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4WD Garage Find: 1982 Toyota Pickup

The term “siren song” is often used to describe when a thing or place has a mesmerizing effect on the beholder. In the case of select project cars and trucks, the appearance of a vehicle can make an enthusiast want to tackle a restoration of a long forgotten specimen solely because of a few key details, mechanical condition notwithstanding. In the case of this 1982 Toyota 4×4 pickup, the period decals and bed cap, along with a set of aftermarket wheels, make it a sorely tempting specimen for Toyota truck fans. Find it here on Facebook Marketplace for $6,000.

Decal kits are a funny thing. For some people, they are fairly meaningless; for others, like me, they help you gloss over otherwise major cosmetic flaws. There’s something about a truck that looks like it just rolled out of the local customization shop in 1985, as it’s a reminder of the different trends and styles that defined an era of modifications for car enthusiasts. Certainly, in the middle 80s, American Racing “Outlaw” wheels and decals proclaiming your truck as having four-wheel-drive were must-haves for pickup owners. This Toyota is a bit of a mess, and a cosmetic restoration is a given.

The truck has the venerable 22R engine, so even with close to 243,000 miles, the industrial-grade mill will likely fire right up again with some basic tune-up work done. The Toyota is currently in Wisconsin but supposedly came from Texas, so hopefully, rust isn’t a significant issue. The only major detraction (aside from its non-operational state) is that the truck is seemingly filthy. I don’t tend to judge vehicles by their cleanliness, but it’s always a bit disconcerting to see a rig that has so clearly been ignored for some time.

With the current popularity of vintage Toyota trucks and the desire to re-capture nostalgia at every turn, this rig – no matter how battered – is going to tempt someone into restoring it. If you can preserve the decals and bring back some paint luster, the remainder of the work consists of mechanical R&R, panel beating, and sourcing a new interior. It’s never that simple, but at least you have a path. Clean up the old-school bed cap and just drive it, even with a few warts. People will love it for being a rolling testament to 80s-era modifications.


  1. XMA0891

    $6,000? Is it just me, or is that a brassy price? Must be me.

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  2. Mpower

    I’ve got one of these in slightly rougher condition. If this is the marker value, I might have to put it up for sale.

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  3. Richard

    As with other Japanese vehicles of the Era, the drive train would outlast the body several times over.
    If there are no significant rust issues, $6K is probably reasonable.

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  4. The Truth

    What overpriced, if that pile is worth 6k, mines easy worth 12k+ and it if just needs new paint and a few interior parts.

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  5. Greg in Texas

    While that 22R was definitely reliable it was not much oomph, especially in 4wd with big tires. Their drivetrains if not overly abused definitely built well, but some owners abused the 4wd mercilessly. I suspect a few drunken off-road experiences got to this one based on the off-road jumping minor damage shown. The airborne empty lifted 4wd is going to be very nose-heavy. So be prepared to do a lot of engine mounts and braces work, despite the nice shape appearance overall. It sat a while for a reason. Of course that’s what saved it but the tires and drivetrain even if in good shape underneath etc is not only slow as a snail but very thirsty. Unless you own your own 1,000 acre ranch someplace, a lifted 4wd truck is nonsense especially on city and suburban roads, affecting value of this truck. Unknowns possible, I can’t see anything north of $5k being reasonable. But niche fads and that reliability factor, maybe someone with their own same 4wd Toyota wants the parts. Parts aren’t cheap any more on donor engine, trans etc. So parts-wise, perhaps it’s a bargain for a handful of buyers.

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  6. Lothar... of the Hill People

    This BF tip was brought to you by Lothar… of the Hill People!
    I love seeing my name in print.

    PS- The listing is no longer available. I don’t know the sale price but I wouldn’t have paid $6K.

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  7. Frog Man

    Dang 6k thats what i just paid for an 88Fj62 that was running. Im going thru fuel system now. It hasnt been on road or off since 98. No rust good interior. My gf wanted me to flip it but she named it Elsie so i imagine shell be driving it here soon.

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