84 Original Miles: 1993 Toyota Pickup DLX 4×4

This is a bit of a shocker: a 1993 Toyota pickup with four wheel drive, a single cab, and a short bed with only 84 original miles on the clock. Apparently, it was purchased new and then left parked after accumulating a mere 80 miles on the odometer. This seems like a classic case of an elderly driver whose plans changed quickly after picking up their new truck, as I highly doubt anyone in 1993 expected base model Toyota pickup trucks to command as much as they do in today’s marketplace. The Toyota is listed here on eBay where bidding has climbed to over $30,000 with the reserve unmet.

The market for early and mid 90s Toyota trucks is strong, as these maintained the cockroach-levels of dependability of the earlier Hiluxes with enough amenities that you wouldn’t be opposed to driving one daily today. And really, the receipt hasn’t changed that much with the modern trucks, which is likely another reason the prices remain stubbornly high. You can buy a new 4Runner for $50,000 or a ten-year old model for $25,000 – it’s essentially the same truck. I get it, they added new features like different engines and tech, but if you’ve driven one Toyota truck made in the last 30 years, you’ve driven them all. This one has the added cache of not only crazy low miles but also being a survivor base model with the exceedingly reliable four-cylinder and four wheel drive.

This is as basic as it gets, with crank windows, coarse upholstery, no-frills steering wheel, and not much else. The DLX trim guarantees you won’t find much to distract yourself with here, which is likely another reason older Toyota trucks survive to the level they do. It’s frankly difficult to imagine going too fast in one, or being distracted by the infotainment. This time capsule truck may be the barest of the bare, but it’s also going to be incredibly cheap to own over the next few decades while its value will only climb higher and higher. I can’t imagine there are too many Toyota pickups with this sort of mileage outside of the Toyota museum.

The seller mentions that he’s going to add a mile or two in the time the auction runs, an admission I would have avoided. He promises it will not exceed 100 miles, but really? Just don’t drive it. It’s an 84 mile truck, full stop. There’s no need to drive this thing, especially with the risk of someone dinging the original paint after sitting for years untouched and unscathed. Pure silliness if you ask me. Regardless, the truck is fairly unrepeatable, but the winning bidder will be one of the few to end up with a brand new Toyota pickup and then be forced not to use it. It will be a showpiece, and that’s fine because every now and again it’s nice to see a Toyota pickup that deserves the high price tag.


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  1. Ignatius J. Reilly

    If I ever wanted a trailer queen….it would not be a strippo Toyota pickup.

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    • nlpnt

      This is NOT a strippo, with these deluxe really was a step up from the most basic trim. I call your attention to the chrome bumpers and grille, tape stripes, cloth seat trim, carpets and gauge package. The base model lacked all of that.

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      • Dingus

        what would the SR5 have? All this just with a V6?

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      • nlpnt

        @ Dingus, the SR5 would’ve had buckets and console, chrome steel or alloy wheels depending on year, and in its’ case the side decals would’ve been factory-applied rather than, as I now suspect these are, separate dealer options.

  2. dingus

    the “add a mile or two” thing is a disclaimer, its obviously at a dealer, it has to be moved around, and he doesnt want to be hung if it hits 85. and im almost positive if it doesnt go to a museum, itll have a lift kit on it as two weeks after its with the new owner. like stated, 40k is what the new ones go for, this is pretty basically the same as a new one, just with panache. if i had the money, itd be my new daily.

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  3. Dan August

    $30k and the reserve not met?
    People, buy a newer truck with a warranty.

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    • Eric B

      Why are you on a site that features old cars?

      You’re right, when I was looking for and eventually bought my 67 Mustang, I should’ve just bought a new one.

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  4. Terrry

    Ahem..84 miles? Ok…maybe it has stupid low miles but it has more than 84. It’s got a mechanical odo which is really easy to turn back.

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    • The Seller

      It has absolutely ACTUAL Mileage

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    • Stephen

      Agree. The rust on the frame near the sway bar does not look consistent with 80 miles.

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      • Jeff

        Toyota pickups, worst rust buckets on the planet (I had an 84 and a 94). We’ve all heard the expression, rusted on the showroom floor. That’s Toyota. Why anyone would pay over $30 grand for one is the real mystery. I’ll never own another.

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  5. Bahhhb

    It’s got a couple of pretty serious dents for a vehicle that’s practically new considering its actual age. 👀

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  6. rextreme Member

    Probably EFI as well….

