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428 Cobra Jet! Incredible 1969 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

When restoring a classic like this 1969 Mustang GT Convertible, there are several paths an owner can follow. The ready supply of reproduction parts means achieving a factory-fresh appearance is straightforward. However, the relative rarity of this beauty led the owner to seek perfection. It is 1-of-26 Convertibles equipped with the mighty 428 Cobra Jet V8, motivating the seller to scour the planet for genuine NOS components to return it to its former glory. It is one of the best restorations I’ve seen, but with the work complete, the seller feels the time is right for this GT to head to greener pastures. They have listed it here on eBay in Juneau, Wisconsin. Bidding sits at $197,200 but is below the reserve.

If you plan to tackle a classic restoration, commencing the process with a rust-free candidate is desirable. The seller achieved this by sourcing their GT from the sunny climes of California. After entirely dismantling the car, they ensured its panels were laser straight before applying a coat of its original Champagne Gold paint. They didn’t source any reproduction parts if any components required replacement. Everything on this car is a genuine Ford product, with the seller devoting considerable time and effort to locating NOS items. The results are there to see, with the paint shining beautifully, the Black power top in as-new condition, and the trim sparkling as richly as the paint. The car’s underside is in a similar shape, and if you parked this Mustang on a Ford showroom floor, it wouldn’t look out of place.

The GT had held sway as the Mustang’s performance badge since its earliest days, although its position was usurped by the Mach 1 before 1969 ended. However, it still offered excellent performance, particularly if the original owner ticked the right boxes on the Order Form. That is the case with this Convertible because its engine bay houses the iconic numbers-matching 428 Cobra Jet V8. It is 1-of-26 GT Convertibles ordered with that engine in 1969, with the seller holding the original Window Sticker, Marti Report, and other documentation verifying its authenticity. The remaining mechanical components include a four-speed manual transmission, power steering, and front disc brakes. If an owner wanted a rapid wind-in-the-hair motoring experience, this car’s ability to scorch the ¼-mile in 14.4 seconds delivered on that promise. As with the panels and paint, everything below the surface of this GT is genuine Ford, from the engine to the radiator cap, from the peripheral components to the hoses and plug wires. This classic holds a Mustang Club of America Thoroughbred Gold Award and a Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals Division 1 Pinnacle Award. As the seller rightly points out, Mustangs featuring reproduction parts are ineligible to score such honors.

When a car reaches the price this GT seems set to achieve, it is fair to expect perfection everywhere. The interior is no exception, and this GT again doesn’t disappoint. Everything from the upholstery and trim to the AM/FM stereo radio are genuine parts and are as per the included documentation. There is nothing worth criticizing and no aftermarket additions. Slipping behind the wheel would be like rewinding the clock to 1969 and is guaranteed to be a pleasant experience. If the Marti Report and Window Sticker don’t satisfy your craving for documentation, the two Build Sheets, Warranty Card, starting instructions, and original hang tags might tip the scales.

I have spent time scrutinizing the supplied photos of this 1969 Mustang GT Convertible, and while I generally won’t describe any car as perfect, this one can’t miss the mark by much. The seller’s attention to detail is commendable, making it easy to understand why the bidding sits at its current level. Placing a value on a car of this caliber is challenging because the bidding is already well beyond what Hagerty and NADA suggest. I believe it will probably crack the $200,000 mark before the auction ends, but I’m unsure whether that will be enough to pass the reserve. What do you think?



    This car looks as close to perfect as it gets for a Mustang. I find it hard to believe that no reproduction parts were used, Chrome interior trim screws, 1157 bulbs, valve stem caps, clip nuts? However even at 200K there will not be much profit after a restoration like that. It will likely sit in someone’s private collection for the next 20 years…so be it.

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    This is a Bob Perkins restoration. He is generally regarded as the top restorer of Ford muscle cars. His work is phenomenal, as this example shows. He holds the position of Technical Advisor for Mustang Club of America.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a stash of NOS 1157 bulbs.

    I hope the new owner brings it out for others to enjoy seeing.

