429 Family Hauler: 1970 Ford LTD Country Squire

What better way to ring in the New Year than with a classic woody wagon packing some heat? Equipped with a big block 429 V8, this wagon surely has some grunt to get it moving. Having spent quite a while in Arizona, and before that California, this 75,000 mile wagon is about as rock solid as you could hope for. Nicely preserved and ready to drive minus a set of tires, this wagon is offered for $6,200. Take a look at it here on craigslist out of Phoenix, Arizona. A big block thanks goes out of Barn Finds reader Rocco B.!

The heavy thumping 429 heart is fairly tidy and even features air conditioning! While not currently operational, the air conditioning system “needs a charge.” When looking at an old engine bay it is easy to expect some rust, and a lot of dirt, but surprisingly, this Ford is rather clean under the hood. Described as running good and smooth, the most important part of this wagon not only has good looks, but also good vitals. While the urge to modify this wagon may be strong, this big block special seems worthy of being preserved as is.

Taking a look inside, there is a lot of black to see, and there looks to have been some interior work in this wagons past. There is a furry dash pad in place, and the velour seats look nice enough, but vinyl would have been original to this wagon.  Looking past the seats and dash, the interior is in solid condition. The door panels are very nice with only minor flaws to be found, and the carpet is fade free. Looking through the back, the cargo area vinyl is in lovely shape, and the fold out seats are in excellent shape as well.

With its “cheesy” vinyl applique in all of its glory, this wagon has such a tacky appeal that only a few of us can really appreciate. While there aren’t many specifics about the exterior, it would seem that the paint is original, or a very old repaint. To me, the vinyl looks very vibrant and crisp, making me wonder if this wagon has been re-wrapped at some point. Despite my speculation, this wagon has been clear coated to “lock in” its current patina, and to prevent it from aging any further. The other great thing about this wagon other than its big engine is that there is no rust. Rock solid and quite straight, this is a grand survivor looking to have only one ding in its rear bumper. Quite possibly the wagon of someone’s dreams, this big block beauty is ready to tote around the family in air conditioning, upon its repair. Who is going to be asking Santa for this wagon?


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  1. redwagon

    if it has been in AZ for any length of time it has been well cared for out of the sun.

    i find it hard to believe this engine (even though equipped with only a 2 barrel) is still in this car.

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    • Saabguy

      Wow! I had one of these with the 390 motor in college. Room? Tons of it. Quick? You bet. Handling and road ability? Surprisingly good for something this massive. Here in CT, rarer than a Porsche Carrera GT. That’s exclusive!

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    • Jay C Calk

      The 2 bbl is probably the only reason it is still around.

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  2. Kathleen Wilson

    Have ownership of a 1977 Country Squire with a 460. It was our Dad’s vacation wagon. He bought it new, it’s all original and been parked in the barn.

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    • Scott murphy

      Please let me know when you decide to sell it; nothing beats a well-loved 1970’s wagon. Speaktoscott@gmail.com

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  3. Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

    I wouldn’t change anything, just drive it. Love it.

  4. Studeaggie

    I would almost (almost) trade in my ’64 Studebaker Wagonaire Daytona R1 for this.

    • Carey Hill

      As a stude fan… I couldn’t surrender the stude either… but having both in the garage would qualify you as Lord of the Longroofs.

  5. Harrell

    I currently own the following 1970 Ford models:
    LTD sedan 390
    XL sportback 390
    XL convertible 429 (quantity 2)
    This would be a very nice addition to my collection.
    Unfortunately, it’s over 2000 miles away from me.

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    • Miguel

      Road Trip. Yay

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  6. jdjonesdr

    That would be babied like crazy if I had it. No daily Driver here.

  7. James

    My dad had one when I was young. sadly he was never able to register it in the UK as it had came over without the proper import papers.

  8. jw454

    A very nice example of the breed. If you plan on driving it much get used to seeing the fuel gauge in that position. I don’t think this one would be considered “thrifty” when it comes to M.P.G.

  9. Billy Bob

    The hidden headlights are KOOL. Original wheel covers needed. My parents had this wagon with a 351 I believe. Didn’t handle well.

  10. mike D

    It does look very good, apparently the orig. owner wanted some grunt, but also wanted decent (??) mileage. the ad seems to state it has had some work on it I don’t see why the current (??) owner would replace the siding, then clearcoat the rest.. why not paint it?? Not that I would ” hot rod” it, but, personally I would put a mild cam and a 4v in it , for a little bit of ” oomph” for passing and on ramps

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    Four barrel carb, dual exhaust, 4:11 gears, you could really get lost!

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    • Scott murphy

      A 4:10 is way too high a gear for a touring car in my opinion; my 1975 New Yorker has a long-legged 2:70 rest. With a 440/4bbl it has plenty of torque to pull off the line; full throttle shift points are 50 and 90’ish.

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    • Rick A. Loera Member

      You will drive me to drinking!

  12. Jubjub

    As Terri Garr tears out of the driveway with Richard Dreyfus hanging on, knocking over the the garbage cans.

    I’m with Billy Bob on the wheelcovers. Any number of them correct to this year and model would be an improvement. I’d have to go with the funky, simulated, five spoke mags shared with and once popular on old Ford pickups.

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    • Little_Cars Alexander Member

      I threw those faux Ford factory mag wheelcovers on my 71 Galaxie with factory bucket seats. Almost made me feel like I had a sports car.

  13. Miguel

    It looks like the interior needs to be redone again.

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  14. HH

    National Lampoon
    summer vacation ?

  15. Maestro1

    I would bet that the interior was originally brown or tan, I’ve never seen a Ford Wagon in this color combination, which is what i would do with it.

