56k Original Miles: 1985 Ford Mustang GT

The introduction of the Fox-Body models heralded a new era for the Mustang, as it signified that Ford had once again begun to find its mojo with the beloved classic. By 1985, the Mustang GT was bringing some respectable levels of performance to the table, as well as some impressive levels of ride and handling. This 1985 GT is in above average condition for its age and has a mere 56,000 original miles showing on its odometer. The owner has decided that it needs to go to a new home, so he has listed it for sale here on eBay. It is located in Mooresville, North Carolina, and has generated some strong bidding up to this point. This has pushed the price along to $10,700, although the reserve hasn’t been met.

The Oxford White Mustang has a very tidy appearance, with the owner stating that it underwent a repaint in 2006. This work was undertaken at the original owner’s request and was completed to a high standard. Every panel was stripped from the car to ensure that it was done properly, and even some 14-years later, the paint still has a very nice shine to it. The panels remain arrow-straight, and there are no rust issues to be found anywhere. The exterior trim is in good condition, while the front valance and rear spoiler are free from damage. It is a relief to find that the original Marchal fog lights are still in the valance, because not only are these becoming harder to find, but replacements can attract some pretty incredible prices. I have seen NOS items sell very quickly at $300…each! The original alloy wheels seem to be free from any obvious damage, while all of the glass appears to be in good condition. One of my favorite exterior features on the ’85 GT is the single-slot grille. It provides the front of the vehicle with an aggressive and purposeful look.

Lifting the hood of the Mustang reveals the original 5.0-liter V8, and in this case, it is backed by a 5-speed manual transmission. The engine was rated at 210hp when new, but as was the case with a number of different engines from various manufacturers over the years, this figure is believed to be fairly conservative. Still, it was enough power to allow the GT to cover the ¼ mile in 15.4 seconds when it was new, which was starting to get back into pretty respectable territory. The engine bay of this Mustang presents very well, but it isn’t merely about appearance with this car. The drivetrain is in good order, with it having accrued 56,000 miles since new. The owner doesn’t indicate whether he holds documentation to verify this, but the overall condition of the vehicle certainly makes the claim seem conceivable. The only deviations from original include the blue hoses, along with a full dual exhaust. Given appearances, I’m not surprised when the owner states that the Mustang runs and drives very well.

The Mustang’s interior is tidy, but it isn’t perfect. The owner identifies some fading of the seat upholstery and a crack in the dash on the passenger side as the most obvious flaws. It is a pleasant surprise to discover that the outer seat bolsters have managed to avoid the sorts of wear-and-tear that can plague these classics. The carpet is generally reasonable, although it is starting to show some ground-in dirtiness and wear on the driver’s side. The rest of the trim is in quite nice condition for its age, and while the Mustang isn’t loaded to the brim with luxury appointments, it does score an AM/FM stereo radio, cruise, and a rear window defroster. The good news is that everything works exactly as it should.

The Fox-Body Mustang is a vehicle that is growing in popularity with each passing year. As a consequence, nice examples like this ’85 GT have started to command respectable prices. Values have steadily been trending upwards, and have increased by more than 30% in the past 5-years alone. Where an example like this one would have struggled to sell for $10,000 a few years ago, recent sales results of $15,000 or more have been pretty common. In fact, a truly pristine example can fetch $23,000 on the right day. I would normally expect this one to sell for around that $15,000 mark, although in the current climate, it could also sell for less. That means that now might be the right time to look at purchasing a classic like this.

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  1. Superdessucke

    The tail lights are wrong for this year. Those are the 1987-93 LX tail lights. I wonder why they changed them.

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  2. Tom71mustangs

    Good catch, would be easy to miss that. I’d guess the later taillights replaced dull originals and were much easier to obtain (especially in’06 for the repaint) than the correct, earlier versions ?
    Great looking car… last year for a carb in the Mustang, and last year before the 3rd taillight was mandatory.

    • Superdessucke

      Possibly, though an interesting choice given that any 1983-86 taillights would have worked (except SVO), and a new pair is available from Blue Oval Industries (made in USA) for only 156 bucks. The later ones actually are more costly at $219 from LMR, and I’m not sure those are made in the USA.

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      • Paul Wehner

        Actually, SVO taillights do fit a 1985 Mustang GT. I owned a black 85 GT (bought used in August 1985), and in 1988, was rear ended. I asked the body shop at the time if they could could order SVO taillights and I would pay the difference in cost. They were able to do so, at no additional cost to me. The interesting thing was they told me the SVO spoiler had been shipped at the same time, since the parts outift presumed it was an SVO being repaired, not a GT. I was relieved they returned it for a GT spoiler.

  3. JoeNYWF64

    Could you get these without all that body side molding? No need for that IMO, since no stang gens earlier & after had it.
    Don’t see a/c compressor, but do see a/c vents in dash.
    Small p/b booster.
    Looks ez to work on under the hood.
    Huge backup lites – 2 bulbs per lens?

  4. Stevieg

    Back in the early 1990’s, a friend somehow got his hands on one of these for $500.00. It was burgundy with black interior & tee tops. He used to let me drive it around. I had a great time in that car! It was quick for the time, handled excellent, and looked great.
    The same guy also had a 1981 Capri RS with an inline 6 & 4 speed I used to drive. I actually liked that car just as much, believe it or not. Even in my early 20’s I guess I was odd.
    I wish I had both of them, but especially the Capri.

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  5. Arthell64 Member

    I bought a 85 GT mustang new and it was one of the best car I ever owned. First car I owned that run decent and got good gas mileage.

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  6. Sal

    These ran faster than 15.4. High 14s were not uncommon. 210 hp/265 to in a 3100 lb car. I had an 84 and an 85.

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