$60K or More: 1960 Pontiac Boneville


Every now and again, the photos alone will draw me into a listing. This 1960 Pontiac Bonneville here on craigslist looks positively serene relaxing in a dense forest with a blanket of foliage nestled around its wheels. Of course, all of that trapped moisture is doing it no good, but the seller seems quite enthusiastic about its potential despite not knowing anything about it! 


This is an interesting listing: the seller doesn’t know anything about the car, other than it’s the “coolest car I’ve ever seen!” It makes me wonder if he even owns it or just found it in the woods. On top of that, he has no idea what it’s worth, but does know that fully restored versions go for $60,000! Now, this isn’t totally out of left field – some convertibles that have been nicely restored do fetch good money, but this looks like a rusty sedan to me.


That being said, the Bonneville could be a stunner once restored. I’ve always dug the tail lights on these cars, and this Pontiac certainly does appear complete despite the rust. And even better, this was the generation that led to Pontiac coining the phrase “Wide Track” as they pushed the wheels out even further than the competition to give the Bonneville an enviable reputation for its handling prowess.


The Bonneville is located in New Jersey, an area not known for its arid, desert-like climate. It’s unfortunate that it continues to languish on top of dead leaves and grass, which will do nothing for the floors. There are no photos of the interior, so it’s condition is as much of a guess as anything else about this car’s history. The seller doesn’t seem to know much about his Bonneville, so it will be up to potential buyers to sort out the details. What’s it worth to you?


  1. hhaleblian

    Love the road kill ad

  2. John

    I would love this car…To bad it’ so far away from me.

  3. Steve H.

    I learned back in my earlier years that the 4 door cars with no post between the front and rear door windows were called for instance this car a 4door hardtop and not a sedan. Things might of changed since my days and someone decide to start calling them sedans. Set me right on this someone.

    • Joey D

      You are right.There was a 4 door sedan and a 4 door hardtop.I have a 59 Impala with the same body style.It was called a Sport Sedan also nicknamed a Flat Top

      • 68 custom

        cool impala! 283 or 348? no way it has a 6?

  4. RON

    this is what has nearly ruined the old car hobby. You said it , he knows nothing about this car or any like it except what he has read or seen n tv in terms of probably a pristine 60 Bonneville Convertible. What nuts are out there. Probably the same guy with the RARE rusted out 49 Plymouth 4dr COUPE Please stop the MISERY

  5. JimmyinTEXAS

    “It’s unfortunate that it continues to languish on top of dead leaves and grass, which will do nothing for the floors.” Odds are there are no floors… Looks like the floor pans were sitting on the ground, till they went away…

    • Steve

      Was going to post the same thing about the floors. There probably aren’t any. The carpeting is probably hiding a nightmare…

  6. nessy

    I know this yard. This is not the only car these folks have. It’s out in the southwestern New Jersey countryside right outside of PA on alot of land. They have a shop out front and I once had the tour out back. I believe the Father or Grandfather started the shop 50 to 60 years ago at least. There are a number of cars from this era just sitting in the woods for decades out back. There is also a large garage loaded with some very nice Pre War 2 Lincolns for the most part, I think there also was a Packard or two in the building. For a long time, nothing was for sale or if a car was for sale, it was overpriced. Once in a while, they now post a car or two on Craigslist so I guess they are starting to cleanup the yard. I remember some cars had pretty large trees growing around them. As soon as I saw this car featured, I knew it was from the same yard. Maybe they hired someone to post the ad for them because the owner knew every car in the yard. Go see the car guys and maybe you will get the tour. It’s really something else and worth it.

    • Gary Member

      nessy, I work in Aston, PA. Where is this yard if I come across the Com. Barry Bridge?

      • nessy

        Gary, from what I remember, from PA, you cross over a bridge near New Hope and take RT 179 into Lambertville which is right before the town of Ringoes. It’s in Hunterdon County, on RT 179, I think. The place is maybe 5 miles from the border if that. I believe it’s some kind of body shop. Since it’s summer, if they let you out back, bring bee spray and do not wear shorts or a t shirt no matter how warm it is. You have been warned so be ready. I recall a number of late 50’s early 60’s Chrysler cars way out back. A number of convertibles too but most were in poor condition. I took photos of cars some time ago, I have to find them. There were a few cars as old as the 1920’s. I hope this helps.