    • z28th1s

      The ‘child’ seats in the back are original and are black vinyl. The interior was originally black, not brown or tan.

  16. Pete

    What. A. Cool. Old. Barge!
    Decent price too, IMHO.

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  17. spiderider

    Maybe I’m just a kid of the 80s but.. Anyone else remember Harry and the Henderson’s? Classic. All this needs is the hump in the roof. If you’ve seen the movie u know what I mean. Geez I want this one.

  18. Bill

    My cousin worked for Ford and ordered one just like this one with three on the tree. Used it to haul a travel trailer to dog shows around the Michigan area.


    Just be careful with the shifter. Fords from this era were notorious for slipping out of park. I knew one guy who got killed by his Ford wagon when it slipped out of park on a hill and ran him over. And I knew another guy who had a 69 XL that wouldn’t start unless you lifted the shifter with the left hand while turning the key with the right hand. Ford’s solution to the problem was to issue stickers warning people.

    • Miguel

      The majority of the Fords of that era had the same, I am not going to call it a problem, issue.

      You had to lift up on the shift handle to engage the starter.

      I always saw that as a good thing.

      I, however, don’t think it is a problem on this car as it has a column mounted ignition, which, I think, solved that issue.

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      • KKW

        A simple adjustment of the neutral switch solved that problem. I believe the jumping out of park thing got a little blown out of proportion, in all my years, I never saw happen.

      • Keruth

        “IF” it ever happened to you, just repair/replace the motor mounts
        Those torque monster FE’s would tear them in half!
        So, the linkage would get sloppy, pop out of the brackets, and you wouldn’t get it into park completely, slip right back out (into reverse)!
        Did it in a ’67 Galaxie ‘vert w/390 4v, lol now. Girlfriend’s car stopped it!

      • Rick A. Loera Member

        I’ve had several 72 Ford’s since 72 and up til this day. They all have the sticker stuck on the dash. Never had a problem with the shifter disengaging. I put the key in and turn. I’ve never had to do anything with the shifter to start any of them.

  20. Mountainwoodie

    “Classic woody (sic) NOT!

  21. JSB Member

    Not the original wood applique, the black stripes are missing. Plenty has been changed, who knows what else is different?

  22. Badnikl

    I remember our wagon got the sticker. If there had been a recall it would have ruined Ford. 23 million cars were at issue.

    • KKW

      Don’t be ridiculous, it wouldn’t have “ruined” Ford. Lol

      • BAdnikl

        Bob Dewer “Savage Factory” :
        These were transmissions that we knew would fail, and that’s what led to the attempted recall of millions of Ford transmissions because they were reported to jump out of park and into reverse.”

        According to Dewar, only an appeal to newly elected President Reagan that the recall would bankrupt Ford Motor Company derailed the recall. “We had a thing called ‘engineering deviation,'”

    • Rick A. Loera Member

      Yup, that’s the sticker!

  23. Ben Burks

    One word — Nice

  24. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    That’s the way to post a vehicle for sale on CL!
    Take quality photos, post as many as you can, and give it a nice write-up.

    Here’s the archived ad: http://www.craigslistadsaver.com/view.php?name=LTDWagon

  25. Scott Sabinson

    Wheels and tires (maybe some Colony Park alloys from the 80s/90s while the original steelies are mothballed) and that’s it.

  26. Rob

    I believe that the wheelcovers are ’71s. I don’t remember ever seeing them on a ’70 wagon.

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  27. russell spreeman

    In the early 90’s I bought one almost identical to this but for a brown vinyl interior. 429, AC, and a life in CA and TX, it was almost unrusted save for a tiny spot that apparently collected dirt and retained moisture behind the bottom rear corner of the right passenger door. I paid $200 for it. And it broke my heart because I also owned a 1971 Continental Mark III, and the underside of the wagon made the underside of the Mark look like a nightmare of rust in comparison. The wagon would tear the tires loose like nothing and the AC even worked. You could get underneath the wagon and unbolt stuff that had been put together at the factory decades earlier and the nuts and bolts turned nicely.

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  28. Rick A. Loera Member

    My aunt and uncle had a four door 1970 LTD, 429 V-8. Not sure if two or four barrel. Had 429 on each lower fender. Also had the AM/8 track. 8 track was factory mounted on the transmission tunnel. This car made going through Pacheco Pass quite fast in the early seventies. Loved that car.

  29. harrell

    1970 didn’t have the #’s on the lower fender anymore. someone could have put them on there because the fenders were the same as the ’69

    • r s

      Not so sure about that… I had a 70 Squire Wagon with a 429 and I am almost positive the engine was ID’d on the fender lights.

      • allhart18

        Engine ID on fender side marker lights was a 1969-only feature. 1970 Fords had a small, inset rectangular side marker light with no engine-size identification. (I own a 1970 Squire.)

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  30. Rick A. Loera Member

    I wish I could somehow get a hold of a picture of my aunt and uncles LTD. Another way to tell if there’s was a 69 would be the location of the antenna. Drivers side for 69. Passenger side for 70. The LTD they had did not have the body colored center trim that goes across the front of the grill and headlight doors.

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  31. Tom M

    The 69 had a thin bar going from left to right across the front grille assembly, color matched to the car. 1969 was the last year for any engine identification on the front fenders on the full size Fords . I inherited my Moms 1966 LTD Country Squire which I had learned to drive in and it is still one of best looking and best performing cars I ever owned! It had the 390 4V.

  32. James Fair

    I remember my mother having one from 1969 to 1974 , ours had a 429 with 4barrel carb, what a ride. I remember my dad smoked a 455 Olds Toronado.

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