44k Driver! 1966 Buick Skylark Sport Coupe

This 1966 Buick Skylark Sport Coupe is said to be a largely original car that has been lavished with care and attention during the current owner’s 4-years of stewardship. While it isn’t perfect, its overall presentation is striking enough to ensure that this would be a classic that is capable of attracting plenty of admiring glances wherever it goes. The Buick is located in Staten Island, New York, and has been listed for sale here at Island Classics & Customs. The owner has set a sale price of $16,500, and as you will see as we examine the vehicle more closely, this could represent a fairly good buy.

Finished in Turquoise Mist, the presentation of the Skylark is extremely nice. The panels appear to be largely straight, with only a few very minor blemishes. I believe that these little dings might be able to be addressed by one of those paintless dent removal companies. There are also a few marks in the rear bumper, but the rest of the exterior trim and chrome looks really good. There are no obvious rust problems, and the photos of the trunk look clean and solid. The factory tinted glass also looks to be in good condition, with no signs of any significant scratches or chips. The Skylark has recently been fitted with a set of Buick Rally wheels, wrapped in Coker redline radials. While these aren’t original to the car, I think that they complement it very nicely. The car has also been fitted with new weather stripping, which should help to keep things dry and quiet inside the vehicle.

The interior of the Buick is also largely original, and the Parchment upholstery looks to be in first-class condition. The upholstered surfaces have aged quite well, while the dash and pad appear to be free of cracks or aftermarket additions. The car was optioned with Strato bucket seats, with the passenger side also fitted with the optional recline function. A console adds to the classy feel inside the car, and this is also in wonderful condition. The rear seat is spotless, while the original Black carpet is protected by a set of Buick rubber floor-mats. The addition of a woodgrain wheel is a nice touch that I quite like, while the original radio is still present. The owner does state that the Skylark has covered a genuine 44,000 miles, so hopefully, he holds some proof to verify this.

The engine bay of the Skylark is very clean and tidy and is really indicative of the care and attention that has been lavished on the vehicle over the past 4-years. The drive-train consists of the 300ci V8, producing 210hp. Also part of the package is the 2-speed Super Turbine transmission, power steering, and power brakes. This is where we get down to the nitty-gritty with the Skylark because the current owner has been a busy lad. The engine has received a new timing chain and fresh valve cover gaskets. The entire braking system has been replaced, including all lines, hoses, wheel cylinders, etc. The radiator has been rebuilt, and not only has the carburetor copped the same treatment, but all of the fuel lines have been replaced. It isn’t clear just how much the owner has spent, but the result should be a car that will provide years of trouble-free motoring pleasure. The owner states that not only does the car drive really nicely but that the transmission shifts strongly.

This 1966 Skylark is a car that is strong on the “wow” factor. The presentation is first-rate, while the comprehensive list of work completed on the car should provide the next owner with true peace of mind. Values on the Skylark Sport Coupe have been following an upward trend in recent times, and good examples will often top $22,000. This one isn’t perfect, but it certainly doesn’t seem to have any urgent needs. When you combine the physical condition, the specifications, and the recent significant work that has been undertaken, that is why I said that I believe that this could be a really good buy.


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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Bought this same car new with black/silver grey color. One of the best cars we’ve ever owned. This one is nice.

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    • michael signorile

      Thank you….Not a trailer queen but a great driver…Mike

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  2. Howard A Member

    I’m not sure of the GM body types,( “A” bodies?) and the GTO and Chevelle stole all the thunder, but I always thought these were the nicest of the bunch. I suppose, it just couldn’t shake that “old mans Buick” image, or I’m an old man now, but you could option these much fancier than the others, obviously, not a concern in 1966. Beautiful car.

