528 Mile Trail 70! 1971 Honda CT70

I can’t think of another company that has made such an incredible variety of vehicle types over the decades, and they basically just got started after WWII in 1946. We all know their cars and motorcycles, but they also make fantastic lawn care equipment, generators, and even a jet. I have never owned a Honda car (I know) but I have several Honda motorcycles, none of which is a 1971 Honda CT70 like this one listed here on eBay. It’s located in Moscow, Pennsylvania and the current bid price is $3,500 with no end in sight and four solid days left on the auction. This will be one to watch, will it reach $5,000?

I can’t believe that I haven’t owned a Honda car let alone a Honda 50 or a Honda 70! What’s wrong with me?! I bet that quite a few of you have owned a Honda CT70 similar to the beautiful, original, ultra-low-mile bike shown here. This one has a mere 528 miles on it which is pretty amazing, but also pretty sad that some kid didn’t get to enjoy it very much. Or, better yet, some skinny old guy with a cheesy mustache (me)…

The CT70 or Mini Trail 70, came in bright, jewel-like colors that even had jewel-like names, like Emerald Green, Candy Topaz Orange, Candy Sapphire Blue, and Candy Ruby Red such as this bike is wearing. The seller says that the original owner used it for a while and then put it in storage under a tarp in 1972 after they got a Honda 90. It looks fantastic but there are some nicks and wear marks and things like that. But, the bid price is showing that original is king.

The engine is Honda’s 72 CC overhead cam single-cylinder. It usually starts on the first kick and it idles smoothly and shifts and brakes as it should, according to the seller. When the seller got it they cleaned the gas tank, put in new gas, a new spark plug, and fuel lines and it started on the third kick after it had been sitting for almost 50 years! Have any of you owned a Honda CT70?

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  1. MattR Member

    I grew up with one of these at my Grandpa’s farm. Nothing more fun as a boy. Bullet-proof. Great trail bike. My cousin has it now and gave it a second life with new gaskets. Here’s a pic of me in it around ’78 and another in 2008.

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  2. Howard A Member

    Scotty should know, when riding these bikes, coolness goes out the window, taken over by sheer fun. Again, for many, these replaced their StingRay or 10 speed Raleigh bikes. They were the 1st motorcycles we got really hurt on, but t’was all in good fun. Farmers bought these, as they saved a lot of steps until ATV’s came out. Fact is, if you look in any “junkpile” at a farm, and every farm has one, chances are, one of these will be towards the bottom. They were easy to start, ride, and all they needed was gas. Few survived, especially like this, but you want your kid to follow in your “motorcycle footsteps”, you simply can’t go wrong here. These days, parents probably want to wrap their kids in bubble wrap before riding these. I think we were just a lot tougher then, and the weak ones? They didn’t make it. Great find.
    In a bike related bit, for the 1st time in over 50 years of riding motorcycles, I had my 1st flat rear tire while riding! I was WAY back in the hills, enjoying the rapture of the Rocky Mountains, when, oh,oh, something not right, I looks down, oh no, A FLAT TIRE!!! Son a bitxx, now what? I was 10 miles from home, can’t leave the bike there, so I drove it home on the flat tire, figuring, I’d ruin the tire in the process. If you’ve ever ridden a bike with a flat rear tire, the fun stops there, it was tense. Made it home ( @ 10 mph) and remarkably, the tire was okay. That was a new one for me,,,stupid tube tires,,

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    • Stevieg

      When I was still working at Milwaukee Harley, I took a lunch brake & ran over to the sub shop a couple blocks away. I took my springer, which had no bags for hauling lunch with.
      I used to just stick the bag of food in my teeth to hold onto as I rode back to the dealership. One day, I am going that when suddenly my rear tire went flat. I looked down saw what was happening, opened my mouth in disbelief, & ran over my lunch with my flat tire lol.
      The good news is I can easily afford to miss a meal lol.

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  3. Jimmy

    That was my first motorcycle in 1970, had the second one in Kern county, my uncle bought 2 from Hollywood Honda as they weren’t available in Bakersfield, California yet. He kept the blue one and I got the candy topaz one, worked for my dad pumping gas at his service station for a year to “pay” for it! I was 13 when I got it!

