambler Classic
    My wife and I purchased one like this in blue coral in 1972 for $200.00. It would go anywhere in snow being a heavy car. Very reliable and drove nicely, not quick but got my wife and kids around for years! Too bad it is out in Seattle as we would purchase just for the memories!

  14. DENIS

    I owned a ’63 post car with 327/stick…bad-ass street racer

  15. Clarence Dobbs

    Why…is the back window is not curved it looks like a flat back window

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