440/4.10 Super Performance Axle: 1970 Dodge Charger R/T

This 1970 Dodge Charger R/T must have just eaten up most of the competition from stoplight to stoplight in its good old days.  When it left the factory in St. Louis, it came with a 440 cubic inch High Performance 4 barrel V-8 and a Super Performance Axle Package with 4.10 gears.  Unfortunately, these parts are now in the past tense, as in “had” and not “has”.  If you are in the market for a big B-body project that began life with a strong pedigree, this 1970 Dodge Charger might be worth taking a look at.  It can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $5,700 and just a little less than 4 days left on the auction.  Barn Finds wants to thank Larry D. for another great tip.

The good news is that the car still comes with its fender tag, which does substantiate the seller’s engine (U0G) and rear end (A32) claims.  It also originally came with a TorqueFlite automatic transmission (D32), but that’s long gone as well.  It also “had” a few other goodies, such as power windows (P31) and a black vinyl top (V1X), but not anymore.

At least the seller is upfront about realizing that the car needs a complete restoration.  He says the Charger has rot in the typical B-body places, and plenty of it, especially on the driver’s side.  Both the front and rear bumpers are said to be dent-free and in good condition, plus there is a complete grille although it is cracked.  The car also comes with a few extra parts that can be seen in the photo here.

Things are looking pretty barren inside, and it looks like most of the interior has already been donated to another project.  The original radio and bucket seats do come with the car, but I’d be afraid to sit in them considering how much of the ground you can see from the floorboards.  The VIN numbers are all said to be present, correct, and untampered with.  The car currently has an 8 3/4 rear end, although the seller claims to have a line on an original 1970 4.10 part.  He also has a line on a properly dated engine and transmission as well, so I’d probably ask for the details.

For an extra $5,000, the winner of the 440 car can choose to purchase this 1970 Charger 318 car that the seller originally intended to use as a parts car.  The 318 vehicle is said to be mostly complete but it looks like what useable parts you could get from it may need a lot of work as well.  What are your thoughts about the potential of this 440 U-Code 1970 Dodge Charger R/T?  What about the 318 Charger as a parts car for an additional $5,000?


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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    The asking price, the condition of the car (and the other car) earns the “you’ve got to be kidding” award of the week.

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    • John S Dressler

      Even if you were in love with this car to the extent that you would want to restore it, I don’t think there’s enough metal left of the floor to even be able to weld new floor pans to if you tried.

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  2. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Even though these cars are worth a lot of money when properly restored, this pair of total rust buckets look like a lost cause. Maybe someone can see potential here but there should be a point where you just say “Nope!” These cars seem to be well beyond that point.

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  3. Pat

    I am without speech when I look at this listing…..

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  4. Fred W

    So the top has been cut off and replaced in the past? Red car looks like it was pulled from a coral reef – meaning you would be “underwater” quickly.

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    • J.R Goonior

      What you’re likely looking at is the spot that meets the quarter panel to the roof which is leaded in at the factory to smooth it out. Why the lead is missing is anyone’s guess. Unfortunately this car is so far gone and missing all of it’s original pieces that made it what it is it would take way too much to bring it back.

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      • Stinger

        To the best of my knowledge, the vinyl roof cars were bondo on the roof seams and the non vinyl roof cars were leaded on these era of cars.

        The money you would spend on sheet metal and labor to install, you can find yourself one with a hole lot less cancer as a good base to start with.

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      • Dave

        “A *hole* lot less cancer…
        I see what you did there!

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  5. Carl Willmon

    What completely amazes me is that idiots are bidding on this disaster. From what I see the parts value do not add up to the bid and the cost to restore it would be more than it would be worth by ALLOT .

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  6. Steve Clinton

    “This 1970 Dodge Charger R/T must have just eaten up most of the competition”
    No comment is neccesary.

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    • Buddy

      Looks like the “eater” became the “eatee”🤣

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      • JB

        They are SHILL bidders Carl! Look at their zero and “11” feedback scores! This seller is a real dirt bag.

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    • Johnny

      Looks like the compitetion done a lot of chewing on this one. This should NOT be listed as a barn find. Rather it should BE listed as a junk yard find. The roof and frame MIGHT be salvage able. The rest looks like its for the scrap yard. Someone must be bidding on their own junk.. From the comments hear–no one would and they are in their right mind.

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  7. Max H.

    Why not just start up “Fender tags R-us” ship them through the mail and save everyone the trouble of looking at painful photographs?

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  8. Sam Shive

    This Mess Wouldn’t Even Make Good Razor Blades. You Better Have At Least A DOUBLE Tetanus Shot Before You Start. (M)ostly (O)ld (P)arts (A)nd (R)ust

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  9. Michael

    Mark Gorman and his GYC probably would pass in this one.

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  10. Keith

    Why would anyone want to restore this pile of rust? Maybe if was a Hemi car to begin with but even then it is so far gone. I do not even think Graveyard Carz would attempt to restore it.

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    • Dave

      They have restored worse, believe it or not. The only barrier is the thickness of your wallet.