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  4. Rhett

    I have always wanted one of these, and one day I will!

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  5. George Mattar

    I had a red 71 back in 73. It ran and ran and ran and ran. Never a problem. So much fun. I think it was sold for like $85 in 1976. They were worth nothing then. Incredible.

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  6. Keith

    This was my first bike, great little bikes. I was about 10 when I bought my bright blue/green one. I think I paid $50. We welded one of the handlebars back on, kick starter didn’t work, headlight fell off, but once you got it push stated it would run ALL DAY. I still have a burn scar on my right foot from when I laid mine over on me (no socks, while wearing shorts back in the 80’s) Finally my brother caught it on fire trying to push start it down a hill while shooting starter fluid straight in the carburetor. The thing backfired…caught on fire…while he was riding it down the hill. Needless to say, he jumped off, but he singed his denim that day.

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  7. Ian Walsh

    Worked on a large yacht in the late 70s,we had four of them onboard,for the guests but,they were very handy for picking up parts etc, in some of the out of the way places we went to. Did I mention,flat out fun as well?

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  8. Rick

    I have owned three of these over the years, and I wish that I still had at least one of them. Lots of fun to ride, and if you get in trouble, just stand up.

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  9. Douglas Threlfall Member

    I had gotten a brand new one in late 1972. It was a 1973 model CT-70H/K1. It was candy apple red and the “H” means it was the 4 speed with the manual clutch. I wanted the manual with the extra gear, it was pretty rare as 95% were the 3 speed automatics. I has just sold my Rupp mini bike with the 3.5 HP Briggs & Stratton side valve engine. It was cool the Tail 70 was WAY cooler & it was brand spanking new! I remember it was $330 “out the door” and the Honda dealer was a little annoyed as he had to order 2 as they were packed 2 to a crate. (now I wish I took the 2nd one to store and sell now!)

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  10. Scott

    Ah, the old “1 owner”, after he bought it from a friend who bought if from the “1 owner”. Sound a bit like 3 owners to me.

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  11. Chuck

    I have a 71 CT-70 H that I have owned since 1972. Green, only 1500 miles. Excellent condition “basement find” that hasn’t been ridden in over 40 years. Had lots of fun with it back in the day. I’m going to go through it and get it running this winter.

  12. martinsane

    My cousin had one if these, similar anyway as if i recall it was green and called “grasshopper”, again if i can remember a 45 year ago memory.

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  13. Bruce

    My Dad bought me one brand new when I was 11 or 12 in the early ’70’s. It was blue. Had a blast with that thing! I think it was three hundred something brand new!

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  14. Bob19006

    I had a used CT-70 and upgraded to a used CT-90 with full size wheels. I could fit the CT-70 into the back seat of my 1971 AMC Gremlin-X (small car but smaller bike with the fold down handlebars). With the larger CT-90 I had 2 portable rear bumper mounts to hold the wheels and rope up top on the same Gremlin. Good memories!

  15. Raymond Keck

    I bought an orange CT70H (4-speed with clutch) from San Francisco Honda on Van Ness Boulevard brand new. My first motorized vehicle. That thing was a blast!

  16. Old Trips

    My brother and I purchased a blue 1970 CT 70 in 1973 for $50. That led to all sorts of dirt bikes. My dad put it at the curb along with my 76 Indian around 1980. I was remodeling a basement a few years back and the owner showed me the gold 74 CT that he had pulled out of his neighbors trash the night before. I traded him a few hundred dollars with of electrical extras for it!
    It is sitting in my garage waiting for my attention!

  17. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Have a few of these…..think my lowest mileage is a little over 1200 miles….a 1971 but I ride it every year at the swap meets…..it cranks usually the second kick after winter. It’s nuts what these are bringing……

  18. Mike

    We had an orange 3 speed that became my sister’s bike along with two red Trail 90’s and a bright yellow Mini Trail 50 for my little brother who was about 8! With the fold up handle bars and tie downs my Dad engineered them into and on the back of our 16ft travel trailer and we were off to the mountains or the desert including Mom. What a sight when we parked and out came 4 motorcycles. So much fun!

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  19. MBorst

    Guess I missed out ! I seen one for sale a few years ago. Like 6 years ago. $700 !!

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