48K Mile 1972 Plymouth Fury III

If you’re looking for a fuselage Fury, you’d be hard-pressed to find a nicer one than this, and it’s a two-door to boot. This 1972 Plymouth Fury III appears to be in fantastic condition and it can be found here on eBay in the great city of Akron, Ohio. The seller has a buy-it-now price of $13,500 listed or you can make an offer. That happens to be Hagerty’s #1 Concours condition value. Let’s check it out.

I think Plymouth nailed both the front and rear bumpers and “faces”, in general on the 1972 Fury. It’s even better with the Gran Coupe or Gran Sedan and their covered headlights. The fifth-generation Fury was made for the 1969 through 1973 model years and I’ve mentioned before how we had a 1969 Fury III and how much I loved that car, so I won’t say it again here. Hey, wait a minute…

That’s a gorgeous rear end and I don’t say that too often. It’s not the safest brake light location that I’ve seen, but someone has added a third brake light onto the rear package shelf and it doesn’t appear to be too obtrusive. We’ve all had close calls with inattentive drivers and it’s always a shame to see a classic or vintage vehicle get into an accident, especially when it’s the fault of some clown who should have been paying attention to the road instead of their phone or the radio.

The interior appears to be almost like new, the seats look absolutely factory fresh both front and rear and I don’t see a flaw anywhere, do you? The underside looks great and the seller doesn’t mention the condition of the body or if it has any rust but it doesn’t look like it does. It was rustproofed at some point in its life according to a sticker on the rear window. The adhesive for the trunk weatherstripping is really the only possible visual drawback that I see on this entire car and that’s amazing for a 48-year-old car.

The engine is almost spotless as well. This is the base engine for this car, Chrysler’s 318 cubic-inch V8 with 150 hp. A 360, 400, and 440 V8 would have also been available. The seller says that this one runs and drives excellent and I wouldn’t doubt that given the overall appearance. This really looks like a great car and Hagerty lists a value of $8,600 for a car in #2 excellent condition. What are your thoughts on this Fury III?


  1. Will Fox

    A VERY nice `72 for sure. This Fury III is pretty much a base model the way it’s equipped, with the 318 2bbl. & vinyl bench seats. Nothing too fancy at all. Grandma sure kept this coupe in nice shape; shows signs of TLC over the last 48 years. I think $13,500. is a bit high considering this isn’t even a Gran Coupe, and not a frill to be found outside of PS and PB. More like $8K the way it sits.

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  2. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    You could flick that steering wheel with one finger. What a beauty.

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  3. Rhett

    From my perspective, the full size Mopar fell flat on me. They got off to a good start (70 Polara, hidden headlight Chryslers) and had a few handsome updates (73 Polara and Chrysler) but the Plymouths got left behind and this car is a good example. This car is and will be someone’s pride and joy but I’m afraid I’ve already forgotten what I looked at, and still in the process of commenting. Maybe I just grew numb to these when they all got passed down to newly minted high school drivers…

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  4. Racingpro56 Member

    I would drive it with pride…at about half that price. I’m a sucker for pretty much any Fury though.

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  5. Lance

    The advertised Fury appears to be in very good condition from the photos. I learned on a 1972 Plymouth Fury III high school driver’s education car. It was green and had the 440 cubic inch V8. My mom bought a 1973 Gran Fury Coupe as an untitled dealer demo in 1974. It was true blue and had a 400 displacement engine. I later bought a 1977 black Gran Fury 360 V8 while stationed in Germany. I could bury the needle on the 100 mph speedometer on the Autobahn but age caught up with it. My mechanic friend sold the transmission for me for as much as the car was worth and the Fury was retired to Mopar parts car. Although the cars were too big to park in some places, all the Fury models I drove had very responsive steering and road holding. The good old days!

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  6. Mike

    I liked this car back in September when it first popped up on Ebay I thought he wanted to much then And I think the buy it now was 11500 I’m not positive I think I remember that

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  7. Terry

    I think 13k is a bit high for this car. I could see it capturing that price if it had more options. It doesn’t appear as though this has A/C. A 318 engine is fine but has its limits as well. Nice car though.

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  8. Bamos

    No A/C & No 440? What a ahame

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  9. Jasper

    This one was for sale last year for around $7500 and it didn’t move all that fast at that price either. Sure it’s a two door, but not optioned up at all. I do like these though. It’d be cooler if it was a four door Gran Coupe!

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  10. local_sheriff

    That face is so ugly it’s cool! Now, is it fair to say BIN is set high? OK; I understand it’s comparing apples to oranges however how much Mopar coupe will this kind of $ bring you elsewhere? Considering this is a driven example it’s amazing to see how well kept it looks like without seeing any restoration.

    As I’ve stated previously any seller’s BIN is solely a starting point for negotiation. Someone will end up with an extremely nice base fullsize Mopar for not an insane amount of $. When was the last time you saw such a nice example?

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  11. Kevin

    My parents had a ’73 Fury III, 4 door, 360, in the same color as this. In 1980 I was a freshly minted driver and blew a stoplight and t-boned a guy. No injuries and I learned an early, valuable lesson. My first ticket too. Insurance totaled the Fury and that was the end of that. Forty years later that interior is a little eerie to me. Nice car though, but agreed the price is very optimistic.

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  12. onree Member

    Nitpick: I would hope that an automotive writer would know better than to comment that a price “… happens to be Hagerty’s #1 concourse condition value.”

    The “concourse” is the auxiliary area surrounding the arena. The food concessions and restrooms live in the concourse.

    A “Hagerty’s #1 car” might be described as “concours” condition. And I might even concur with your description.

    And this is only a few days after a writer for Hemmings Auctions described a Bentley as a “Chaffeur’s Dream.” Uffda!

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Your right (ha, kidding), onree. That was a typo on my end, thanks for catching that.

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  13. Vance

    This car reminds me of a full bodied woman that is so uniquely good looking that you can’t keep your eyes off of her. You just don’t see many of these around anymore. The engine bay is so huge you could actually work on your own car and get to anything as long as it wasn’t internal. Is it just me or has there been a run on these big Mopars lately? Love Shack baby.

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  14. Pete in PA

    I thought back then and I still think it now: fugly. The two door version is slightly better than the 4 door though. That bodyside swell on the 4 door version works less well than it does on the 2 door.
    When I was at Penn State in the early 80s an apartment complex neighbor had a 4 door in robin egg blue. That was quite the partymobile. It was a bit more than the young girl could handle and it got wrecked pretty quickly. Oops!

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  15. John Oliveri

    No A/C No Sale

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  16. Mike

    Car looks stunning to me. I think the price is pretty reasonable as I’ve seen 4 doors selling for 7500 to 10000 lately. When is the last time you have seen a 2 door in this awesome condition. A time capsule for sure.

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  17. Chris

    I had a Yellow one with a black stripe & a handmade hood scope. I loved that car . Also had a Bengal stripes interior. Got from a senor citizen. Also had a old school Viper alarm system on it . Unfortunately I had to sell the car . it was just an Awesome car !!!!

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