$4,000 Road Runner Project!

1968 Plymouth Road Runner Project

The other day I was reading a book about muscle cars. The author claimed that the GTO was the car that kicked the whole thing off. I’m not going to argue that here, but instead I wanted to talk about what muscle cars sold for when they were new. I used a depreciation calculator and discovered that a new 1964 GTO would set you back about $25k in today’s dollars. Not bad for such a high performance car! What about the Road Runner though? People say it upset things when it hit the scene in 1968. Well, I did the math and figured out why. A new Road Runner could be had for today’s equivalent of $20k! Wow, just image if you could get a big block powered midsize for that kind of money. Road Runners are no longer the bargain they used to be though. Original and restored cars in decent condition demand big money, so when a project like this comes along, I take notice. The 383 is seized up and floors need replaced, but $4,000 seems like a bargain to me! Take a look at the eBay listing here and tell us what you think.


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WANTED 1969-1971 Manic GT In any condition Contact

WANTED 1978-1979 Buick Century Looking for Century coupe with tan interior in good to excellent shape. 705 738 8665 Contact


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  1. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Someone really needs to buy this before I do! It needs everything, but with current Road Runner prices, I think you could come out ahead after the restoration. I wrote up one that went for $11k back in July. Admittedly, it was in much better condition, but I haven’t seen the cost of entry this low for a while. The seller just added the option to bid, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they remove the Buy-It-Now shortly.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Bidding just keeps going up!

  2. Mike D

    Unfortunetly . , I don’t have the bucks, it does need a lot of work. I would gladly leave the bench seat in it,( redo it of course) and have the column shift,not Having the Cragars would not be a deal breaker with me I would rather have the steel wheels and dog dish hubcaps anyways would keep the color(s) as it would be bitching to have a green/green car. Of course freshen up the underside.. may end up with disc brakes but, that is about it.. . as rough as it is, it is not as bad as some that have been here.

  3. moosie Craig

    By the looks of those , what usta be, seats I’d bet it was used for a dog house, Floors didn’t really look that bad, but the engine looks like it may be beyond help, having the heads would be nice tho,,, probably worth the price of admission

  4. The Walrus

    It’s a good price and the VIN is correct for a ’68 Road Runner. The biggest question is whether its the correct block. With it being a coupe and not a hard top and a 383 automatic, matching numbers are crucial to this particular car ever having good value after restoration. Too bad they didn’t include a pic of the fender tag to see if it has any unusual options.

  5. Luke Fitzgerald

    Jesse – hold the bus! That thing is F?$&ing rubbish! – I don’t care what it is – don’t you like your wife’s cooking?

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      You may be right Luke, but just try to find a better one for less. Actually, that would be a good challenge for everyone. Let’s see if anyone can find one in better condition for this kind of dough.

  6. Mike D

    Walrus, I think what we have here is your basic Road Runner , you won’t see any unusual options on it the original idea of the RR was just your basic coupe with a bench seat and a 4 speed this looks like the only option is the automatic tranny , doesn’t appear to have PB, it ” might” have P/S and an AM radio whomever ordered it back when was going to have fun with it . I am not an expert, but, I think this is doable . I hope whomever buys it keeps that in mind

  7. memikeyounot

    In 1970, I bought a 1968 Roadrunner, orange with black hood and vinyl top, 383/Automatic. PS, no a/c. I owned it 2 years and realized it had lots of issues I didn’t want to spend money on.

    In those days, if I recall, I got 3 speeding tickets, back in the day when there was no such thing as points on your driver license. They did cost me (or my dad) about $50/$60 each.

    I do remember that it was really fast and fun to drive, as long as you were going straight!

  8. Barzini

    Seeing cars like this make me wish that I had the ability to do body work and paint. It must be very satisfying to bring a tired car back to life. I really admire those who these skills.

  9. don

    sorry all, JUNK!

  10. GOPAR

    One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

  11. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Plain Jane coupe as was mentioned with a later 681/2 hardtop trunk…or panel…..didn’t see any options on this one….steel wheels for a low cost bird….most would at least get the magnum 500’s road wheel….not sure if gauge cluster had the 150 speedo…..thought it was just a 120mph….which is wrong…..

  12. Ed P

    ’68 Road Runners were a monument to the desires of young street racers of the time. Only very basic trim on the cheapest Belvedere body and a high performance 383 v8. What a rush! This car needs to be saved.

  13. Steve

    Is the hood correct for the car or was the other hood w/side scoops optional?

  14. thefatkid


    to put it all into perspective you can buy a Volkswagen GLI or GTI for around 25K in todays dollars and their performance numbers blow the early Muscle cars numbers out of the water. 0-60 in 5.8 sec and then you throw in corners. Just saying….

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      True, there are some performance bargains out there today. The Fiesta ST springs to mind. But, honestly I’d still rather have something old and loud.

  15. David Frank David Member

    (Just have to say thanks all for your input and sharing your knowledge and opinions! It not only stirs up the nostalgia but I learn a lot and it’s great knowing what folks are thinking)

  16. GOPAR

    to thefatkid,
    I can’t speak for everyone, but for me there’s not a VW ever made that compares to any American made muscle car. It’s not always about speed or cornering. Vintage iron has soul. And you can’t beat the push-you-back-in-the-seat torque, the tire chirping shift of a 4-speed or strong a/t with a shift kit, and the deep rumble from an American V8 through a pair of Flow Masters. It’s just driving a car. It’s an experience. Just sayin’……

    • Moparmann Member

      AMEN, Brother!!! :-)

  17. Luke Fitzgerald

    I still don’t like ( the condition of ) it – gunna empty someone’s account and max out their credit card

  18. Fitz

    Honestly, this is a fair asking price for what it is. Not a bargain, not a steal. I think tired old muscle cars almost always have pretty unrealistic asking prices, but in reality, a lot of beaters usually trade hands for this kind of money after a rundown and some mild negotiating. 9 out of 10 sellers would initially ask 6-8k for this car, but they’d end up selling it for 4-5k. This seller just happens to be asking a fair price out of the gate.

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