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46k Mile 1991 Ford Mustang LX 5.0

I know some enthusiasts like to give Ford a hard time but they are the only manufacturer that has a carried the pony car torch consistently since day one. Yes, I know they put a 4 cylinder in the Mustang II from 1974-1978 but it was the best selling Mustang to date and it kept the Mustang alive until it could be returned to its rightful status. This white 1997 For Mustang LX notchback is listed here on eBay and has already received 43 bids. Once  you take a look at it, you will see why. The speedometer shows only 46,000 miles and the car is simply spectacular. Located in Moreno Valley, California, this 5.0 liter jewel is currently bid to $20,100 with six days still remaining in the auction.

The car still retains its original white paint and has never been wrecked or abused. A review of the pictures indicates the garage kept car has no rust and seller states that it has not been smoked in either. The interior looks almost news and is black and gray tweed. One modification that has been done by the seller was to add a SSP gauge cluster to replace a malfunctioning factory speedometer.  The dash still retains the factory cassette deck. I don’t know about you but I just like the look of seeing the factory AM/FM radio in the dash of a car. I know the sound is inferior to the iPhone in my pocket but it just looks cool.

The original 5.0 liter engine sits in a tidy engine compartment and the car is said to run strong with no smoke or leaks. Most enthusiasts would like to see a manual transmission but this car is equipment with an automatic transmission with a floor shifter between the bucket seats. The seller says that the emissions system is intact and will pass California smog tests. It should be noted that the front end and brakes have been converted to Cobra parts to improved handling and braking.

All in all, this is a sharp car and the investments to improve its handling and performance should not distract from the ultimate price the car sells for in 6 days. Even though a lot of these cars were produced, they are not still in this condition. I would expect the value of this car, due to its condition and low mileage, to continue to increase.


  1. Skorzeny

    Automatic? They can keep it. I spent a few days driving one of these with an automatic and it wouldn’t even chirp the tires. Sad.

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    • A body Fan

      Mine went 14.47 in the quarter right from the dealer and in stock form with good rubber ultimately went 12.95.

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      • Brian K

        225 Hp going 12.9 on better tires? Not possible.

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      • A-Body Fan

        Brian K — Not only possible but done all the time. The car typically went 13.00’s but when you pay attention to details the automatics run hard. The key was setting the timing correctly and great little M & H tires. This was my car for commuting. Favorite tracks at the time were Englishtown, Atco and Island. We had a major social group at the time as these 5.0 Liter Mustangs were everywhere. Check out Uncle Tony’s Garage on YouTube for the 5.Liter discussion.

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  2. Mitchell Gildea Member

    Shame it’s an automatic and not a 5 speed but Cobra wheels on a Notch back LX look sharp

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  3. Keith

    Too much money for only 225HP hooked to an automatic.

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  4. Ricky m

    Was this car a service car? They dont just come with a certified speedo.

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  5. ADM

    I had a ’90, with a 5 speed, bought when it was a year old, with 4K. It had a sand colored paint that would change into a charcoal gray, depending on the light. Lots of fun, even with 225 hp. Did 138 mph, bone stock…(just once)…

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  6. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Sharp car. Bidding has been strong, though not sure the buy-it-now price will be met. In any case, another example of solid prices for clean Fox Bodies. Lots of info in the ad…. love the “check with your spouse first” comment.

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  7. Neal

    Looks like a nice car, but a Mustang is not on my list (and I don’t have any funds for said list anyway!).
    Just wanted to point out that the original pony cars certainly were more exciting with the V8’s, but so many of the ‘stangs, camaros, and barracudas came with grocery-getter sixes. And they were plenty popular, right? So I see nothing wrong with the four cylinder Mustang 2 options. Not everyone wants to do burnouts and burn gas.
    I do like the wheel package on this plain car.
    Enjoy your pony hunting.

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  8. Timothy Evans

    Totally nuts 20k seriously. Good luck getting paid LOL

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  9. lc

    My Pony hunting started out when I noticed Pintos with transplanted 2.3 turbos from a Turbo Coupe. I had a 78 Bobcat with a 2.3 aspirated that I had rebuilt; though, I still wished for the 2.3 turbo. I found one that was installed in a 90 Mustang LX which had the 2.3 aspirated originally so I purchased it, and have owned it for a couple of years now. Same color as this one, but with a hatchback.

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  10. lc

    My Pony hunting started out when I noticed Pintos with transplanted 2.3 turbos on a Pinto forum. I had a 78 Bobcat with a 2.3 aspirated that I had rebuilt. I still itched for the 2.3 turbo. Eventually, I found one that was installed in a 90 Mustang LX hatchback which had the 2.3 aspirated originally so I purchased it, and have owned it for a couple of years now. Same white color as this one, but a 5spd and red and black interior.

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  11. Jeff Zekas

    Whenever I see a “low mileage” classic, I am reminded of Winston over at the youtube channel Worthless Whips: he bought his “dream” car with low miles, then found out the speedometer had been replaced! Or as mama used to say, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”. Nice car, though, but the later Mustangs were prettier. Just my two cents.

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  12. Mark

    I can’t believe all the people who are complaining about the price.
    Y’all must have missed the fact the values of these, especially the notchbacks is skyrocketing, not to mention this 1 is in fantastic condition.
    Yes shame it’s an automatic.
    I’ve never drag raced so I’m unsure about their drag times but I’ll let everyone know, both my 85 GT Convertible & 87 GT with T-Tops both easily topped 140mph. 2.88 & 3.08 rear ends respectively. I hit a deer last week & am in dire need of another car but don’t have the money to buy something or get mine fixed. Have a Blessed Day everyone… now back to the shadows.

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