4X4 Project: 1957 International S-120 Pickup

IH lovers unite, here’s a 1957 International Harvester S-120 4×4 Pickup and it’s on Craigslist. The seller is asking $6,995 for this project pickup. This rugged pickup is in Kingman, Arizona. NADA lists the “low retail” as being just over $7,300, just as a general reference. Thanks to Barn Finds reader OG for sending in this submission.

The S-Series pickups were made until early-1957 and were replaced by the A-Series which were named for the 50th Anniversary of truck production for IH, beginning in early-1957. The S-120 is the company’s 3/4-ton pickup.

The seller says that this truck “does need some lovin but it runs and drives!!” Don’t we all. The box is a little rugged but vast areas of rust-through don’t appear to be an issue here, which is always a benefit. I bet that the rear bumper will end up in the scrap pile, I’m not sure if a Michelangelo of metalwork could fix that twisted mess, or that it would be worth the time and effort. Not to mention that steel bar front bumper!

Some freshening up would go a long way on the interior, but compared to the solid-surface-rust on the exterior it’s like an operating room in there. The floors are rusty but hopefully solid enough to keep in place. The 4-speed manual transmission hopefully works well, but like everything, it will most likely need a full service and fluid change.

This should be an IH “Black Diamond” BD-240, a 240 cubic-inch inline-six with around 130 hp. Since this truck “runs and drives” hopefully all you’ll have to do is track down an original air-cleaner and you’ll be in business. Would you have a use for this rugged International Harvester 4×4 pickup?

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  1. Ikey Heyman

    Also on the lot, a Ford Econoline van and Mack fire truck (late 40’s ?). The IH looks like a fun project.

  2. Howard A Member

    7g’s FOR THIS??? Wow, am I out of it. (or these are actually, finally getting to the end of being found) This sat next to( not inside) a barn for years, I bet. Enter 2017. Time to cash in. Ka-ching! I wouldn’t give you a hundred bucks for this, BUT, keeping in mind, I come from a time when these really were $100 trucks. Just goes to show, ANYTHING with a 4 wheel drive, is going to cost you. Unless it’s updated, these were really pretty miserable to drive, as is. Hope the next owner knows that before plunking another 10g’s into it.

    • James

      These trucks have been top price for quite a few years now.

    • Dave Wright

      How can you love the Chevy Napco trucks so much and hate this one? King man Arizona, it looks like there is little to no rust, the enviorment It is in would make that logical and these are very good trucks. Looks like a great truck for a reasonable starting price.

      • Howard A Member

        Umm, talkin’ to me? A), I never said I liked the NAPCO trucks. They were just as crude as this. B) I don’t hate this at all, great find, I’m just saying, years ago, nobody ever even thought about grandpa’s ol’ Binder next to the shed. Now it’s worth, ok, not $7, but maybe they’ll get $5. I say that’s a shame. Puts most of us out of a chance to have something like this, even if it was to putt around the farm. Pretty nuts.

  3. L.M.K.

    I like it but the asking price is just too much as it sits….Negotiation time….

  4. Mr. Bond

    Wonder what the monster red light on the dash is for.

    • Howard A Member

      I believe that’s an illuminated heater fan switch.

      • leiniedude Member

        I was thinking PTO on, as large as it is, it would probably blind you doing any driving at night. How about those Packers Howard!!!!!!!!

  5. Bob C.

    Kind of looks like Mater from the movie Cars.

    • Dave Wright

      I think Mater was a Dodge……

  6. leiniedude Member

    Or toss in another $1,455 bucks and be done with it. http://www.motoexotica.com/inventory/listing/1957-international-pick-up-4×4/

    • Neal


  7. geomechs

    I like this truck. It’s somewhat out of my budget but a worthwhile project. My dad had one similar to this one, only a long wheelbase. He thought it would be great around the farm and especially feeding cattle in the winter. Unfortunately the ranch foreman, who was far more suited to using a horse than anything mechanical, trashed it out faster than Dad could get it fixed. Thinking that 4x4s were troublesome, Dad traded it in for a ’59 B-120 2wd. The foreman trashed the new truck just as bad; that’s when Dad clued in that there was nothing wrong with the truck but the loose nut behind the wheel was to blame. The S-120 was sold to a rancher out by the Sweetgrass Hills and, even though that rancher has long since ridden off into the great sunset, the family still uses it to this day….

  8. Rustytech

    It looks like a solid truck and a good restoration project. I too think it’s over priced. Howard is correct about the driving experience as they didn’t ride much better than their tractor cousins. Great in the pastures, not so much on the road and scary at speeds above 40 mph. Brings back many memory’s.

    • BeeMoe

      They are scary above 40 mph, because to get going much faster than that, you have to be getting dragged. 45 was about top speed for these guys. They drive about what you would expect for a heavy pickup. Worse when empty. The ride smoothed out when loaded with a ton or so of cargo. The lighter duty 2wd trucks with lower gears actually drive pretty comfortably at highway speeds.

  9. john

    towmater pickyup !!!

  10. Ck

    I don’t know much about these trucks. Its got a rugged indestructible look for sure.Seems like alot of $ for a truck that,from what im hearing won’t do 55mph.What are you going to do with it when its finished.Its not like you can pile the whole family in it and go for icecream.Can’t really do a show where any traveling is involved .Just doesn’t seem like it would be a fun project.Or when finished,much fun to drive.

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