50K Mile Ranch Hand: 1967 Ford Bronco

Bidding is strong for this survivor-spec Ford Bronco, and it’s not surprising when you check out the authentic patina this vintage 4×4 wears. I’ve often said that it’s impossible to fake “real” age and the battle scars that come with time, and this ’67 model is a living, breathing example of this sentiment. The Bronco has 50,000 original miles and is called a one-owner truck (no telling if the seller is technically the second owner or listing it on behalf of the sole and current caretaker), and has supposedly been on the same Idaho ranch since it was purchased new. Find it here on eBay where bidding is at $35,000 with no reserve.

See what I mean about the presence this truck has? It’s just too perfect. I hope the next owner doesn’t alter a single detail on the paint job, as there’s not a body shop in the world that could re-create this type of patina. The stance is also just about perfect, and while I want to say it’s been given a height adjustment, there’s no mention of any aftermarket components in the listing. I suspect this is just an honest representation of how a first-generation Bronco sits when it hasn’t been messed with after all of these years. The original wheels and hubcaps look perfect on this Bronco, and it really makes you appreciate an original specimen over a restomod.

The Bronco is equipped with a numbers-matching 289 V8 engine paired with a three-on-the-tree manual gearbox. The engine has been rebuilt and bored .030 over, and with just 50,000 miles, it’s fair to call this truck a “low mileage” example. The seller notes that based on the options and the Rangoon Red and White color combo, this is one of just 430 Broncos with this exact configuration. Other features include locking front hubs, a fold-down windshield, dual fuel tanks, and upgraded front power disc brakes. I have to believe the seats have been redone at some point in time, too.

You love seeing original details like this faded dealer badge that has clung to the body since the salesman slapped it on there all those years ago. The Bronco is not only desirable for its history and its unmodified condition, but also for being one of the few trucks left with uncut wheel wells. Even better, those fender panels seemingly have no rust. It seems that half the time the Broncos with uncut fenders have serious rot issues to contend with. This Bronco looks the part and has the factory equipment to back it up. While the first owner didn’t necessarily think he was ordering a particularly special truck, the passage of time has made it quite the unicorn indeed.


  1. Todd Zuercher

    Definitely lifted – either a 2.5” or 3.5” lift. A LUBR in Bronco parlance (Lifted Uncut BRonco). The seats have definitely been reupholstered as white was the only color available on these seats in ‘67.

    Drop it a few inches – would be a fun driver.

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  2. gaspumpchas

    Yea Todd if you drop it a few inches you might spare your life. These things were so top heavy, narrow and squatty, that they were easy to roll. I can’t see the big demand for these with them handling so terribly. But thats the ol grey hair talking; it sure is good to see one thats not rotten to the core. Good luck; lots of suspect bids.

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    • Todd Zuercher

      I have a lot more gray hair than I did when I started driving ours 41 years ago too! And the older I get, the lower I want it to be. Was up at a 4.5” lift with 35” tires 15 years ago. Now I’m on 33s and happy with my 1.5” lift.

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    • MTBorst

      You guys afraid of a little lift ? Lol. I’m just as old and gray as any of you but I don’t too for that granny stuff. I owned a new CJ5 back in the day and they were the rollover queen. Todd , you could have solved that tippy feeling with a little more offset on your wheels. Soft squishy tires feel the same tippy. Compared to the rock crawlers today you guys sound like my sister. Anyway, it runs, most things out of Idaho past are almost rust free and at tissue prices for new vehicles 50k is a great deal ! And just think of you feel like it you can change your own oil and sparkplug!

      • Todd Zuercher

        I’m well aware of the effect of wheel offsets on handling, etc. I’ve had a variety of wheels on my truck over the years and the ones I have on right now (3.75″ backspacing) are just about perfect for what I need. I’m not whining or complaining about anything – I love driving my truck and drive it frequently (375K on the odometer) – no nannys here.

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  3. Rw

    There is a reason people cut the rear , this is perfect example,I think you could get the flares from dealer.

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  4. Mark Wojcicki

    Patina is overrated !!

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  5. Joel Wood

    How are the bumpers rusted, but the body panels not? Seems like it’s gone through some sort of process to get that “patina.”

    Just a question for the Bronco experts, was that rear bumper a factory option or an add-on later?

    • Todd Zuercher

      That rear bumper was an add-on. Some dealers back in the day had bumpers like that.

  6. George

    I see many reasons to not believe that 50K mikeage. Needing an engine rebuild, new upholstery, all too new looking underside. Are those really vacuum operated wipers ……in ’67? Really nice Bronco eventhough.

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    • Todd Zuercher

      Yes, Ford used vacuum wipers on the Broncos until midway through the ‘69 model year. My truck originally had them.

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  7. Bob “THE ICEMAN”

    I get it, a vehicle that when new had a following, generally Jeep kind of folks and uses in agricultural/municipal/utility applications. Salty roads & beach cruising resulted in corrosion problems that left many of them draftier than my mom’s screen door. They squeaked and groaned over rough terrain and had the interior acoustics of a galvanized trash can being tossed to the curb. Bidding is surging past $40,000.00, for what? Are those bidders out of their minds? Is this “econobox” Jeep competitor really a collectors item? I’m getting old and cranky, just have a hard time with how much people will pay for such a vehicle.

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    • MTBorst

      Go buy a new one that you can’t work on !

  8. 433 jeff

    This is one of those cases where for this kind of Ka-ching i would rather go new, No rebuilding or fixing anything, for a while.

    Novelty worn off at that price

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  9. Jim Member

    My ‘69 half cab came with a 2.5” lift kit and had a dealer pto winch installed. The fenders were never cut because of this

  10. Jay McCarthy

    This is a really nice looking Bronco, is it $40+K nice NO, for that money I can buy something with brakes and technology

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  11. chrlsful

    wish mine came w/that rear bumper, handy
    (duz havea rag top & 1/2 cab as well as the pictured + PTO)

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