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72K Original Miles: 1955 Chevrolet 210 Barn Find

It’s hard to believe but 1955 Chevrolets turned 65-years-old this year! Any tri-five Chevy from ’55 through ’57 continues to be highly sought after and values continue to climb. This 210 post can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $8,700, the same car would have probably been half as much a couple of years ago. Located in York New Salem, Pennsylvania, as you’ll see, there are some rust issues with this one, but most of it actually looks pretty solid. Take a look for yourself.

This car appears to be mostly original and the seller says it has under 72K original miles. Obviously from the photos, you can tell the front seat padding and upholstery are disintegrated. The car does have what the seller describes as an “intact and tight” headliner, but it has been stained from years of sitting. You can also see what appears to be the original hubcaps on the floor, which is a nice bonus.

The engine is said to be from 1955 but it doesn’t match the VIN number. The ad speculates that it may have been a warranty replacement, which makes sense to me. I’m not sure that a previous owner would have gone through the trouble to find a date-coded matching engine, especially a 265. There is no information regarding the mechanical operation of the car, but it was last registered in 1972, so a new owner had probably budget for a new drive train.

You can see there are some spots of rust on the body, but it doesn’t appear too bad. The seller says it has always been barn or garage kept. The floorboards, frame, and trunk floor actually look pretty decent. I’m not sure how high the bidding will go, but it appears for now the seller and buyer should be happy with the deal. The seller is getting strong money for a big project and the buyer is getting a ton of potential and a decently solid starting point. Who do you think will get the better end of this deal?


  1. jerry

    55 chevys didn’t have the vin stamped in the block. It’s just a serial number for the engine. it is likely correct.

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    • James

      THAT my friend is a good piece of information. Thanks!

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    • Jim Williams

      Quick way to tell if it is an original 55 265 cid engine is to look underneath. 55 model 265’s lack an oil filter.

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      • jam

        The stamping t55f confirms that it is a 55 engine made on tonowanda NY with a powerglide.

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      • Bob C.

        Most of them had the add on oil filter on the manifold.

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    • Robert Eddins

      Thanks Jerry, good to know.

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  2. Classic Steel

    I used to have a black lacquer 2 door 55 hardtop with a C2 340 horse 🐎 transplanted 3/4 cam solid lifters and a four speed.. It was my first car. I ran that baby hard for the two years I owned it…rebuilt the engine once for winding to tight in third in a drag race (i won but lost) 😉….Chrome reverses 8’s in back with shackles since i didn’t want to cut wheel wells. I like these tri fives…. those were the days of cheap fun muscle cars…. Sold it for $800 in great shape in 78.

    Good luck with sale!

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  3. Cadmandan

    Do some people just not understand that earlier vehicles only had a 5 digit odometer?

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    • Chuck

      In 1955 normal cars did not make 170,000+ miles so 6 digit odometers were not used so I would tend to believe the mileage correct.

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      • 1-MAC

        They well might have. Odometers were routinely turned back at each trade. There were men who went to car lots to do this on regular occasions.

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  4. Dual Jetfire

    The front end is basically a 54 Nash.

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  5. Howard A Member

    In the 60’s when I was a kid, the guy across the street had a car exactly like this. At that time, he was an older retired guy, hardly ever drove it. We could see it through his garage windows. Well, he finally died, and the widow put the house up for sale, and a car hauler came and got the car. The green paint was dull, but it was in perfect condition, and assuredly had low miles. Like Chuck sez, people just didn’t drive their cars 100K miles. In the late 50’s, my grandfather still took the bus to work, while his Packard sat in the garage for longer trips. When he wrecked the ’48 Packard in ’61, it only had like 40K miles.

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  6. Phil Freer

    I still remember thinking about the bullnose metal dashboard aimed at my head in the event of a crash. Even as an 8 year old.

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  7. Russ

    The hubcap shown is a 55 BelAir hubcap.

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    • Paul T Root

      My first thought is there is a rust hole below the hub cap.

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  8. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Mileage means nothing in a car of this condition. It needs a complete restoration. The engine appears to be sitting on a tilt, perhaps missing motor mounts. I bought a lot of old 50’s and 60’s cars back in the 60’s & 70’s with over 100,000 miles and put another 50,000 miles before sending them to the junk yard.
    God bless America

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  9. Barney

    Cars from the fifties often needed a motor overhaul around sixty thousand miles. I worked as a gas station mechanic in the late sixties early seventies when so many of these cars were on the road. I rarely saw a car that made it to a hundred thousand with out a rebuild. Also you could hardly give a car away if it had over eighty eighty or so thousand miles on the odometer

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  10. Ed

    Didn’t those Chevys with factory V8s have a “V” under the Chevrolet logos on the hood and trunk lid?

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    • Steve

      The 55s with V8s had the V centered under each taillight halfway to the bumper.

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  11. Eddy Brown

    My Dad bought a 55 new in 55. I got t from him in 65. Had 44k when I got it. Had 120k in 2 years. Lot of driving and beer drinking. Great car. Sold it in 73 when I bought a house. $350. Would love to have it back

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  12. PatrickM

    Regardless of who gets this thing, there is a ton of work that needs to be done. Much more than this ol’ boy can handle, any longer. I’m i love with Tri-5’s!! But, I have to pass. As the old saying goes, “One of these days…”

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  13. TimM

    Damn I want this car!!!

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  14. Mountainwoodie

    I know I’m a grump. You cant have bought these for 250 bucks and be expected to cough up 15 large for a tuck n rolled post sedan that someone else bastardized , I mean customized. Sorry I dont see it. Crazytown.

    The market left town and I’m standing at the station.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      Ssorry guys.I meant this comment for the new one for sale on Sept 14. I’m happy for this owner that he actually actually got that much.

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