  7. Richie C

    I have a 1960 Bonneville convertible for sale at $52,950 and well, I still have a 1960 Bonneville convertible for sale….


    • Jim

      Beautiful car, Richie!!

      • Richie C

        Thanks Jim,

        It is a beauty. A big beauty!

    • rich voss

      Nice ride ! Really like those special wheels Pontiac had on that model. Nearly bought a ’59 Bonne in ’64, but the dealer wouldn’t budge on the price, so I bought a ’60 Merc Montclaire 4 door sedan for less from him instead. No way would either fit in my current garage. Barely big enough for my 3 series. My Dad bought the ’63 GP Maroon on Maroon from the same dealer..389 4bbl. That car could scoot.

  8. That Guy

    Kinda sad. It looks like it was in pretty decent shape when it was parked there. It’s still not a total wreck; it’s a good parts car if nothing else. Unless it’s in better shape than it seems, though, a restoration probably isn’t in its future.

  9. Mr. Bond

    I like the “make me an offer of anything, I need it gone” part. If anyone wanted an interesting project for cheap, this could be it.

  10. michael streuly

    That car is a rust bucket piece of crap.

  11. CoventryCat

    Had the same year, with a Superior ambulance body. Same kinda shape, but loved it – the lights worked and it started, but wouldn’t move. All I needed as a 12 year old.

  12. GTO MAN 455

    its a 4 door, not worth a dime, besides the bottom and the frame are gone. for sure

  13. AMCFAN

    Cold be that the person who made up the ad may be the (great) granddaughter or grandson who was asked to help out. Could be that the elder has past away or doesn’t understand how the internet works.

    I see excitement in the posting and pretty good chance (he) (she) is only repeating what they have been told or had heard for years. Now has everyone left believing there is gold in the hills.

    Everyone on here knows that a 1960 Bonneville Flattop isn’t worth $60K But for the young person making out the ad it might as well be. I interpret the ad as saying the seller (s) think, hope this car is worthy of something and would like to get a fair price or something for it. because for what ever reason it needs sold.

    That being said if someone is sincerely interested go see it. and show a little compassion. If Nessy is right maybe there really is gold to someone in the hills (or the barn) Because we are all experts about everything we own doesn’t mean the people we leave behind does.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi AMCFAN, we sure think alike, right down to the love of AMC’s ( I grew up in Milwaukee) People are so quick to judge. But that’s the way it is. I bet you are right, they might be brain surgeons, that don’t know anything about cars, but can save your life. I agree, the ’60 Poncho was an exciting car. Can you imagine someone, not into cars, seeing this for the 1st time? Clearly a parts car to us know-it-alls ( and I mean that as a compliment) as we all know, if something sits on the ground for any number of years, it’s shot. I’d cut them a break too.

      • Howard A Member

        2 thumbs down? What, you wouldn’t cut them a break? Tell me what’s thumbs down about my post? Quit hiding behind the symbol, darn it. Get rid of these stupid symbols.

      • Howard A Member

        I know, leaves me wide open for more thumbs down. I just wish there was more interaction, and exchange ideas, rather than just push a button. Quick story about interaction. Went to a gas station in upstate NY for a sandwich, there was a touch pad to order. No interaction whatsoever. I reluctantly used it, of course, my order came out wrong, but I just thought, this is what it’s become. I apologize, but I do wish for more conversation, especially with cars. Thanks for listening.

  14. unclehotrod13

    4 doors, especially postless are great, i know people all want 2 doors,muscle,or converts… but a 4 door or wagon are great movie cars too, why have what every other person has.
    .. if a car strikes you, for whatever reason..get it!

  15. JamieB Member

    I can guarantee you that the frame (and radiator supports, and gas tank supports, and…), not just the floors, are gone. I had a ’66 Bonnie that had lived its life outside in NJ its whole life, and the frame was rusted thru right behind the back wheels. And it was parked on asphalt, not up to its center caps in the mud.