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  3. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    IMHO, this is incredible work, and would be right at home in the National Automobile Museum in Reno (many of which were from Bill Harrahs Collection).

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  4. Stunner

    Gee one might expect 400 to 600 grand for this beautiful big block.

    I do hope the new owner builds a tome capsule for this baby.

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  5. Howie

    Wow!! What a sweet ride, i had a 69 Mach1, but for this amount of $$$ i would rather have a 69 or 70 Shelby.

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  6. Cadmanls Member

    Great car and someone checked all the right boxes on this one. Amazing presentation, shame it’s no longer going to be driven as the original owner drove it. Trailer queen or on a turntable in it’s future?

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    • Stan

      Love Fords, and Mustangs. Absolutely fantastic.. 4spd, big motor, ragtop, no spoiler, plain jane wheels. But Cadmanls .. regarding options, i don’t see the trac-lok axle. 👀

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  7. JoeNYWF64

    Would a fastback in this condition with correct parts be worth more?
    I bet you can’t find NOS exhaust pipes, let alone NOS SD motor oil. lol
    How could 54 year old tires still hold air?!

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  8. CCFisher

    This Mustang is simply amazing and absolutely deserving of a top-dollar price. Sadly, though, it’s destined to be driven no further than the distance from the trailer to the show field. No one will ever enjoy it the way the first owner did.

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  9. Healeymonster

    The only thing missing is the factory AC. I have the same 69 but mine came with the 351W. Of all my cars i kept this one bone stock because the ride quality is superb when the roads outside are not. Its a shame the sellers car is destined to be a trailer queen because these old Mustangs are fun to drive.

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  10. Mark Z

    Had a new Mach 1 in 69 special ordered it with 428CJ, A/C and checked all the boxes. When the car came in it had two window stickers! Listed for just under 5K and I paid $4100, added Boss 302 spoilers front and rear and a set of American Torque Thrust wheels, was my daily driver, ran high 13s at the track, sold it for $2600 in 1971

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    • GT/CS MIKE

      Mark Z.,
      How do feel about letting it go for $2,600..?

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  11. FrankD Member

    I think this is one beautiful Mustang destined to sit in ones personal collection.

    I feel when you spent this type of money its hard to enjoy it. Enjoyment means driving it not wiping it off every day.

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  12. FrankD Member

    If its $212K on Ebay. Just think what an auction house could do with the price.

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  13. P Mar

    my dad worked at ford in cleveland and got a voucher to use to purchase a new 69 ford the dealership in euclid they had a fastback auto with A/C and some extra options on the lot. we would have made the sale if they took off 3.90 drag pac ratio rear end to a lower 3.08 and keep the posi and they refuse to do the deal. after getting rejected he said have fun trying to change the spark plugs. lucky he didnt my mom was expecting and this car with a payment didnt fix the family instead traded the 67 cuda for a 69 cuda with power steering and a/c and then ford canned him

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  14. Heck Dodson Member

    This is just dreaming Mustang eye candy. The year, the model and the restorer are firing on all cylinders. And yes, for this price, the seller can buy all the 1157 bulbs he wants. Out of the reach for most of us, but still, a great find to see.

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  15. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Nice car. But I would prefer the 69 Vette featured above this listing, for an awful lot less.

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  16. Timothy Phaff

    Are we looking at “BETTER THAN NEW”…

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  17. JoeNYWF64

    Any additional extra bracing in the convertible body with the 428 & 4 speed, over bracing there for lesser motors?
    Strange that p/w were not offered till ’71 in any Mustang(or Javelin or AMX), but were avail in competing 1st gen f-bodies & ’70 Challys/Cudas.
    Amazing that 54 year old tires can hold air! How far would you dare drive on these?!
    I doubt very much one could find NOS FRONT exhaust pipes, once the ones here need to be replaced.
    I wonder if any ’68 Calif Specials or “High Country Specials were convertibles with the 428 & a 4 speed. Imagine what 1 of those would be worth with NOS parts.

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  18. Howie

    Went to $212,100, reserve not met.

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