’58 This Time: Another Ford Country Sedan


It doesn’t look too bad, does it? Since you Barn Finds readers liked the 1957 Country Sedan we recently featured, this 1958 was a shoo-in. And this one even runs! It’s located in Irvington, Alabama and is up for sale here on eBay. The opening bid is just under $2,000, but there is a reserve. I wonder if it will sell; the 1957 didn’t sell at $4, 750.


Honestly, it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on with this body. Is it marks from previous repairs coming through the paint? Maybe a sharp-eyed and knowledgeable reader can figure out what’s going on here? By the way, this car has the third row seat, and a close look at that license plate tells you that it was last on the road in 1983. But wait a minute–the seller tells us that it’s licensed now, and runs and drives although the brakes aren’t very good. Maybe these pictures were taken shortly after it’s rescue from a barn; you can see a trailer in the background of some of the pictures.


Not only does it run, but this car actually has period air conditioning! I’m sure it doesn’t work, but at least there’s something there to work with, right? According to the seller, there’s a 332 cubic inch V8 in front. It’s a shame they didn’t include a picture of it in the auction listing. They also tell us that it’s an automatic transmission backing up the V8, but nothing else.


I admit to liking the lines of the 1957 over the 1958 car, although this one is certainly in better shape. Let’s see how the auction turns out. Do you think this one will sell, and if so, for how much? A value guide has this car as $7,700 even in poor condition. Let us know what you think in the comments!



  1. Howard A Member

    See? This was the problem with the ’58 Ford. It’s amazing what the 4 head lights did, as the ’57 Ford, which wasn’t much different than this, was one of Ford’s most popular cars, and the ’58 fell flat. Personally, I liked the ’58 Ford. And a wagon, to boot. Kind of funny with these cars, unless they’re clean to begin with, not many folks, as evidenced by lack of comments, care for it. Too bad, it could look sharp again. Sadly, some of those yards that are going under, probably have a lot of parts and trim for this,,,,way at the bottom of the pile. If it was a 2 door wagon, this thing would be gone.

  2. Mike

    My dad had a two door when I was growing up. Neat car. Love the small decorative hood scoop

  3. Vince Habel

    58 was a down year for the whole industry. I think 7700 is way over valued for one in poor condition. The 57 was a much prettier car.

  4. Terry J

    I like all the long roof 50’s cars, and 1958 was an OK year for Ford, selling just shy of a million units. This one has a 332 which is an early version of the legendary FE ( Ford Edsel) engine series which culminated in 427 and 428 cu in engines. Much better engine than the Y block series it replaced. The Borg Warner Ford O Matic became the Cruise O Matic and had other monikers such as MX,FX & FMX and was built until around 1980. I had one in a ’66 Studebaker Daytona, and they were used in a number of cars during that time frame. :-) Terry J

  5. Fred W.

    I was born in ’57 and my dad’s first wagon was identical, including the color scheme. Can’t remember it well (but have the photos). I do remember his next, a ’65 Country Sedan with custom ordered Squire interior (he was very proud of that).

  6. sir mike

    I personally like the 58’s better that a 57 or 59…Wish this was a 2dr wagon.

  7. angliagt

    I grew up around these wagons.I remember a relative
    having a late ’50’s Ford wagon.Red & White two-tone,2 door.I
    thought the 2 doors were really cool back then (& still do).
    And I’m one of those who prefer the look of the ’58.

  8. RicK

    57 was a year of record sales for just about everybody and then 58 was a recession and auto sales fell dramatically and that’s why but 58 for didn’t sell like the 57 or least one of the reasons

  9. G 1

    Like the front of the 58 better than the 57, plus the FE motors. Both made great dirt racers in the mid-60’s.

  10. Rustytech Member

    Love the 58’s! It looks to me like this may have had some paint work done on the left rear and tailgate at some point and there there have been some paint adherence issues that were not addressed. Looks like mostly surface rust though so I wouldn’t be scared away from what is visible.

  11. cyclemikey

    Recessions and sales numbers notwithstanding, the ’58 Fords are generally thought of as the ugly step-sisters of the ’57s. It’s like the beauty queen went for a face lift and it, um, didn’t work out.

    I personally never thought they were so bad, but they’re never going to bring the same money as a comparable ’57.

  12. JagManBill

    I’ve got a similar 58 (four door – green over white). While the 58 had several mechanical improvements (including structural – roof) the 58 was never a good seller even when new. As commented, all of 58 was a down year, partly because of the drastic changes in design for GM, the “4 eyes” look for Ford and the “little three”‘s new designs. It all happened at one time and the buying public went home with they’re money still in the pockets. I prefer the cleaner lines of the 57, but for some reason just like the 58 (and 59) better…

  13. Mark

    This was my dad’s first brand new car. He drove it about 3 blocks and the engine ceased up. Apparently there were small holes in the block due to a defect when in was cast. The dealership gave him a loaner until they installed a brand new engine from the factory.

    We had it until 1966. By then it was rusted out. You could see the door hinges because there was little metal left after the front wheel wells. I used to call it Bones because I thought I could see the skeleton of the car.

    My dad bought a 66 Chevy Carryall from Merit Chevrolet in St. Paul, MN. They gave him $50 for it as a trade in.

    My dad found that Chevy Carryall in the late 90’s in the Highland Park neighborhood but he lost the address. If anyone knows of a 66 Chevy Carryall in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul, MN, let me know.

  14. Bob C.

    Vincent Price drove one of these in The Last Man on Earth after the zombies destroyed his 1956 Chevy wagon.

  15. Peter Loeffelbein

    I had a 57 Ranchero in the 80’s. It was difficult to find parts for then. Things may have changed. I prefer the looks of the 58 over the 57 for both Chevy and Fords. (Cars, not trucks. My 57 Chevy truck is a beauty to behold) Dual head lights done right are sweet, plus the taillight design is very nice.

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