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427 V8 Power: 1969 Chevrolet Biscayne

Cars like this have always been prime candidates to become sleepers. You know, take a mundane-looking sedan, replace the basic motor with a fire-breather, and then take on all comers! All while looking like you were on the way to the grocery store. This 1969 Chevy Biscayne once had a small-block V8 under the hood, but a 425 hp, 427 cubic inch V8 lives there now. It’s in beautiful condition and requires very little attention. It’s on the northern side of the U.S./Canada border in St. Adolphe, Manitoba and available here on eBay for a Buy It Now price of $25,950.

Throughout its tenure at Chevy, the Biscayne model was typically the entry-level model in the full-size series. You had to jump over the Bel Air and Impala to get to the Caprice if you wanted luxury. With the Biscayne, you got simplistic transportation which made it popular for fleet and taxi-cab use. You could only get the Biscayne as a pillared sedan with either a 250 inline-six or a 327 V8, which was in its last year of use. Chevy built more than 68,000 Biscayne’s in 1969, with two-thirds being a V8, which is how we believe the seller’s car started out. Check out 1969 Chevy for production stats.

As we understand it, this Chevy went through a rather substantial frame-on restoration in 2011, and that’s when it became a sleeper. The car required minimal bodywork before it was repainted in the original Frost Green color. One of the quarter panels had some lower collision damage that was repaired and the right front fender was also replaced. The chrome and tinted glass all look good, so the buyer shouldn’t have anything to worry about with the exterior before showing it.

While the interior looks original, most everything there has been redone, including the seats, door panels, carpeting and even the seatbelts. The headliner, however, was not attended to and should be replaced, with a new factory correct headliner coming with the car. There are a few electrical oddities left to deal with, like the dash lights. The odometer was replaced at the restoration and says the car has 35,000 miles on it. That’s not accurate but the seller doesn’t know what it should be.

Now let’s get to the real sweet spot of this car, the mechanical merchandise. The 427 and 4-speed manual (the “Rock Crusher”) have about 2,500 miles on them now since being rebuilt. Everything is said to have been replaced to be period-correct, such as the Hurst Shifter that would have been used in a 427 Impala. The 12-bolt rear end was also rebuilt, the suspension beefed up, power steering and power front disc brakes added, and BF Goodrich tires affixed on “YZ” Factory 15 inch steel rims with “poverty caps.” The engine bay is not detailed, so it looks like the driver that it’s been for the seller.

Anyone looking to buy the car and bring it into the United States needs to familiarize themselves with current border closures for non-essential travel due to COVID-19. While individuals may have issues crossing back and forth, we’re told that automobile carriers can still make the trek. A top-flight Biscayne from ’69 might bring $20,000, but who knows what the up-charge would be for the 427 and all its trappings.


  1. Big_Fun Member

    I follow the market on full size ’69 Chevrolets, I and you couldn’t build one in this condition for this price.
    I know this seller, and have bought parts from him- he is knowledgeable and has integrity. Buy or make offer, you won’t regret it.
    I am knee-deep in a ’69 Impala resto, other wise I would strongly consider buying this original V8 equipped (154) BisQuick…

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    • Reg LeClaire

      well that’s a little strange…….this ad was apparently posted on Sept. 29 and this comment was posted on Sept. 28…….interesting (???????).

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  2. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Cars like this I never paid attention to growing up. They were just there in the background, big plain chevys.
    But this is another animal altogether, and very cool.

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  3. CCFisher

    I believe the Biscayne was available with the 327, 350, 396, and 427 V8s, not just the 327.

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    • Bob C.

      Correct, you could get any v8 you wanted if you checked the boxes. Those were the days.

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  4. Troy s

    My folks decorated their kitchen in that color back in the seventies, at least the appliances were. Well, maybe not that exact color.
    That’s one bad machine right there. It’s not a street freak or a Friday night high school ride, it’s more like a bootleggers special, or a federal car you dont want chasing you. I could almost see Burt Reynolds switching the brown Ford for this Chevy. Great.

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  5. PaulG

    Funny how many folks regard the Plymouth Roadrunner as the first “Plain-Jane” musclecar. It was the first to use truly creative marketing that’s for sure. BUT the Biscayne in ’65 could be had w/ a 400 HP 409, and in 66 a 425 HP 427. Rubber floor mats, crank windows, and the “Taxi cab” look. Finding an original one is tough, but clones or tributes like this ’69 is cool as heck!