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      • John S Dressler

        Now that we’ve addressed what’s possible how about giving a little credence to what’s likely. If I absolutely loved this car (and I don’t, the 68 is a better investment) as much as I love my 454 SuperSport Monte and the only way I could get one was to restore a SuperSport Monte in this condition, I’d learn to love another car. After a certain point, you just have to acknowledge that a car is too far gone and you are just throwing money away, crooked bidders aside.

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  11. Lynn Dockey Member

    Even the mopar fanatic would run from this one

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  12. Buddy

    BTW; this isn’t to be mistaken for a Bronco!

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  13. robert lewis

    looks like people are bidding on data tags

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  14. Charles Guastella

    Uh, NO and F No!!

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  15. Robert White

    Nobody on this thread gets that these cars are difficult to find now and that when one finds a semi-together car it’s the best option if you want to build a Charger.

    Fenders & Door Skins are cheap new tin. Full quarters both sides is normal operating procedure. New rockers & floor pans plus trunk pan is normal operating procedure.

    So what that it needs a new drivetrain.

    Crate makes em’ on the motor side. And a new four speed or automatic trans is standard operating procedure.

    Have any of you guys ever restored a hunk of tin?


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    • chuck dickinson

      P.T. Barnum is quoted as saying, “There’s an ass for every seat”. Apparently, some folks are trying to prove him right! (And there isn’t even a seat!)

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    • Carl willmon

      Robert white. So I spent a little parts hunting time and although by no means complete if you do 100% of the work yourself. on the conservative side of the math you will have thousands of personal hours and a minimum of 40k in parts and I suspect that numbers low by allot . You end up with a non numbers matching car thats worth maybe what you have in it for actual money spent. Also did allot of looking and you can find them for sale in very good condition non numbers matching for in the 50 to 60k range easily. I value my time so adding that into the math you become seriously under water quickly . Now having said all that I can see someone doing it as I have a antique motorcycle that i am seriously upside down on the main difference I see is I have been able to ride it and enjoy it since day 1 . This thing is several years of weekends away from that point. Btw from my experience is suspect that 40k is at least 50% low but again thats a pure guess from the experiences with my motorcycle

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  16. Unreal Auctions

    This must be a joke? April (August) Fools?

    “I would sell the 318 Charger at an additional cost to the winning bidder for a price of $5000 (it is not included in the sale price and is not for sale by itself).”

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  17. Dave

    Offhand, I’d say that the metal mice have done most of the eating on this car…

  18. gaspumpchas

    Lots of shill bidding here and the scammer has the hi bid right now. You can see more daylight than metal looking at the inside. SMFH. Good luck and happy motoring.

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  19. Mike

    Parts cars with no usable parts. Smh

  20. JB

    They are SHILL bidders Carl! Look at their zero and “11” feedback scores! This seller is a real dirt bag.

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    • Nick P

      Actually, the seller is a 23 year old college student. He is selling to fund another project hes currently doing. A total nut and bolt restoration of an AAR Cuda. He also has a phenomenal reputation with wealthy car collectors all over the country, including a few I’m sure you all would know. He is well liked because of his honesty, fairness, and great personality in this hobby. Because of this, he also owns a Ram Air IV GTO, Super Duty Trans Am, 2 AAR Cudas, as well as an HO Formula and 20 other cars. Hes more successful than most of you keyboard bashing boomers. Not 1 shill bid on any of his cars. Ever. Its frustrating when I read the crap you all throw. Yes. Hes my son. And Im damn proud of him for what hes accomplished already. Its Ebay, morons. he doesnt have an asking price. Its an auction.

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      • gaspumpchas

        Hi Nick-
        Thanks for passing the info and good to hear that your son is doing well. I pass on what looks like Shill bidding to make the seller aware that fraud is going on, got hit with this on 3 cars I have sold. As a result you have to check the active bidding multiple times a day to block these creeps. as far as selling a rusty car, if the bidder wants it, why not? The shill bidding is so bad now that if someone calls and wants to make a deal, keep his info- if the shill turns out to be the winning bidder, at least you have a backup plan. Good luck and happy motoring.

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      • Nick P

        Hi Chas,
        When I think of shill bidding, I think of the seller having friends and family bid his car up. Which, if you think about it, really has no bearing on the sale of the car. If a real buyer wants to buy it at a higher price, they will. I do agree that EBay has become a forum for many scammers. Many people will win the auction, only to ghost you afterward, or my biggest gripe, the retracted bid. I dont think it should be allowed. At any auction, a bid is a binding agreement to pay. People now will bid the car up just to find out the reserve, and then retract. I think you should be allowed maybe 1 retraction per year. Any more than that, you should lose your ability to bid completely. Sorry if I was a little harsh. Someone called him a dirtbag, accusing him of the shill bidding. I look at this site to see the cars. Most of the comments always seem negative unless it is a $100,000 restored car. They are Barnfinds lets not forget. Thanks for the kind words. He is a great kid. I know you aren’t too far from us. Maybe you can meet him someday.

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  21. Rex B Schaefer

    What a “rot bomb”!

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