Luxury And Performance: $4k 1967 Chrysler 300

There’s nothing quite like a good education and today I received one courtesy of a 1967 Chrysler 300, located in Orting, Washington and for sale here on craigslist for $4,000. Learning experience, how? This 300 is a four-door sedan, and to by unrelenting belief, I thought all Chrysler 300’s were either two-door hardtops or convertibles. I hate to be wrong but I love to learn! Thanks to Kevin for the tip.

The Chrysler 300, known originally as the “Letter Series”, was a high-performance variant of the standard Chrysler coupe, based on both the New Yorker and Windsor, and introduced in 1955. The 1955 model was designated as the “C” model with the ’56 being the “B”; ’57 was back to the “C” and then on, chronologically, through the letter “L” in 1965. In 1962, Chrysler brought to bear the “Three Hundred” non-letter series which was a replacement for the Windsor model and was produced through 1971. This is where the four-door models entered the line-up, the one that I somehow managed to miss. The four-door sedan was dropped after 1966 but the four-door hardtop (no B pillar) remained for 1967 and that’s what we are examining today. In spite of the additional two doors and the abandonment of the letter, the 300 series were still potent cars coming equipped with a 440 CI engine in standard trim of 350 HP (like this example) or with the optional “TNT” version rated at 375 HP. Unfortunately, there are no images of the engine for this example. The seller does claim that the engine runs well and doesn’t smoke on start-up or under heavy acceleration.

Would you like a living room on wheels? Got ya’ covered with this 300. The commodious, twin shades of green interior is perfect for you and about 20 of your closest friends as you head on down the Atlanta Highway. The interior looks sharp and in a very clean condition for a car of its age.

Examining the body, the seller tells us this 300 is all original with rust in “all the usual places”. I don’t know what that means on a ’67 Chrysler 300, different makes and models of cars rust in different places depending, somewhat, on their environmental exposure. So, we have a tacit admission of body corrosion but a thorough investigation will be called for in this case. As near as I can tell from the images, the “usual” places seem to be around the rear wheel openings, just above the fender skirts. And it doesn’t look that onerous but, as I have mentioned in other posts, it’s what you don’t see that can bite you on the hind side.

The seller goes into detail listing what parts he has replaced on this 300 and the list is extensive – all good news. Even the 52-year-old, typical 1960’s green palette, lacquer finish still has a shine to it. But wait, there’s more! This 300’s complimenting green vinyl top covering is in good nick. This may not be one of the vaunted letter series cars but it still possesses a lot of value for a pretty reasonable price. So, what do you think, any interest in looking a little further into this exemplary example of ‘60s Mopar blend of luxury and performance?


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  1. Will Fox

    A beautiful 300 4dr. hardtop indeed, but it is a `68, not `67 model. And for being 51 years old, appears to be in great shape! (I myself would not have chose gold body/olive vinyl top, but hey–to each their own, right?)

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    • Jim ODonnell

      Error noted, thank you.

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      • Charlie Christie

        Yes,it’s a ’68…The easiest way to tell,not only is it the first year for side marker lights,but, 1968 is the only year the side marker lights were round…..It’s a beautiful car. So,is it the TNT Magnum 440 or is it the 350 HP one?….Either way its a great find…!!

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  2. David

    A very nice looking car, especially with the hidden headlights. I would love to have this as a daily driver.

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  3. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Cool….older guy at my first job had one just like this one and man his sounded so good coming through the parking lot. Tried to buy it from him a time or two but never could come up with the money.

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  4. Rex Kahrs Member

    As I’ve noted a few times (hell, I’ll do it again!), I rescued a ’67 Newport Custom off an Ohio street this summer, and I love the car. These C-body Chryslers are rock-solid, powerful, comfortable, and a breeze to drive. The build quality is really excellent. This 300 looks like a great cruiser at an exceptional price.

    Finally, there is a C-body forum where guys who know everything about these cars are very helpful. Nice find.

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  5. TJDasen2

    A really good looking car that’s giving me itchy palms. Kinda glad it’s 1,500 miles away. Also, kinda sad it’s 1,500 miles away. Really itchy palms.

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    • Dave Mazz


      Consider this….$4,000 in 2019 dollars would have the buying power of around $500 in 1967….go for it!!!!!

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  6. CanuckCarGuy

    Beautiful, love the colour combination on this one…very cool and at an excellent price. I’m wanting to pick up a C5, but then something like this comes along and I’m unsure…and I only get one mid-life crisis car.

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    That story reminds me of the time I saw a 1958 Nomad, A 4 door Nomad never happened I said…….I’m still learning. As for this 300, It looks really nice in the unusual color combination and I like that grill ! Too bad it dragged TP from the bathroom. Please tell me again why people cover the plates, is it so nobody will find out who the seller is?