    • Steve

      Yep, parts car.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Jamie,I agree, like I say, laying in the dirt is almost as bad as the salt bath,,,no wait, salt is much worse. You know, looking on Hemmings, there aren’t many ’60 Poncho’s, maybe a dozen, and only 1 four door @ $16g’s from a dealer, so I’m sure 15 would take it, and it’s clean. I enjoy seeing 4 doors, it’s much more like what our parents drove. Some neighbor’s had a 1960 4 door. I just remember it being such a BIG car.

      • Tim

        Howard, don’t put too much meaning into those thumbs-downs. There are car guys who are clear-thinking and empathetic toward others, and some who aren’t. I was with someone yesterday who was asking an owner about the latter’s collector car, possibly a 100-pointer, my friend got a fact wrong in discussing factory carburetion and the owner barked off at him as if he was dog poop. Car folks better learn some people skills if they don’t have them already.

      • Howard A Member

        Thanks Tim, I know. Ultimately, it’s the good posters that keep me here. Another quick story, I’m a huge follower of Hemmings and their blog, have been for years. They have a feature called “Find of the Day”, where the editors pick a car from their “stock” and feature it and you used to be able to add comments. I was always cordial, never mentioned price, no matter how outrageous I thought it was, but some folks just couldn’t keep their big mouth shut, about how out of line the price was, or 1 hubcap wasn’t centered right, and after repeated warnings ( after all, those sales pay their salary and allow us to view the stuff for free) they recently disallowed any more comments on the cars. I have never yet given a thumbs down, and never will. Thanks again for being cool. Howard

  16. rallison203

    I had a very pretty ’66 Bonneville convertible I sold in 1979 for $500. With fender skirts.

    I guess these cars have appreciated since 1979.

  17. G 1

    My hope someday that people will once again be able to distinguish between the different body styles.

  18. Paul R

    If a 4 door, the hardtop is the way to go.
    Considering the market for wagons is doing well, do you think the market for 4 doors will ever happen? As of now, the value of a 2 door vs a 4 door is crazy money.

  19. Tim Rusling

    It would cost $60K to make a decent $15K car from this. There’s no way it’ll be really valuable, just a rescued driver. People don’t do cars like this to make money, or even to recover their “investment” down the road.

  20. Eric Dashman

    Agree with almost all of the comments regarding this as a parts car, but you have to admit that there are a LOT of good parts to work with. All of the chrome, trim, lights, windows, front and rear glass, dash, front seat are in really clean condition. Sure, it’s almost certainly a complete bucket underneath (witness the right side rocker panel), but there’s a lot of money in the parts. For the right person, easily worth $500-$1000.

  21. Blindmarc

    Grew up with the two door version. We had it for nearly ten years as my parents everyday driver.

  22. James Scott

    Yikes that car is full of metal maggots to be sure and the dude is talking Lucy in the sky with diamonds. When they should be talking Dreamer by Supertramp.

  23. Chris In Australia

    “Fair condition”. I’d hate to see their defination of “rough condition”

    Good parts car from what I see.

  24. Bernie H

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, some of you guys will like it & some thinks its junk at best. Its a good thing we all dont love the same type of car because there wouldnt be enough to go around for all of us, and we’d only be dreaming instead of owning our car of choice.
    Yup, that 4dr flat top is rough, no known aftermarket panel suppliers or frame fabricators,but it may help some guy finish a good restoration with usable doner parts,so,,,,,,,,it has some value. In my 73 years, I’ve learned that NO ONE gets their asking price, PERIOD!!!!, there’s always roomto negotiate. If your in the business, you make your profit when you BUY, not when you SELL.

  25. slickimp

    Wow lots of comments on this one it’s most likely a parts car.saw one out west on Craigslist for 1800 was a flat top 4dr like this with half the rust and running cool cars my friends dad had one when we were kids

  26. ben

    its a 4dr ht not a sedan they had a metalframe around the winow I don’t thik there worth that much not in demand now a two door ht or ragtop that’s a hole different ball game looks like a parts car at most if the engine is free should be a 389 I wonder if it just might have a tri power yea right the 58 t bird is coming along a lot of good parts from the one I got out of ill a couple of months back ben in fl ps I think the tri power came out in 58

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