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6 Years Quiet: 1967 Ford Galaxie

Here’s a 390 V8 equipped, “rust free” (quoting the seller) 1967 Ford Galaxie that could be a real bargain. It’s still wearing it’s original paint, carpet and upholstery and even has its original wheel covers (quite a feat, as this particular type tends to pop off a lot). It’s listed for sale here on eBay at no reserve, and bidding is very low (under $1,000) as I write. It’s been hiding under a tarp in La Plata, Maryland.

As you can see, there are a few dings in the bumper, and there’s really no telling how the paint will look once it’s sympathetically buffed out. But I don’t see anything missing, and again the seller claims no rust. They are also claiming 89,000 original miles. What do you think after looking it over so far?

I see mildew here, but no rust. However, based on the creeping crud on the door panel at the bottom right of this picture, it may be a while before it’s safe to be in the car without a mask on!

I am surprised at the list price in the ad on the left (and yes, I know this isn’t the 500 series, but it’s the closest I could find). $6,000 base price for a 1967 Ford? Wow! This was quite a car in it’s day! And as far as the ad on the right…well…I just have to wonder who ended up with what was left of that car! Ouch!

Apart from any mold and mildew, this interior looks like all it needs is a good cleaning! This is a nice looking car! It’s hard to believe the dash pad isn’t cracked. The car does have power steering, but manual windows, and I don’t see any air conditioning vents.

No air conditioning compressor under here either, doggone it! The seller says their estimate (although I have no idea what they are basing it on) to get the car running and safe again is $300-$600. I’m not too sure about than unless Maryland mechanics are a lot less expensive then the ones here in North Carolina. But if this car stays anywhere close to what bidding is now, this could be one heck of a bargain for those of us that don’t mind four doors! What do you think? And can we call it a survivor if it’s not running?


  1. Mitch

    A good friend of my Mom’s had a 4 door LTD, & one thing that bothered me about this year was that big, honking (pun intended) steering wheel hub.

    • JW

      I agree Mitch I never understood the reasoning for that monstrous center horn cap.

      • fordfan

        Ford did not have a collapsible steering column ready for model

        year 1967 so that giant horn pad was a stop gap solution . All 67

        All 67 ford cars had these

    • Ed

      I believe the big steering wheel pad had something to do with crash safety .

      • mike So Omaha

        Steering wheel /

        After all Ford started it in 1956

  2. Stang1968

    Im curious what this will go for. Looks to be in very good condition but in dire need of a deep cleaning. Of course would be much better with two doors instead of four, but would still make a nice cruiser. That 390 can be configured to be a real torque monster, yet still look OEM. You could always add under dash a\c from classic air.

  3. Luke Fitzgerald

    Yes yes yes

  4. Steve

    Maybe the seller can get Cooters Garage to get it running again.

    • KeithK

      Cooter would likely do it for free if Bo and Luke arranged for Daisy to come pick it up. Careful though, uncle Jesse is probably a-watching with his shotgun handy.

      • Fred W.

        When in Nashville you can actually visit Cooter’s garage (Dukes of Hazzard Museum) , and it’s free. But if you want to have your picture taken in the General Lee , Boss Hogg’s Caddy or Cooter’s tow truck, you gotta cough up the cash.

      • Sam M

        They just opened one in my town, Stanley Va.

  5. Brad

    Personally, this style of a Ford steering wheel is my very favorite. And, if I’m not mistaken, all Galaxies were equipped with a clock as standard equipment.

    • mike d

      no, Brad, there was a PLACE for the clock, ( even the dial) but not all Galaxies had clocks IDK how much xtra it would have cost

  6. 8banger Dave Member

    Speaking of the Duke boys, why didn’t they have a ski jump for the General in Hazzard? How cool would that have been….

  7. Luke Fitzgerald

    Btw a- I’d say that b/w advertisement is Australian – car is rhd

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Good catch! That would explain the price :-)

  8. Sam M

    I had a 67 Galaxy 500 convert. back in ’87 (+/-) originally with the 289/auto. Gutless was being kind. Then the side oiler/Toploader came into play. Much peppier after that. Loved the car, plenty of room for ALL my friends, looked good, fun to drive although not a canyon carver, it could hold it’s own. It did have one problem that I could never figure out, the front end alignment would go out of spec if you looked at it funny. Once a month we were re-setting the car, driving fast or slow, rain or shine, two different shops. 289 and 427,, just wouldn’t stay in line. Someone before me re-painted the car in a decent electric blue over the original white. blue with the black bench interior and white top was a looker

  9. mike d

    I had a 67 Ranch Wagon that was an absolute tank, had no problem with the alignment. I could take my hands off the steering wheel on an interstate @ 65 MPH and it was arrow straight , but, yes, the 289 was a slug in that big car!!

  10. JRATT1956

    Every car i have ever had that set for 6 years or more, required tons of money (several thousand) to get back on the road, so it could be a daily driver. If it was just a few hundred then the owner could fix it and start the bid at $4500. Buyer must get it for under $2500 to make it worth it.

  11. chad

    rhd – I C the ster. wheel on the left?

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      The picture on the left has the steering wheel on the right.
      The pictures on the right have the steering wheel on the left.

      Clear as mud?

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