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    • mike signorile

      Thank you Howard….I’m having a 1951 Chevy built with a 350 V8, power steering, power brakes etc. so the Skylark has to go. It’s been a real joy to own….Mike

  3. Little_Cars

    Grandpa had one, mom had one, I had one. Best styling of the B-O-P-C A bodies for 1966 and 1967. My mom’s was this color but with a contrasting dark green vinyl top and interior. I’m the only one that tossed on factory Buick Rallye wheels to make mine all fancy. Only two problems I ever had were a leaky gas tank sender and a fading Earl Schieb paint job.

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  4. PaulG

    Super nice, and the deal-of-the-day!
    Great colors too…

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  5. Gunner

    As a previous owner of several 66-72 Buicks, most of them GS, in my opinion, the 66 was the most striking in design and appearance. This Sport Coupe really pops with the color combination. I absolutely love the woodgrain sport steering wheel. These are not often seen. My 66 Skylark GS did not have one, nor was it a floor shift auto. I would check it throughly for rust since it resides in the salty air. If it is free of it, then I would consider 15K a good price in spite of the smaller V-8.

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    • mike signorile

      Thanks Gunner…The original steering wheel has a few cracks in it so I decided to upgrade it; I have the original wheel as well as the original spinner hub caps.


  6. local_sheriff

    Howard; agree with you that the Chevelle and GTO got all the applause, while the Skylark went under the radar. IMHO I find the Skylark to be the second sharpest looking car coming from GM for the entire 1966 model year only bypassed by the new Riv!

    This example sports the smallest V8, a 340 was optional. The separate seats/console option is nothing I’d expect in a base V8 car. Once one stepped up to the GS, it offered 401 cubes and with all GSs sitting on the convertible frame I’d expect it be the best handling of all the early A-bodies. I’d VERY much like this example parked in my garage and with some ol’ haggling this seems to offer great value for $

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    • michael signorile

      I was surprised that it had so many factory options, Always willing to consider intelligent offers,

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  7. Arthell64 Member

    Looks like a nice car. Again turn key and enjoy.

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  8. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I like it. I looked at one, a left over but couldn’t talk my Dad into signing as it was a GS. I ended up with the same color on a 67 Malibu, but I think the name was Emerald Turquoise for the Chevy line. Big issues I saw back in the day was rust behind the rear window, rust behind the front and rear wheels. I think all midsize GM’s of this period had a ‘look’ to them, but the Chevelle, Skylark and GTO topped the list IMO.

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  9. PatrickM

    Nice car!! But, too much for my blood. And, again…no undercarriage pics. No apologies here. Show it!

    • mike signorile

      I’m going to add undercarriage photos to my website, http://www.islandcc.net. It’s clean and rust free. Thanks for the advice.


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  10. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    A nice looking car in a sharp color with an attractive interior. Not loving the steering wheel but the center console is a beauty. The fact that it is apparently rust free is a major plus and with a claimed 44k, there’s a lot of miles to go before any wear and tear needs to be addressed. While the powertrain might disappoint some, it’s certainly adequate for an everyday driver. The power steering and auto trans will benefit those who prefer an effortless cruiser as will the power brakes. I think the price is fair, it seems like a car you can just get in and enjoy as soon as you write the check.

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  11. David Ulrey

    One of the increasingly rare cars where the asking price isn’t completely ridiculous. Very attractive car as well. Whoever ends up being the new owner will have an enviable car. Hopefully the buyer and seller will come to a price that they both are satisfied with.

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  12. TimM

    Another well cared for car with great lines and good style!!! I wouldn’t kick it out of my driveway!! Nice ride!!!

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  13. Chris M.

    Beautiful car. Presents very well but the powerplant is totally underwhelming. A healthy LS would complete the package. IMO

  14. mike signorile

    Thanks…The 300 V8, 2 barrel, dual exhaust is quick enough for me. I’m a 70 year old cruiser.


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    • Chris M.

      Right on Mike. Different strokes as they say.. enjoy it no matter what.

  15. Dana burt

    I have a white 66 gs clone love this car. it also has the 300 fast enough for me

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  16. Don galbreth

    Great looking car, Dad had a 66GS , I think your price is great for the car, I just have too many cars as it is already or I would be buying this gem of a driver

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