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  8. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Seems like a lot of car for the money. Lots to like about this powerful land yacht, though it doesn’t seem to have A/C. The green interior looks good, especially the two-tone seats. Never saw a car with backup lights like these, either. The only thing holding this car back is how bad the rust is. If it’s easily repaired, this is a good deal.

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  9. Terry

    Not a 67 but a 68, note the side marker lights mandated in 68.

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  10. Fred Alexander

    Buy it Drive it Love It – – – – you;ll only get one opportunity to get a land yacht like this for such a price – – – even if you are buying in Cdn$ – – – doesn’t matter – – – Buy It Drive It Love It.

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  11. Car Nut Tacoma

    Lovely looking car. I’ve never seen a 1967 Chrysler 300 4 door before. I always thought of the 300 as being a 2 door or a convertible.

  12. Larry Tate

    Roll all four windows down and hit the road on a warm summer’s night…ahhhh.

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  13. Little_Cars

    The long, long concave sides on these Chryslers (Imperial also) always makes me wonder how awful it would be to do perfect body repairs on the side panels. If the rust is confined to just above the fender skirt, the new owner will learn quickly how straight or imperfect the massaging has to be to achieve “invisible” results.

  14. Del

    These were 4 door hard tops , usually not referred to as sedans back in the day.

    These 4 door hardtops are becoming very rare. Especially in 300 trim.

    These are wonderfull cars. If I was closer I would go have a look. If I bought it there would definitely be a color change

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  15. Wayne

    I had a guy come to my yard as he had heard I was Mr. Mopar and he wanted to look around. All he saw were “C” bodies which I really love. He exclaimed “where are the Challengers, Cudas etc? I told him I only did C bodies and replied “the only thing they were good for was for the 440’s to be put in a Challenger. Needless to say, I told him to get off my property and never come back. The C body Mopars are awesome, well built and comfortable cars and yes, they will go fast if asked to!

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  16. Foobarski Member

    So come on and bring your jukebox money!

  17. Rex Kahrs Member

    Love Shack, it’s my front license plate!

  18. Wr HALL

    It seems odd if it is a local car to this region that it should have any major rust issues outside of surface rust from
    worn paint from sitting outside?

  19. Bill W

    The 300 sedan was built from 1962 through 1966, and was a product of Chrysler Canada. The 300 sedan was actually marketed as the Saratoga 300 through the 1965 model year. It was sold along with two and four door hardtop models.

    Canadian 1966 300 models used Windsor (Newport) taillights while the 2 door hardtop used the Windsor (Newport) 2 door hardtop roof. Chrysler Canada imported the U.S. 300 2 door hardtop and convertible and sold them as Sport 300 models.

    To add to the confusion, the 1961 Windsor was sold in Canada as the Saratoga, while the 1961-66 Newports were sold as Windsors (except for the .
    Town & Country models and the1962 Newport convertibles).

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    • Del

      Yup. Chrysler Canada was a quite a separate entity 😁😂

  20. George Mattar

    Great car. Far superior to today’s Chrysler Junk. Correction, Chrysler painted its vehicles with enamel in the 60s and 70s. I worked at a Chrysler Plymouth dealer then. Most of the paint was horrible quality. Dull. Wavy. Even the EV2 Superbird we had. With prices of E and B bodies just stupid, I would rather have this car. Chances a lead foot teen got his hands on it are pretty slim.

    • Bill W

      Little late with this.

      Chrysler was the second car manufacturer to switch to enamel paint from lacquer. Ford was first. The 1935 Plymouth Business Six models built in Detroit and Evansville, IN, were first and then all Plymouth models in those two plants switched for 1936. Briggs Body built bodies for both plants in their Mack Avenue plant in Detroit. All U.S. Chrysler Corp. car bodies were done in enamel starting with the 1940 models.

      Chrysler Canada started using enamel for their cars in 1946, as did GM of Canada. GM of Canada went back to lacquer in 1968.

      U.S. and Canadian trucks started using enamel around 1931.

      And enamel was used until the switch to colour./clear coat systems in the 1980’s.

  21. Gransedan

    At some point in the series, TV’s Dr. Marcus Welby, Robert Young, drove a light blue ’69, ’70, or ’71 300 4 door hardtop.

  22. Stevieg

    When I was born, my grandparents had a gold 1968 New Yorker 4 door hardtop, same body, same gold paint. Black full vinyl top & interior. This car strongly reminds me of that car.
    I would love this just for the memory of my grandparents car. They kept it until I was about 4-5 years old. They traded it in for a 1975 Impala sedan. They should have kept the New Yorker.
    I wouldn’t even change the vinyl color to black in honor of them, I would leave it all green. Green & gold, for the Packers!

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