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  7. Troy

    Yes its a Toyota and probably the best years of them in design and dependability but at $30k+ and reserve not met they can keep it

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  8. MJF

    I wonder if this is real …
    rusty underneath , I would rather buy a new one for 31K

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  9. sg

    When it was first found, this truck was posted on a FB group I belong to. The story seems genuine. The truck was completely filthy when it was pulled out of the barn. We were all surprised at how well it cleaned up.

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  10. ERIK

    If Toyota would simply just start stamping these bodies out again and keep them barebones (sans all the tech in the dash and power goodies) and slap “HiLux” retro name on them (as a shout out to heritage) and make the price point at $20k, I could not help but think between the tradespeople, service sector, and homeowner wanting basic 2wd longbed versions and outdoorsfolk wanting basic 4wd off road capable versions, they would surely have a surefire hit and “volume seller”!

    Not every truck owner and buyer needs a full sized optioned to the hilt brand new $25k-$100k pickup truck. That was me back in 1998 when I bought stripped down 1998 2wd Tacoma (still wish I never sold in 2003 when it reached 150k miles and I changed vehicles every 5 years as I could still have had that truck today). That was me when in 2007 I bought a 1981 Toyota “pickup” that was long bed 2wd and had 300k miles on it when I bought it and then I sold it in 2015 with 350k miles and lot of life still left in it. That is STILL me in 2021 but sadly all that are left are ones that are hard to find still in good shape or are like this one preserved but more costly than a brand new full sized or mid-sized pickup truck.

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  11. Eric B

    Can someone point out all of this “rust” being mentioned to me? And where are these comments being sent from, the desert? I see minimal rust, that can develop just from a car sitting and not having plastic underneath it.

    I haven’t seen anyone mention the dents on the bed with paint chipped off and surface rust showing. That’s the real buzzkill, but still an awesome truck.

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    • Stephen

      Sure. Picture 23 from the eBay listing. At the frame.

      The rust would concern me far more than a few dents.

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  12. Howie Mueler

    Sweet, seller has (0) feedback.

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  13. bob

    0 feedback ebayer is a concern for me I know you have to start somewhere, but that’s a new ebayer with 0 feedback be careful

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    • Rod Plapp

      Just went through that nightmare on a boat motor that suddenly developed mechanical problems because (very Likely ) didn’t like my winning bid price. Happy ending with refund though.

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    • Lamce

      Exactly, and the seller requires payment by wire transfer! No effing way!

  14. mikeh

    Driving by my local Toyota dealer last Sunday, a new truck caught my eye so I stopped to look. (I only go on Sundays because all of the salespeople are home watching football). Anyway, it was a 2021 Tundra double cab. Steel painted wheels, rubber floor mats, 2wd, zero options on the window sheet. Sticker price, 36,800. First stripped truck I’ve seen in 10 years or more. If it was 4wd. I would have been interested. But then it would be 42k.

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  15. Chunk

    Oh, that’ll go plenty fast, if you’re plenty stupid. Ask me how I know?

    I drove a 1980 SR-5 long-bed with a 5-speed stick in high school, and I drove it stupid fast. One day while I was hauling down Union Street in Marshfield, MA (a classic winding New England country road lined with stone walls and white pines) a guy came through a curve on the wrong side of the road.

    I had just enough time and room to drift onto the soft sand shoulder and get around him, but as I came back onto the pavement the truck snap-spun 180º and shot off the road backwards. We vacuum-locked ourselves to the seats with sphinctral death-puckers as we shot across the oncoming traffic lane, cleared a drainage ditch and a stone wall, touched down, and spun like a top across a couple hundred feet of gently up-sloping lawn before sliding to a stop about 5 feet from someone’s front door.

    There’s no such thing as a car slow enough to keep an idiot teenager out of trouble – just cars strong enough to keep them from getting killed.

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  16. Dave

    maybe just a typo, but in description they say ” Owner has owned the truck for one year” Then in next paragraph they say “They acquired the truck this July, 2 months ago” So who is the owner?

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  17. themamainred

    Also has a recall that was never done on it. And as stated, a LOT of typical Toyota rust.

  18. Lamce

    This has to be a scam. Seller has no 0 Feedback rating and requires the money to be transferred. Two red flags right there. https://www.azfamily.com/…/article_4056493c-e17a-11ea…

  19. t-bone BOB

    Ended: Sep 24, 2021 , 12:38PM
    Winning bid:US $45,100.00
    [ 41 bids ]

    Located in:Gorham, New Hampshire

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