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    • DON

      Look at the 62 Plymouth Savoy and its Dodge sister – truly taxicab looking cars, but you could order it with a 426 Max Wedge – those two were real screamers !

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    • Steve R

      Full size cars weren’t considered muscle cars, neither were Pony cars such as Camaros and Mustangs. They were mid-sized performance cars, the definition grew over time. Today, it’s not uncommon for people to call any domestic 2 door for which there was an optional performance engine a muscle car.

      Steve R

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  6. David H

    One look at the first picture and without reading the headline I am saying to myself sleeper! Something about the stance gave it away. Maybe it’s just me but you have to be asleep not to know what this car is all about. Nice car.

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  7. gaspumpchas

    Too cool. Worth the coin I think, 69 chev was my drivers ed car. Would love to rip thru the gears one time with this beauty. Cheers and stay safe!

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  8. Dave

    One day the market for this kind of cool is going to take off. Nice work here.

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  9. Rj

    This ‘sleeper’ style is so played out IMHO. The second I viewed this car I knew it would have a big engine in it. Don’t get me wrong. I like this car, but like the Coronet yesterday its obvious what it is. All the tell tale signs are there. Its no secret anymore. That style has come to be nearly synonymous with big engine and a 4 speed. I’d be more impressed at a car show hearing this car putter in with a inline six. But that’s just me.

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    • bone

      My cousin had one in the same color as this with a six cyl three on the tree – it was quite a slug power wise but he drove it everywhere. When the tin worm finally had its way with it he drove it in his back wooded lot and left it there. Its been over 35 years now and you cant even see it through the briars .

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    • local_sheriff

      I wouldn’t call it played out – I’m a big,big fan of sleepers as a concept as it embraces the stock APPEARANCE but not necessarily OE tech. One cannot say with certainty whether one is looking at a killer BB car or just a mundane I-6 el cheapo gramma car – and either way would be great.

      IMO a tricked out 292 with the right internal upgrades coupled to a 3spd column stick, stock valve+ side covers, mod’d I-6 air cleaner to accept 4bbl would hopefully make most people loose interest until it’s fired up 😈

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  10. RM

    Love this car. Brings back so many memories as a child. My mom had one in this shape. It was the Impala with a 350. The car was to be mine @ 16 but started having engine trouble and dad sold it to get mom something more dependable. I wish i could go back in time and change his mind.

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  11. Brian Weyeneth

    Steel wheels, a post, roll up windows and that flat drab paint. “Honey I’ll be back in a few. Have to go down to the country store for some peanuts and a Pepsi. And some racing gas.”

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  12. chevybill

    This one looks like something the villain would drive in the original Hawaii Five O. Steve McGarrett always drove the black Mercury.

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  13. erik j

    Nice, I just sold my 1966 belair 2 door post. That was my intention was to go this route. @ 60 years young To many projects less get finished sent it down the road,but the older guy that got it was estatic. At the friday night drags years ago there was a plain white 2 door post like this one that dominated a night. It was so plain. Later that night i hunted that car down and found it. 427/4spd running 12″s. My car left to finish is a 1971 twister duster,4spd,340 and in violet (purple). This will make-up for the belair,but I miss it.
    Nice creation,just what i would have done!!!

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  14. BigBlocksRock

    Anything with a 427 in it is OK by me.

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  15. Vince H

    Back in the day I would not have given this a second look. I always wanted the Impala. now I think these are cool

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  16. Allen L

    How is this car in my town, and I’ve never seen it!!!
    I have to win a lottery quick!

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  17. Chas358 Chas358

    Too Cool!

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  18. Dave Rhodes

    video ? video ? video !

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  19. D.J. Gentry

    In the late 1980’s, I had the same exact color car in a Caprice with a 427 and an A/T. The title was signed by Dweezil (son of Frank) Zappa in TN. It was very tired and barely ran. I had purchased it in TN for $800 and towed the car that same year as was to Super Chevy Sunday swap meet in Indianapolis, IN. I sold it there for $1600 cash which I received in very old $100 bills that looked like they had been tucked away in a family bible. Some guy wore me out to take a check but I said NO WAY and held out for cash on Sunday afternoon. It was definitely buildable but needed everything. Hated the funky pea green color on green interior. Just an interesting story I thought I would share of the only 427 C.I. car I ever owned!

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