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#511 of 600, Another 1980 Toyota Sunchaser


Jeff did a story back in December of 2014 on a different Sunchaser, so if you haven’t ever heard of a Sunchaser and would like more background be sure to read his post here. This one is listed here on craigslist with an asking price of $1,000 in Ferguson, Missouri. The owner states that the “Sunchaser” was a $2,600 option. The car runs, drives, and stops with a 20R motor mated to a 5 speed gearbox.

Included in the sale: a new roll of stretch black carpet, new convertible top, factory boot, factory targa, top holder and all door panels. This is a project car and the Lexus seats are just sitting in the car and not installed.  It currently has a straight pipe exhaust, so it will also need a muffler.

There are stock rally wheels on the car now with the ones in pictures being long gone (not that that’s a bad thing). The odometer reads just 47K miles, but I would assume it’s more like 147k. This is one you will want to look at in person as the seller states it has been sitting under some trees for the past 6 months and looks nothing like it does in these pictures. The seller claims the car still runs, is rust free but needs to be restored. So would you go chase the Sun in this Sunchaser?




  1. Doug

    there’s one of these on craigslist in Orlando, FL.

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  2. randy

    Looks nothing like pics, been sitting under trees. Explains the cheap price, eh?

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  3. DREW V.

    Don’t know if a big white boy like me needs to be going to Ferguson. I would love to have this , it’s only 200mi away but I don’t like the idea of being shot at…

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    • krash

      …if you buy this car, and drive around in it, someone will end up shooting at you regardless of where you are, purely as a humanitarian act/ mercy kill… hoping perhaps to assist you in your plight and relieve you of your suffering by taking you out of your misery, from your infernal curse…from that wretched red demon that calls itself Sun-n-n-chaser!

      … so why not just get it over with..buy it, and immediately paint a bulls eye on each door..

      Those 20R engines were fairly bulletproof….had a few 70’s Celicas and couldn’t kill them

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  4. Bobsmyuncle

    Japanese stuff is hot right now, this could be a money maker. It’s way out of my comfort zone though.

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  5. Tundra/BMW Guy

    I’d buy this thing in a heart beat, after a thorough inspection, if course. I have owned and worked for Toyota and as far as vehicles go, they are pretty indestructible!!!! I too had a Celica back “in the day” and drove the snot out of it, then gave it to my brother to try to finish off. He gave up and ended up leaving it parked on the side of the road with keys in it. He was tired of it, it still ran fine, and he had a newer nicer car. Beats me what ever happened to it?! All I know, was at that point it was in his name, not my concern!

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  6. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    I like these, just had a 85 Celica GT-S last year that was a fun car, would be a good starter car for someone who wants to learn car restoration. There is a blue one in Angelo’s Auto parts in Pensacola, they’re not parting it out so must want to sell complete. It may be hard to restore original if the top is bad.

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  7. Arthur

    I have an 81 Celica full convertible (Grandeur conversion) in the same color. Although not fast, it is fun. It is the start of a conversation almost every time I stop at the gas station. When asked what it is I say it doesn’t start with an “M” (MG or Miata). For the right person, that is a reasonable price.

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  8. HeadMaster1

    A Sunchaser AND a Biturbo Mazer in the same driveway……..It’s a sign of the end of the world

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  9. Fogline

    Does anyone have any idea if the rollbar gives it any rigidity? Just wondering about the design. Reminds me of the Targa with the soft window in back. Seems like it could be a lot of fun and bulletproof, unlike my current obsession. I am sure you can’t see anything out the back. Just install a back up camera for the rare occasion you need to go out with the top up and you are off to the races.

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