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$500 Car Hoarders Unanimous: 1964 Plymouth Valiant


In beautiful downtown Maplewood, Missouri, is this blue Valiant sedan, awaiting your perusal. The ask is just $500.00, and it can be found here on craigslist.


For me, it pushes lots of the right buttons: near give-away price, it’s complete and promises hours of fun in the start-up and make it roadworthy again endeavor. Not to mention the always enjoyable trunk archaeology. The seller says it has no rust, and that it hasn’t been driven in just under 20 years. The parts to put it back together are also super dirt cheap, and having a working brake system is almost as much fun as making it that way.


Bow your head and pay your proper respect to the leaning tower of power that is the Chrysler Slant-Six! I can’t imagine a better way to spend a nice Sunday, awakening it from the slumber of nearly two decades. I’d also like to experience the push-button selected automatic transmission.


So who needs another $500 junk car? I do! The wife seems to think that an even dozen is more than enough! I know, right? How could that possibly be? A dozen isn’t even close. What does she know? She can barely change her own oil.


A quarter-acre lot in the city is really holding me back. With some acreage in the country, a big barn, or maybe the previously mentioned multi-story nineteenth century warehouse, I could really spread my wings and fly. Expand. Two dozen. Thirty. Fifty in no time.


Fifty cars? That’s crazy! But I’ll have a heaping double helping of that crazy, with a side order of hash browns and a Coke. Anybody with me on this?


Who loves this super dirt cheap car as much as I do? Get it to start, run, stop. Enjoy. That would be my plan. Maybe some seat covers. Other than that, pretty much all-original. What do you think?


  1. Vince Habel

    Even has A/C

  2. rustylink

    this won’t last long. The bones are good and making this a driver would be a pretty easy job. Sure it’s a 4 door – but as Vince points out – even has AC. 225 is a nice motor – who doesn’t love the tic of a slant 6

  3. Ben T. Spanner

    Shouldn’t be a rodent problem as the smell of embalming fluid might keep them away.

  4. Dave Wright

    Great cars…….what a super beginning car for someone that wants to be into old cars or just as a daily driver.

  5. packrat

    Now that is the Sweet Spot for a car hoard. While dad mainly drove Studebakers, my mom and (and HER mom) drove Plymouths, including 60 and 66 Valiants. Also, my nickname is not random.

  6. Scott Rostad

    If it were closer, I’d buy it in a heartbeat with no haggling. I’d pay double to have it delivered.

  7. Woodie Man

    Finally! A car being sold for what it’s worth…or maybe less. This is a no brainer……..Why are they always so faaaar away!

  8. roselandpete

    Is that a Chrysler Town & Country hearse in some of the pix?

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      I’ve never seen one of those before. Are they common?

    • Plymouth

      Yes, that is a garage for a funeral home, and it’s a Town & Country hearse

    • RichS

      They’re known as a “first call” car. Picks up the deceased and transports to funeral home for preparations. Generally not used in the funeral procession itself.

  9. cyclemikey

    Gone. And no wonder. A good 225 Slant Six is worth that all day long, even without the rest of the car.

  10. Mark S

    I like it and I’m with Dave W. on this one great entry car.

  11. Steve B



    What a great nostalgia racer or a surprise street runner! Priced right to get into the hobby, father son project! We need to love our motor heritage, because other countries are! I was just at a Day Car Show here in HUNTINGTON Beacl Ca. There were two German gentleman walking the show trying to buy vehicles to ship home! They were equipt with paint meters and magnets to check for bondo and original paint and making offers! We need to keep our cars and history here PEOPLE!

  13. Paul B

    Good inexpensive driver/classic. Renew all the hydraulics and brakes, check the electrical, clean and seal the gas tank, install new fuel lines, new shocks, thoroughly check the suspension and exhaust, get ‘er going, reupholster the seats, clean and polish, and you’ve got a very solid car for reasonable money. With ’60s cool. Practical too, a good-looking 4-door with easy access and plenty of trunk space. And it’s even two-tone! There’s a lucky buyer out there somewhere. Could look like this.

  14. jesus bortoni

    Aah… I kind of like it. Wouldn’t take a whole lot of effort to have it look like Paul B’s photo. And that slant 6 is a gem.

  15. Jagfixer

    Sold, I bought with rusted out floors. Tailight le ses and reverse light lenses were not cheap. Looking for straight bumper now. Have not started yet, too cold to get off trailer and right rear brake locked up. Have what I need to get her running. Will be wife’s cruiser named Dory.

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