$500 “Lemo”! 1986 Cadillac Limo

“Why oh why aren’t there any cheap cars anymore?!” “Ohhhh, I wish I could think of a way to start a cheap business..”..  Well, look no further, grasshoppers, here’s your next ride and your next business venture: this 1986 Cadillac Limo, or Lemo, as the seller calls it. This sweet honey of a deal is on craigslist in Rochester, Minnesota (hey, isn’t that where the Mayo Clinic is located? I wonder if they have a psychiatric ward?) with a price of.. are you sitting down? $500! Yes, $500 is all that it’ll take to drive this one home, and as you can see it is drivable, even in the rain. Thanks to Eric Hare for sending in this submission!

You know you want to tweak this car, tv-reality-show-wise, although by seeing the way it handles I don’t know what there is left to do on it, really. No coilovers needed here, this thing corners like a 2012 Noble M600 and it’s $329,500 cheaper! There are no interior photos but I’m guessing that you don’t want to see the inside of this car, who knows what’s been in there or if it can be hosed out enough to actually sit down inside. The seller says that the “back of the limo is stripped out of everything but the carpet and seats to prevent the spread of whatever was lurking in the mold.” This is no pedestrian Caddy limo, though, this thing recently won “1st place in the 24 Hours of LeMons Rally, Retreat from Moscow.” Boom, baby! Shut up and take my $500, interior or no interior!

This limo/Lemo “currently has an Olds 307 bolted on to a TH200 transmission. The engine though not a power house worked great during the rally.” What more can a person ask for? There are a few slight issues with this otherwise gem of a car, “the floor pans beneath both front seats are rotted out. Well they’re not just rotted it out, they are just plain missing.” Floors? We ain’t got no floors. We don’t need no floors. I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ floors! Also, the “transmission is missing 1st gear. Oddly enough we never used the Lemo without first gear so we suspect that 1st gear is optional.” And, last but not least, “2.5 of the doors work. I say 2.5 because the driver side door has to been opened from the inside.” This will be the cheapest eye-catching ride that you’ve ever gotten!

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  1. BronzeGiant


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  2. Howard A Member

    Looks like an old swayback horse. Must have had the “weight watcher” group out for a cruise. Shredder time,,, there might $500 bucks worth of steel here.

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    • Jeffrey Platt

      Scrap steel (light iron, not #1) is around $100 a ton right now. Give me $200 and I’ll come pick it up! LOL!

  3. Blyndgesser

    The ripples in the roofline are genuinely frightening.

    • Howard A Member

      That 20 foot (worn) driveshaft spinning away could be a hazard as well. And another thing, when does it ever rain in Minnesota?

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      • Mlaw

        Oh, about every other day in summer and snows every other day in winter.

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  4. AirBoss

    Blues Brothers reject?

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  5. DJS

    At least it runs but for the right buyer it may be just the right thing, but not me , It will sell the price is right.

  6. Jeffro

    Ah hell. I’ve driven worse.

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  7. Kincer Dave Member

    If you look closely in the pic on the road you’ll see the shortened Lincoln Town car that was featured here on barn finds and was purchased by Roadkill for the Lemons rally.

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    • Nova Scotian

      Exactly, where you can watch the roadkill episode on utube and see this stretch in some action shots. I’m guessing the limo was converted into an overnight motel by the drivers (2), during the long rally.

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      • Nova Scotian

        Roadkills’ ride was called “missing link” I believe. Funny stuff those guys get into. Lol

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    • Walter Joy

      It was also for sale on here last year

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  8. spodeeodee

    Is this what cousin Eddie owned after trading in the RV?

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    • Eddie

      Ha,Ha !

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    • Eddie

      Ha,,Ha,Ha !

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  9. Superdessucke

    I can’t understand how this could have been sullied so badly in only 31 years.

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  10. whippeteer

    At last a LeMons car at a LeMons price. I’ve seen others listed, but usually at a couple thousand or more. Essentially guaranteeing that they will never run again.

  11. Stu

    Pros: There’s a lot of room to hide if you’re ever stopped for a traffic infraction.
    Cons: For $500, absolutely none.

    • Keith

      Funny you should say there’s plenty of places to hide in one of these. I tried to flee the law one night by hiding in the back of one of these. Got hauled out in a big hurry and ended my night with a $300 ticket.

  12. ACZ

    One good bump and the back of the frame goes left while the front goes right.

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  13. Bruce Fischer

    Poor thing looks like she been rode hard and put away wet.I would pass.LOL.Bruce.

  14. D. King

    Hmmm. Drive this or the 911? Really hard choice, LOL.

  15. Marty Member

    Come on, people, where’s your sense of adventure? How could a hoopty limousine not be fun-until it isn’t? I agree with Stu- not a lot of downside here. Other than storage and an 8 point turn getting it in or out of my narrow urban driveway, what’s the problem here? Great write-up, Scotty!

  16. RJ

    Limo Derby!!!

  17. Allan

    One guess as to why the drivers window is open, in what appears to be a pretty good rain storm……

    • Howard A Member

      HA! That’s pretty funny, Allan. :)

  18. Rustytech Member

    Mad Max reject. It was too long to fit within the cameras field of view. This is a truly scary piece!

  19. Tim Rusling

    A 200 tranny in something like this? Everything here is super scary.

  20. Marshall

    I can’t recall ever seeing a stretch limousine quite that long! The only garage long enough to be able to contain that thing would be an airport hangar.(maybe that’s why they were called airporters). So how many of those did they make? Also, I can’t believe all this talk about scrapping it. C’mon people, it’s a rare runner for $500! At the very worst, it ought to serve as a parts donor car.

    As for it being a Blues Brothers reject, they could carry the whole band around in that thing. However, I think Dan Aykroyd would have a difficult time jumping a drawbridge in it.

  21. Jeffery

    It has been sold for $400.

    It is/was fun to drive and I promise you it got more looks than a 911 ever would.

    The window was down because our exhaust fell off in the first 150′ on the Tail of the Dragon and we didnt want to die.

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  22. Eddy D. Smith

    Whatever floats yer “BOAT”!

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